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Acne Care Articles

Seven Solutions for Skin Pigmentation Problems

From freckles to acne, skin pigmentation problems are common, but there are easy treatments you can undergo to show your skin the special care it needs to revitalize.

Acne Treatments

It's not just teens who battle acne on a regular basis. Learn how professional acne treatments are helping people of all ages.

Acne Scar Removal Options

The treatment of acne scars is more advanced than ever before, thanks to the development of precision laser scar removal.

Acne During Pregnancy: 5 Safe Treatment Solutions

With everything a pregnant woman must adjust to, the onset of acne seems downright unfair. Fortunately there are some helpful solutions.

Benzoyl Peroxide vs Salicylic Acid: Which is Best for Adult Acne?

These two ingredients in over-the-counter acne treatments are popular with teens, but adult acne may require a different solution.

Botox for Acne?

Recent studies are indicating that Botox, everybody's favorite wrinkle remover, might be an effective acne treatment, too.

Can Smoking Cause Acne?

Smoking's numerous side effects are common knowledge, but is there really a link between cigarettes and acne outbreaks?

FDA Approves Epiduo Acne Treatment

Epiduo Gel is touting itself as the next big thing in topical acne treatments. So, how does it work?

Fighting Back Against Backne

Back acne or backne treatments differ from facial acne treatments in a number of critical ways. Here's what you need to know.

5 Accutane Alternatives

With Accutane no longer on the market, these 5 in-office acne alternatives can be just as effective.

5 Tips to Prevent Post-Workout Breakouts

Moisture-wicking clothing, eating right, and keeping your paws off your face can help keep post-gym session breakouts at bay.

5 Unexpected Causes of Acne Breakouts

Road trips? Phone calls? A Yoga session? You'd be surprised what could be contributing to your acne outbreaks.

Isolaz Acne Light Treatment: In Review

Isolaz is a combination light and suction treatment that's become a popular acne solution.

Lauric Acid: Miracle Acne Treatment?

While still in the testing stages, lauric acid could very well hold great potential as the next advance in acne treatment.

New TRIA Blue Light Device Targets Acne

The FDA recently approved a new, at-home blue light therapy product from TRIA, the makers of a popular at-home laser hair removal device.

Punch Techniques for Acne Scarring

Healthy Skin Portal offers an introductory guide to punch grafting and related forms of advanced acne scar removal.

Rear and Genital Acne Treatments

A skin condition that affects millions, acne isn't shy about rearing its ugly head virtually anywhere.

Researchers Harness Viruses to Cure Acne

Top researchers have discovered a group of harmless skin viruses that have the ability to kill acne-causing bacteria, opening the door for a new type of acne treatment.

The Right Diet for Reducing Acne

It's a myth that chocolate causes acne, but it's certainly true that eating better foods can lead to healthier skin.

SmoothBeam Laser Acne Treatment Review

Learn more about the revolutionary new treatment SmoothBeam, the first laser acne solution approved by the FDA.

Teen Acne vs Adult Acne

Growing older doesn't necessarily mean escaping an acne breakout. However, adult acne and common teen acne do have their differences.

Teen Model with Severe Acne Inspires Viewers with Youtube Makeup Videos

Cassandra Bankson bravely shares her acne problem with the world, as well as how she uses to makeup to successfully overcome it.

Top 10 Acne Treatments of 2009

A convenient look at the procedures and products at the forefront on the war on acne in 2009.

Cortisone Injections for Cystic Acne

Cortisone injections from a dermatologist deflate under-the-skin bumps instantly. Learn more about how cortisone works, and if it could be an option for you.

Facial Rejuvenation: Botox and Dermal Fillers

Seven Solutions for Skin Pigmentation Problems

From freckles to acne, skin pigmentation problems are common, but there are easy treatments you can undergo to show your skin the special care it needs to revitalize.

Rejuvenate Your Look with PDO Thread Lifting: The Non-surgical Facelift

PDO thread lifting is a relatively new technique that is gaining popularity among those seeking to improve their appearance without undergoing invasive surgery.

A New Solution? Reloxin vs Botox

The dermal injectable Reloxin might be the next big threat to Botox, so what are the key differences between these elite wrinkle treatments?

Aquamid Filler May Replace Artefill

With Artefill's future in doubt, the Danish dermal filler Aquamid may soon take its place as the next FDA approved "permanent filler."

Botox for Acne?

Recent studies are indicating that Botox, everybody's favorite wrinkle remover, might be an effective acne treatment, too.

Botox as an Asthma Treatment

According to new studies, Botox can greatly reduce the suffocating voicebox muscle spasms that often accompany serious cases of asthma.

Botox Creams vs Botox Injections

Creams might be nicer than needles, but does topical Botox really get comparable results to traditional Botox injections?

Botox Side Effects: What to Know

While FDA approved and generally considered very safe, Botox, like any injectable treatment, does pose potential minor risks and side effects.

Botox's Cousin: Say Hello to PurTox

Developed at the same time, Botox and PurTox are both refined forms of the botulinum toxin, but it's just recently that PurTox has returned to challenge its famous rival wrinkle treatment.

Can a Nutritional Supplement Extend the Life of Botox?

Doctor-developed Zytaze may help extend the smooth results of Botox to up to 6 months.

An Intro to Collagen Induction Therapy, aka Needling

Unlike collagen injections, collagen induction therapy uses the body's own natural collagen to treat acne scars, wrinkles, and stretch marks.

