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Medical Weight Loss

An Overview

Medical Weight Loss, or Weight Loss Management, is an ideal program for those who've strayed far from their ideal weight, and want to get back on track and stay there permanently.

Today, there are many weight-loss drugs on the market that boast quick fixes and unnaturally dramatic results. However, these drugs often put the body through a great deal of harm and stress, and produce results that can't be maintained long-term. Medical Weight Loss on the other hand, produces impressive, long-lasting weight loss results by implementing natural dieting, exercise and lifestyle changes.

Not only will Medical Weight Loss boost patients' confidence and self-esteem when their pants-sizes start to drop, the program will improve their overall physical health and well-being.

Medical Weight Loss programs are different for every patient. They are specifically designed based on an individual's weight level, health history, lifestyle, behaviors, diet and personal fitness goals.

New patients on the Medical Weight Loss program will first undergo physical and medical evaluations with a healthcare professional. Next, a patient will work with doctors, nutritionists, physical trainers and even behavioral specialists to create their own customized treatment program for weight loss.

Possible treatment measures in a Medical Weight Loss program include customized diet and meal plans, exercise routines and fitness monitoring, behavioral modification, and nutritional guidance and education.

Medical Weight Loss programs for patients with higher levels of obesity might include FDA-approved weight loss medications, and possibly surgical weight loss procedures like the LAP-BAND® System and Gastric Bypass surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Length of Medical Weight Loss Results:

If patients are truly committed and stick with their designated weight loss regimen, results can last a lifetime.

Medical Weight Loss can be Combined with:

Medical Weight Loss programs can be combined with fat removal treatments and procedures such as Liposuction, Mesotherapy, LipoDissolve™ and Tummy Tucks. Non-surgical body shaping treatments like Arasys and VelaSmooth/VelaShape™ are other options.

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