Dermal Filler Face-Off: Restylane vs Juvederm

In the world of wrinkle removing injectables, Juvederm is gaining ground on the popular dermal filler Restylane.

Drinkable Collagen: Smoothness Sans Injections?

Possibly the next great development in safe, easy skin rejuvenation, drinkable collagen is in its early stages, but already showing signs of delivering results without the need for injections.

Dysport or Reloxin: Straightening Things Out

The newest contender to Botox's wrinkle removal crown has caused some confusion with its changing names, but to clarify, Reloxin is officially Dysport.

Elevess: Dermal Filler Review

The international dermal filler Elevess is trying to gain ground in an industry that also includes Botox, Juvederm, and Restylane.

FDA Approves Botox for Migraine Treatments

The popular dermal injectable has proven effective in reducing the effects of migraine headaches for years, and has now gained official approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

Getting Rid of Laugh Lines: Best Treatments for Nasolabial Folds

Don't be self conscious about smiling. The facial wrinkles known as laugh lines can be treated with relative ease.

Hydrelle: Reviewing the New Lidocaine Dermal Filler

Promoters of Hydrelle promise results comparable to Juvederm and Restylane with less pain and fewer treatment sessions.

Introducing Evolence

The latest collagen-based injectable could mark the next big step in dermal fillers' evolution.

Juvederm XC Earns FDA Approval

Juvederm XC could mark a new era for safe, simplified, pain-free dermal injectables.

Laviv Review: New Dermal Injectable Uses Stem Cell Technology

This new, high tech Botox alternative has been FDA approved for use on nasolabial folds.

Liquid Face Lift: A Nonsurgical Solution

In place of a surgical facelift procedure, many people are electing to save money and time with a liquid facelift, which utilizes a combination of dermal injectables to tighten skin and eliminate wrinkles and fine lines.

Lucky Oscars 2013 Attendees Take Home Selphyl Vampire Facelift

Win, schwin. Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, John Travolta, and other A-list stars received a free pass for the cutting-edge procedure that uses your own blood to fill wrinkles and encourage collagen growth.

Pros and Cons of Long-Term Injectables

Wrinkle treatments with fewer follow-ups sound great, but what else should you know about products like Artefill and Sculptra?

Purigenex: Needle-less Collagen Treatment

Want the smooth results of a collagen treatment without the prick of a needle? Then Purigenex could be just what you've been waiting for!

Reducing Large Pores

Treating enlarged pores can mean anything from a better facial cleansing regimen to a more advanced approach like a Microdermabrasion treatment at a cosmetic clinic or medical spa.

Sculptra: Longest Lasting Dermal Filler?

The influx of new facial fillers continues, but according to many experts, Sculptra could rise to the top of the pack when it comes to results.

Selphyl: The Vampire Filler

It might sound spooky, but Selphyl is a new wrinkle removal injectable that's making patients smile.

Teen Botox Use on the Rise

Botox continues to be one of the world's top cosmetic treatments, but is the injectable's clientele getting a bit too young for comfort?

Top 5 Crow's Feet Treatments

One of the surest signs of aging, crow's feet, or wrinkles around the eyes, can be treated in a multitude of ways to keep Father Time out of mind.

Treating Dark Under Eye Circles

If eyes are the windows to the soul, keeping our "window frames" looking clear and smooth is all the more important!

What Is a Stem Cell Facelift?

This minimally invasive alternative to face lift surgery uses the patient's own transplanted fat cells to add shape and volume to facial tissue.

Xeomin: Another Botox Alternative?

Already popular in Europe, the wrinkle reducing injectable Xeomin may soon be arriving in medical spas in America.

Zyderm & Zyplast: Collagen's Alter Egos

While they're new to some, Zyderm and Zyplast are proven, collagen based dermal injectables that have been around since the 1980s.

Seven Tips for Lightening Dark Spots

Uneven skin tone can add as much as 20 years to someone’s appearance, according to a recent study at the Ludwig-Boltzmann Institute for Urban Ethology in Austria

Botox Injections Could Help Treat Asthma Patients

Popularly used as a cosmetic procedure to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, Botox injections now treat a diverse range of medical conditions

Should Dermal Fillers be Permanent?

Dermal fillers are injectable agents used cosmetically to fill in lines, add volume to the face, plump lips and address signs of aging

Facial Rejuvenation: Laser and Peel Treatments

Rejuvenate Your Look with PDO Thread Lifting: The Non-surgical Facelift

PDO thread lifting is a relatively new technique that is gaining popularity among those seeking to improve their appearance without undergoing invasive surgery.

Seven Solutions for Skin Pigmentation Problems

From freckles to acne, skin pigmentation problems are common, but there are easy treatments you can undergo to show your skin the special care it needs to revitalize.

Affirm vs Fraxel: Comparing Laser Resurfacing Treatments

Comparing and contrasting two of the most popular laser skin resurfacing treatments available today, from risks and benefits to costs and results.

Aluma Skin Renewal Review

Healthy Skin Portal examines the radio frequency skin rejuvenation treatment Aluma, by Lumenis.

Aramis Laser Skin Treatment Review

New FDA approved Aramis Laser can effectively treat both acne and fine lines.

Arctic Peel vs. Traditional Laser Skin Treatments

One arctic peel facial rejuvenation treatment may have the same impact as five microdermabrasion sessions!

At-Home Microdermabrasion vs Professional Microdermabrasion

With a number of at-home Microdermabrasion kits now available, do they really stack up to the clinical version?

ClearLift Cuts to the Core of Your Collagen

The new laser resurfacing treatment by Alma Laser addresses signs of premature aging like wrinkles, redness, and small veins.

Cosmelan Depigmentation Review

Developed to reduce common facial age spots or melasma, this non-invasive treatment is gaining support amongst many skincare providers.

Dermaplaning for Skin Rejuvenation

Dermaplaning, or epidermal leveling, is an increasingly popular, non-invasive medical spa treatment that shaves away damaged skin and helps in the rejuvenation of facial tissue.

DOT Therapy: The Future of Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

The CO2 laser takes its next step with the development of DOT Therapy for facial skin rejuvenation.

eMatrix Skin Rejuvenation System Review

A fractional resurfacing treatment with a twist, the eMatrix Skin Rejuvenation System uses radio frequency technology to smooth away wrinkles and other imperfections.

eMatrix vs Refirme Skin Tightening

Sublative skin rejuvenation is one the most in-demand new means of treating facial lines and imperfections, so how do these two leading brands stack up?

ePrime Energy Based Dermal Optimizer

The Syneron company has unveiled yet another headline grabbing skin care treatment, as the ePrime Dermal Optimizer promises lasting results in just one treatment.

Excel V Laser System Targets Varicose Veins, Rosacea

Cutera's newest laser uses a unique green laser to treat unwanted vascular conditions, eliminating the need for invasive vein removal surgery.

How Do Fotofacial Treatments Work?

Intense pulsed light, or IPL, is the secret behind the remarkable results and minimal side effects of the popular facial rejuvenation treatment Fotofacial.

How Photo Rejuvenation Works

Photo rejuvenation facial treatments are all the rage these days, so how exactly does pulsed light and fotofacials do their magic on your skin?

HydraFacial: When Dermabrasion Meets Hydration

From acne to fine lines and large pores, HydraFacial treatments offer a new kind of chemical peel that soothes and hydrates the skin even as it eliminates damaged tissue.

IPL Photofacial Costs

Among the most effective and affordable facial rejuvenation treatments available today is the IPL Photofacial or fotofacial.

IPL Photofacial Side Effects

While its widely considered one of the safest and most effective skin rejuvenation treatments available, IPL Photofacial is not without its potential side effects.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation for African American Skin

Darker skin tones are far more sensitive to the light from cosmetic laser treatments than lighter skin, but there are still options for African Americans seeking this procedure.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation vs IPL Skin Treatments

Most aesthetic clinics offer both laser and intense pulsed light skincare treatments at reasonable rates, but how do you know which is right for you?

Laser Skin Resurfacing: Fraxel vs Lux 1540

While still king of laser skin resurfacing treatments, Fraxel is getting a new challenge from Palomar's Lux 1540.

LED + Green Tea = Wrinkle Removal

Facial treatments combining LED technology and old fashioned green tea extracts are delivering amazing results in wrinkle removal.

Leading Types of Facial Treatments

Healthy Skin Portal looks at four of the most popular types of facials offered at most medical spas and skin care clinics.

Liver Spot Removal Options

They don't have anything to do with your liver, but liver spots are among the most common signs of aging skin. Fortunately, they're also among the most treatable.

Microdermabrasion Costs and Comparisons

Microdermabrasion is popular not only for its skin rejuvenating results, but also for its friendly cost. Learn more about the factors that can affect your microdermabrasion price tag here.

Microdermabrasion: Healing Properties Revealed

Most people are aware of microdermabrasion's basic cosmetic benefits, but recent scientific studies have revealed the more advanced nature of the treatment's ability to "heal" damaged skin.

Microdermabrasion Side Effects

It's generally considered among the safest skin rejuvenation procedures available today, but Microdermabrasion aren't without their potential risks, however minor.

Microdermabrasion vs Dermabrasion

Microdermabrasions and dermabrasions can help treat the same skin imperfections, but they're certainly not interchangeable treatments.

Microdermabrasion vs. Photofacial

As two of the most popular, affordable, and consistently successful facial rejuvenation treatments, Microdermabrasion and IPL Photofacial each have a lot to offer.

Milia Treatments for Adults

Adult milia is a fairly common skin condition that does have a number of proven, affordable solutions.

Pelleve Wrinkle Reduction System Review

The Pelleve skin rejuvenation system is the latest to use radio wave technology to heat dermal tissue and stimulate collagen production.

Portrait Plasma Skin Regeneration Review

Rather than laser or radio frequency technology, Portrait treatments employ non-ablative plasma from nitrogen gas to target wrinkles and other skin imperfections.

Radio Frequency Wrinkle Treatments

Already proven as an effective treatment for stretch marks, radio frequency technology has now earned FDA approval for the elimination of wrinkles, as well.

Reducing Large Pores

Treating enlarged pores can mean anything from a better facial cleansing regimen to a more advanced approach like a Microdermabrasion treatment at a cosmetic clinic or medical spa.

Scar Removal Options

A breakdown of the various types of scars and best treatment options available for erasing or reducing their appearance.

Silk Peel Dermalinfusion: The Basics

Similar to a microdermabrasion, the silk peel is a safe, non-invasive form of skin rejuvenation gaining favor in many spas and clinics.

Spectra Laser Peel by Lutronic: a Review

Lutronic's Spectra Laser Peel is one of the leading names in a new wave of advanced laser skin rejuvenation systems.

Top 5 Types of Chemical Peels

Always a popular option for effective, affordable facial rejuvenation, chemical peels come in many varieties and solutions.

Treating Dark Under Eye Circles

If eyes are the windows to the soul, keeping our "window frames" looking clear and smooth is all the more important!

Ulthera Skin Rejuvenation System: Overview and Review

Using ultrasound technology, the Ulthera System is sometimes described as a non-surgical face-lift, tightening and smoothing skin without invasive surgery.

Ultherapy: Ultrasound Skin Tightening

Newly FDA approved ultrasound treatment can deliver the results of a brow lift in a non-invasive procedure.

V-Beam Laser Skin Treatment Review

Healthy Skin Portal takes a look at the new laser skin rejuvenation treatment known as VBeam, including pros and cons, costs, and lasting effects.

Ulthera Amplify: Improving the Non-Surgical Facelift

Ulthera Amplify has decreased the baseline of their ultrasound technology, making for a more comfortable and effective skin tightening experience.

From Acne to Psoriasis, Salicylic Acid Does it All

According to research, there are many benefits of salicylic acid and skincare

Exfoliation – The Secret to Terrific Skin

You use quality cleansers, toners and moisturizers, and never go outdoors without sunscreen. You eat a healthy diet, take vitamins and drink plenty of water. Your skin looks good, but you know it could really glow. What have you left out of your skincare routine? Exfoliation – the secret to a radiant complexion.

Skin Rejuvenation: Body

Acoustic Wave Therapy for Cellulite Removal

This professional electronic skin treatment is on the rise at medical spas specializing in non-invasive cellulite removal.

Advanced Stretch Mark Removal

Aesthetic professionals continue to develop new ways for recent mothers to effectively diminish the appearance of those inevitable stretch marks.

Asclera: An Injectable Vein Removal Solution?

The vein treatment Asclera uses a simple, injectable solution to break down small, unsightly spider veins and varicose veins.

Birthmark Removal Treatments

Healthy Skin Portal explores some common birthmarks and professional means of removing them once and for all.

Body Shaping & Cellulite Removal Guide

The definitions of Body Shaping and Cellulite Removal may overlap at times; however, it's important not to assume that one is synonymous with the other.

Cellulaze Review: New Cellulite Removal Treatment Earns FDA Nod

Already popular in Canada and Europe, Cellulaze claims to uniquely target cellulite at the structural level.

Cellulite Removal Costs and Comparisons

Even the best diet and exercise routines won't necessarily get rid of cellulite. So how much can you expect to pay for a professional cellulite removal treatment?

Cellulite Removal: Treatments and Facts

To determine how to get rid of cellulite, it helps to understand the condition and fully assess all your treatment options. This resource covers all the bases.

Exilis Body Contouring System Review

Exilis is the latest radio frequency treatment being used to break down fat cells and contour the body without the need for invasive surgery.

FDA Clears Fractional Laser for Stretch Mark Removal

A major upgrade from over-the-counter creams or pills, fractional laser resurfacing is now a tested and proven means of stretch mark removal.

Feet Skin Care Tips

Aside from a professional pedicure, here are some greats ways to keep your feet looking good and feeling great all year round.

Getting Rid of Skin Tags: Treatment Options

Skin tags are relatively harmless but pesky outgrowths of skin that are best removed by professional methods, including electrolysis treatments that can fix the area in 20 minutes.

LipoDissolve Risks and Side Effects

LipoDissolve has quickly become one of the most popular alternatives to liposuction surgery, and while side effects are rare, it's still wise to be versed on the potential risks of lipodissolve injections.

Radio Frequency Stretch Mark Treatment

Recent scientific studies have shown that new radio frequency technology may be one of the more effective treatments available for stretch mark removal.

RejuveSkin Treatment: Surgical Cellulite Removal?

To date, most successful cellulite treatments have been short term, nonsugrical procedures, but RejuveSkin offers a new, surgical solution that could change how cellulite is handled in the years ahead.

Scar Removal Options

A breakdown of the various types of scars and best treatment options available for erasing or reducing their appearance.

6 Myths About Stretch Marks

The first step in treating stretch marks is separating the fact from fiction in what causes them.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Cellulite

Polish up your cellulite trivia before you decide on the best treatment option.

Skin Tightening Options

Find out more about the different types of skin tightening treatment options, and how they help create a natural, youthful look.

SmartLipo: A Smart Fat Removal Alternative

Many non-surgical cosmetic clinics have begun offering SmartLipo to patients interested in an effective, less invasive alternative to Liposuction.

Sun Damage & Dark Skin: Are You Still at Risk?

People with darker skin tones are less prone to sun burns, of course, but they are hardly immune to the sun's effects.

Tattoo Removal Treatments

Laser Tattoo Removal is another popular cosmetic procedure that's giving many people a second chance at sending a message.

The Art of Tattoo Removal

Various advanced tattoo removal techniques have effectively taken the permanent element out of body art, but getting rid of a tattoo can have some mild risks, as well.

3Deep Skin Tightening System

Utilizing radio frequency technology, 3Deep Advanced Skin Tightening is a new treatment with some great potential benefits.

Today's Massage Therapy

Not just a relaxing spa treatment, massage therapy can also be helpful in the process of body contouring and skin tightening.

Top Varicose Vein Removal Options

Aside from being aesthetically displeasing, varicose veins can also cause serious medical problems, making their treatment all the more important.

TriActive Cellulite Treatment Review

By combining elements from many other popular procedures, TriActive seeks to become the new standard in professional cellulite removal treatments.

Ultrasound Skin Tightening Information

Forget invasive fat removal procedures or body shaping treatments. Ultrasound technology is helping take skin tightening into a new era.

VeinRemedi Treatments for Spider Veins

VeinRemedi is one of the brand names for an increasingly popular method of non-invasive spider vein removal.

Vein Removal Costs and Financing

There are many options for vein removal, depending on the type of vein and scope of the problem. For this reason, vein treatment costs can vary considerably.

Vein Removal Risks and Side Effects

While today's vein removal treatments are generally minimally invasive, safe, and effective, prospective patients should still be aware of the general risks and temporary side effects involved.

VelaShape II Marks Next Step in Non-Surgical Body Contouring

Syneron's new VelaShape II uses improved Elos technology to deliver greater results for body contouring and cellulite removal patients.

Viora Reaction Review: Skin Tightening, Cellulite Removal

A review of the Viora Reaction, including uses, costs, risk factors, and other details related to this FDA approved skin tightening system.

Zeltiq Cool Sculpting Gets FDA Approval

Another non-invasive body contouring and inch-loss system has won FDA approval, as Zeltiq's cool sculpting procedure continues to gain new fans.

Zeltiq vs Zerona: The New Body Shaping Solutions

Hot or cold? Zerona and Zeltiq use opposite approaches to achieve the common cosmetic goal of reducing fat deposits and trimming inches from the body's circumference. So which one is right for you?

Liposonix for Non-Invasive Inch Loss

Liposonix harnesses the power of ultrasound to trim excess fat from trouble spots, without any downtime required.

Prep Your Skin for Your Wedding Day

From the dress to the venue, when it comes to your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect. Make sure that you take good care of your skin in the weeks leading up to the big day for a flawless radiant look as you walk down the aisle

Snakes in the Vein: How One Woman Coped with Varicose Veins

In spite of her success as a confident beautiful woman and mother, Pam suffered from self-confidence issues brought about by her expansive varicose veins for over a decade.

Coconuts and Coffee: Check Out These 3 DIY Vein Treatments

In today’s busy work atmosphere it’s not uncommon to be on your feet for at least eight hours each day. Such physical demands on your body could leave you without a good leg to stand on, literally.

Myth Busters: Varicose Veins Edition

With such a prevalence of varicose veins, it is perhaps shocking that most people are not properly educated on the causes, effects, and treatments of chronic venous disease.

Forget Vanity: Varicose Veins Are a Health Warning

While many choose to remove varicose veins due to their unsightly physical appearance, it is important to get the veins checked out by a doctor as they may increase your chances of ulcers, blood clots and other future health maladies

No More Vein Pain: Miracle Foam is Here to Help

If you or someone you love suffers from varicose veins, then you know they aren’t just a cosmetic inconvenience but a constant source of pain. While past patients had to undergo painful and invasive therapies to alleviate this condition, a new treatment offers fast effective relief without the discomfort. An injectable prescription foam, Varithena was recently approved by the FDA for the treatment of varicose veins.

Four Amazing Capsule Products For Your Skin

Proper skincare comes in all kinds of different packaging, and sometimes that packaging can create annoying problems. Jar lids don't always screw on tightly, pumps can leak and bottles can break. Capsules, on the other hand, offer convenient, single-serving helpings of essential skincare products, and you don't have to worry about faulty packaging or broken mechanisms throwing a monkey wrench in your regimen.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Information

A closer look at your Laser Hair Removal options, broken down by body part.

Am I a Candidate for Laser Hair Removal?

Modern laser technology is making Laser Hair Removal a viable option for people of more and more skin and hair types.


Another popular hair removal treatment, Electrolysis gets results, but is it a practical option?

Laser Hair Removal Cost

The cost of laser hair removal has dropped in recent years, even as the technology and success of the procedure has improved.

Laser Hair Removal: Painful or Pleasant?

Exploring the age old question: just how much does laser hair removal hurt?

Permanent Hair Removal

We hear the term thrown around, but exactly qualifies as "permanent hair removal?"

TRIA: Is At-Home Laser Hair Removal Right for Me?

The TRIA laser hair removal system is getting a lot of buzz, but does it really match the safety, value, and results of professional treatments?

Unwanted Hair Removal

Modern hair removal procedures are making it easier than ever to permanently eliminate unwanted hair.

Upper Lip Hair Removal Tips

It can be one the trickiest areas to handle, but laser hair removal is changing how people get rid of unwanted hair on the upper lip.

Choosing Your Treatment

Your Skin Consult: The First Step Towards Healthy Skin

Having an expert analyze your skin is the first step in mapping out the perfect treatment plan for you.

Skin Care Before & After Photos

Check out before and after photos for many of the most popular skin care procedures. Photos can help you see if a procedure is right for you.

Questions to Ask Your Skin Care Provider

Time to get your checklist ready for your skin rejuvenation consultation!

African-American Skin Care Guide

From specially designed African American skin care products to professional skin rejuvenation lasers and injectables, people with darker skin tones have many factors to consider for maintaining healthy, glowing skin.

Asian Skin Care Guide

There are hundreds of different Asian ethnic groups, but their particular skin care concerns often overlap, including higher melanin levels, oily skin, and increased sensitivity.

Latina Skin Care Guide

While some skin care tips are universal, there are variables like skin complexion and genetic predispositions that may make some cosmetic treatments more helpful to Latin women than others. Here is Healthy Skin Portal's Guide to Latina Skin Care!

The Modern Male Skin Care Guide

Healthy Skin Portal presents the ultimate 10-step guide to men's skin care, from at-home products to the latest in male-oriented skin rejuvenation treatments.

Cheilosis Treatment Options

Many people suffer from cracked skin and inflammation at the corners of the mouth. Fortunately, this condition, known as cheilosis, can be treated successfully.

Getting Rid of Summer Freckles

They can certainly be cute, but summer freckles can also become an unwanted cosmetic challenge. Fortunately, there are many professional skin care treatments that can reduce these discolorations.

Med Spa Gift Certificates: Keeping Your Options Open

Skin care, body shaping, laser hair removal and many other cosmetic treatments can all be included as a part of a SignatureForum cosmetic gift certificate purchase.

Scar Removal Options

A breakdown of the various types of scars and best treatment options available for erasing or reducing their appearance.

The Science of Skin Scanners

Many cosmetic clinics now offer skin scanning during consultations, which involves the use of computer technology to assess your skin's health and possible needs.

Top 10 Freckle Reducing Treatments

From everyday lemon juice to advanced laser skin resurfacing, there are numerous options available for people interested in reducing the appearance of freckles.

Treating Dark Under Eye Circles

If eyes are the windows to the soul, keeping our "window frames" looking clear and smooth is all the more important!

Turbo Beauty: Skin Care Trend of 2010

At the same time that the skin care industry is obsessing over organic products, "Turbo Beauty" is advancing cosmetics into a new era with some hi-tech help.

Types of Wrinkles & How to Combat Them

Wrinkles come in varying shapes and sizes, and different types of wrinkles might actually require a different treatment approach.

Am I a Candidate?

Am I a Candidate for IPL Photofacial?

Intense pulsed light therapy is one of the most effective and affordable forms of facial skin treatments. But is it the right treatment choice for you?

Am I a Candidate for Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Here are some important factors to consider before determining if laser skin resurfacing might be a worthwhile cosmetic solution for you.

Am I a Candidate for Laser Vein Removal?

Laser technology is working wonders on eliminating unwanted spider veins and varicose veins. So, could this treatment work for you?

Am I Candidate for VelaShape?

VelaShape is one of the most exciting new developments in non-surgical body shaping treatments. Here's what you need to know to determine if it might be the right procedure for you and your needs.

Product Reviews

Acne Treatment All-Stars: Epiduo vs Proactiv Solution

Epiduo has begun challenging Proactiv as the king of "As Seen on TV" acne treatments. Does either treatment stack up to a professional clinical treatment?

AngelLift DermaStrips Review

Oral product works from inside out to combat fine lines and wrinkles.

At-Home Laser Wrinkle Removal

The FDA has approved a new at-home laser wrinkle removal system, but can the results really compare to a professional laser session?

At-Home Product Review: Dermaflage Topical Dermal Filler

Created by a former Hollywood makeup artist, this home skincare product offers a near clinical level treatment of acne scars and other imperfections.

Avita ReCell: Product Review

Also known as spray-on-skin, this new procedure uses the patient's own skin cells to treat scars, burns, and other dermal damage.

Beauty Beware: History’s 4 Most Dangerous Cosmetics

Some of the same toxic materials used in ancient beauty products are still used in contemporary cosmetics.

Best Facial Cleansing Cloths

Carrie Aker offers her suggestions for some of the best options in over-the-counter facial cleansing cloths.

Boscia Luminizing Black Mask: Product Review

In the long line of products designed to reduce large pores and cleanse skin, the Black Mask has developed quite a following.

Brazilian Peel Review: At-Home Skin Rejuvenation

Over-the-counter Brazilian peels promise clinic caliber results, but do they really deliver like a professional facial peel?

Bremenn Research Labs Hylexin: Product Review

Healthy Skin Portal reviews the facial skin care product Hylexin, which helps diminish the appearance of dark under eye circles.

Choosing the Right Sunscreen for You

Many people choose sunscreens haphazardly based on a bottle design or convenience, but where your skin is concerned, no two sun blocks are made the same.

Clarisonic Opal Sonic Infusion System: Product Review

Specifically geared toward dark under eye circles, the new Clarisonic Opal is one of the more in-demand home skin care products of the moment.

Cle De Peau Beaute Releasing World’s Most Expensive Skin Cream

Luxury brand Cle De Peau Beaute is prepping for the release of three limited edition La Creme products, priced at over $13,000.

Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula: Review

We break down Clinique's well-known exfoliant to see how it works and how it stacks up against skin rejuvenation treatments.

Dangers of Skin Lightening Creams

The ingredients of some common over-the-counter skin bleaching products have the FDA considering new reforms.

Derma Smart: Clothes for Dry Skin?

A new t-shirt fabric claims to double as a special treatment for common skin irritation, but is it the real deal?

Dermadoctor MED e TATE: Product Review

These easy wipes can help reduce excessive sweating for people who routinely suffer from hyperhidrosis.

Dr. Zein Obagi’s OZ Skin Health Review

Famed dermatologist Dr. Zein Obagi’s new Skin Health product line treats aging, sun damage, acne, and more with advanced technology—but is it worth the high price?

ELASTIderm Décolletage System: Best of the Bust

Developed by the Obagi company, this elite chest and neck skin care product is specially designed to succeed where other skin rejuvenation products have failed.

Eyelash Extensions: LATISSE vs Xtreme Lashes

LATISSE is getting a ton of attention lately as the new solution for eyelash extensions, but how does it stack up against popular faux lash products like Xtreme Lashes?

FDA Approves Epiduo Acne Treatment

Epiduo Gel is touting itself as the next big thing in topical acne treatments. So, how does it work?

From Lotions to Butter: Knowing Your Moisturizers

Columnist Carrie Aker shares a few insights on the various options out there in the world of skin moisturizing products.

Kojic Acid and Skin Brightners Review

Derived from mushrooms, kojic acid is a natural product used to reduce the appearance of freckles, skin blemishes, and uneven pigmentation. But is it a solution to be taken seriously?

Levia Review: At-Home Psoriasis Treatment

The ultraviolet skin care system Levia claims to help psoriasis patients control their condition from the comfort of home, but does it work?

Lumie Clear Review: Light Therapy for Acne

The at home acne treatment known as Lumie Clear utilizes light therapy technology to give people a new option in the fight against this common skin condition.

Lumixyl: Skin Brightening Breakthrough?

Developed by Stanford University researchers, Lumixyl is a brand new topical cream designed to treat common skin discoloration and hyperpigmentation problems.

Macho Makeup: Top 5 Makeup Products for Men

In light of the rising interest in men's skincare, Healthy Skin Portal lists 5 cosmetics for the perfectly polished man.

Microskin Technology Offers Hope for Rosacea, Vitiligo Sufferers

Microskin is an exciting new treatment that enables people with serious skin problems like rosacea and vitiligo to overcome skin discoloration for a consistent, cohesive look.

Neem Oil: Nixing Oily Skin & Acne

Natural and affordable, neem oil is becoming a popular product for the treatment of common skin imperfections like acne and oily skin.

New TRIA Blue Light Device Targets Acne

The FDA recently approved a new, at-home blue light therapy product from TRIA, the makers of a popular at-home laser hair removal device.

Newa Review: At-Home Skin Rejuvenation and Wrinkle Treatment

Just like clinical treatments, the Newa Skincare System uses radio frequency technology to deliver skin that looks smoother, younger, and more rejuvenated.

No7 Protect and Perfect: The Secret to Skin Perfection?

Scientific evidence implies this over-the-counter beauty product can reduce wrinkles and rejuvenate skin on a level with prescription retinoids—but does it beat professional skin care?

NuFACE Review: At-Home Electronic Skin Rejuvenator

Healthy Skin Portal takes a look at a new handheld device for at-home skin rejuvenation and tightening.

PaloVia Review: FDA Approves At Home Wrinkle Removal Laser

As the first home laser skin care system to earn FDA approval, Palomar's PaloVia laser is generating a lot of attention for 2011.

Philosophy The Microdelivery Peel Pads: Product Review

The popular Microdelivery Peel Pads offer many of the perks of a chemical peel from the comfort of your own home.

Product Review: Biore Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

Biore has been making effective blackhead fighters for years, but pore strips should not be confused with professional acne treatments.

Product Review: DDF Revolve 400x Micro-Polishing System

A new product claims to offer an at-home version of microdermabrasion with comparable results, but does the DDF Revolve really do what it claims?

Review: HylaSponge System from 3Rx Skin Therapy

It's not the first skin care product to utilize hyaluronic acid, but it might one of the most effective on the market in 2011.

Revitol Cellulite Solution Review

Revitol's cellulite removal cream certainly won't do any harm to your skin, but if it's true results you're looking for, no store-bought topical product is likely to match a professional clinical solution.

Review: Claro IPL Acne Clearing Device

Healthy Skin Portal reviews one of the first at-home IPL acne treatments, the Claro IPL Acne Clearing Device.

Review: Proactiv Dark Spot Corrector

Examining the pros and cons of Proactiv's latest at-home skin care treatment for those dealing with hyperpigmentation concerns.

Rodan & Fields Anti-Age AMP MD: Product Review

The makers of Pro Activ solution are back with another skin care treatment in the form of the Anti-Age AMP MD system.

Sephora Collection Extractor With Lance: Product Review

Healthy Skin Portal reviews an acne treatment tool from the cosmetic specialists at Sephora.

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse: Product Review

Home bronzers like this product from St. Tropez can be decent alternatives to dangerous tanning booths or the sun's UV rays.

Stretch Mark Cream Review: Strivectin-SD

One of the most popular stretch mark and wrinkle creams on the market, Strivectin has now improved its formula.

Tanda Skin Rejuvenation Review: At-Home Systems Earns FDA Approval

HSP examines a new at-home laser skin system from Syneron, and its potential for changing the cosmetic industry.

10 Best Skincare Products Under $10

They might not deliver the results of professional treatments, but these cheap everyday items can do a lot for your daily skin health.

Top 5 Non-Surgical Facelift Creams

We offer the lowdown on the 5 most popular facelift creams—can they really replace a trip to the surgeon?

Top 5 Over-the-Counter Acne Treatments

While the most immediate and effective acne treatments are conducted by skincare professionals, these at-home products have earned their keep as stop gap solutions.

Top 5 Pore Reducing Products

HSP looks at five popular, proven pore minimizing treatments available at your local drug store.

Top 5 Stretch Mark Removal Creams

For every bogus stretch mark miracle cream out there, there are at least a handful of products that can produce some noticeable results.

Top 10 Acne Treatments of 2009

A convenient look at the procedures and products at the forefront on the war on acne in 2009.

Top 10 Cosmetic Products for 2010

Our handy guide to choosing the very best in at-home cosmetic products, from Neutrogena's acne care to Elizabeth Arden's skin protectant.

Top 10 Home Beauty Devices for 2011

Many people are turning to at-home cosmetic procedures to save money, but how do these 10 popular home devices compare to clinical cosmetic treatments in terms of results?

Top 10 Makeup Removers

HSP's Trudi Schrieber breaks down a list of some of the top products available for safe, effective makeup removal.

Top Ten Male Skin Care Products

You don't have to be the metrosexual type to want smoother, healthier skin. Here's a list of ten popular and helpful cosmetic products for men.

Top 10 Organic Skin Care Product Lines

Almost every skin cream claims to be "all-natural" these days, but there are ways to tell which products truly practice what they preach.

Top 10 Self Tanning Products

Columnist Monica Prata ranks the best sunless tanning products you can use for a perfect tan achieved in the UV free safety of your own home.

Top 10 Vegan Skin Care Products

Now more than ever, it's easy to stock your bathroom cupboard with excellent cosmetic products that follow the vegan code of no animal testing and no animal byproducts.

Tri-Luma® Cream for Melasma

Tri-Luma is one of the newest and most effective topical products to emerge for the treatment of the skin hyperpigmentation disorder known as Melasma.

TRIA: Is At-Home Laser Hair Removal Right for Me?

The TRIA laser hair removal system is getting a lot of buzz, but does it really match the safety, value, and results of professional treatments?

The Truth About Stretch Mark Creams

Despite the wide range of stretch mark lotions and creams out there, very few women get the results they're looking for with over-the-counter products.

The Truth About Tan Jabs

Illegal tanning injections or "Barbie drugs" are becoming a dangerous trend in the skin care business.

What Is Your Make-up Doing to Your Skin?: Choosing the Best Cosmetics

Make-up is supposed to help you look better, but choosing the wrong makeup can have the opposite effect over the long haul.

Doctor Submissions

Cellulite and Carboxytherapy

A quick guide to some popular cellulite removal options from Brooklyn plastic surgeon Dr. Morris Westfried.

Removing Acne Scars ...By Studying Tattoos

Oddly enough, one of the newest advances in treating acne scars actually has its origins in America's tattoo parlors.

Regional Articles

Atlanta LipoDissolve

LipoDissolve™ in Atlanta is a popular cellulite removal treatment that can dissolve fat to reveal smoother thighs, legs, arms, and abdomens.

Boston Botox

Interested in getting Botox in Boston? Learn more about local treatment options, costs, risks, results, and alternative cosmetic treatments here.

Chicago Cellulite Removal

Chicago cellulite removal patients need look no further than their local medical spa or laser clinic for proven procedures and great, long lasting results.

Chicago Laser Hair Removal

If you're looking for hair removal clinics in Chicago, you're in luck. Learn more about the popularity of laser hair removal in Chicago here.

Colorado Springs Botox Treatments

People interested in Botox in Colorado Springs can schedule free consultations with the two of the area's most renowned Botox clinics, Vitality Health and Genesis Medspa.

Colorado Springs Skin Care

The elements can be cruel in Colorado Springs, making the city's excellent cosmetic clinics all the more important for people hoping to keep their skin smooth and rejuvenated.

Long Island Restylane

Restylane is one of Long Island's most popular wrinkle removing injectables.

Los Angeles Lipodissolve™

L.A. cosmetic patients are quickly embracing the latest non-surgical alternative to liposuction, LipoDissolve injections.

Miami Cellulite Removal

From LipoDissolve to VelaShape, Miami cellulite sufferers are fighting back with great success.

New York Botox Treatments

New York City tends to attract the very best in their given fields, and that goes for Botox providers, too, as the Healthy Skin Portal networks features many highly experienced, highly respected New York Botox specialists.

New York Laser Hair Removal

Everything you need to know about laser hair removal, how lasers for hair removal work, pricing, and finding a hair removal specialist in Manhattan.

Seattle Photofacial Treatments

For Seattle residents serious about anti-aging treatments and long term skin rejuvenation, there are a number of excellent Seattle Photofacial providers offering impressive results for a fair price.

Washington DC Botox Costs

At-Home versus Professional Microdermabrasion in Skokie

Winter weather can wreak havoc on your skin. If you’re a Chicagoland resident in the Skokie area, consider turning to microdermabrasion to help rejuvenate your skin!

Chicago Winters Wrecking Your Skin? Help Out Your Pores with Skokie Microdermabrasion!

Especially in the winter, cold dry weather can take it toll on your skin. Luckily, for Chicagoland residents in the Skokie area, microdermabrasion can finally help you get rid of your large pores

Sorry Skin in Skokie? Try Microdermabrasion or Photofacials!

These days, medical spas and laser clinics use a dizzying array of technologies. It can be a bit daunting to sift through the myriad of options, when all you want to know is how to improve your skin

Protecting Your Skin on Skokie's New Approved Bike Path

Governor Pat Quinn recently announced that he would invest $155,000 in developing a bike path in Skokie as part of his commitment to green transportation and healthy lifestyles in Illinois. We have to wonder, though, could there be any potential drawbacks to continued sun and harsh weather exposure for bikers—especially after this savage of a winter?

Food for Thought: Microdermabrasion for Ethical Humanist Society Audience

Evanston food journalist Josh Schonwald, author of “The Taste of Tomorrow: Dispatches from the Future of Food,” recently discussed food of the future during an engaging discussion at the Ethical Humanist Society in Skokie

Springtime Skokie Microdermabrasion!

Springtime brings new beginnings and rejuvenation and therefore is the best possible time to refresh your skin with microdermabrasion. Feel free to contact one of our representatives today and schedule a consultation!

Westfield Old Orchard Shopping Mall in Skokie Offers Multiple Stores for Skincare

Suburban malls have expanded over the years in terms of the skincare they offer. With American Laser Skincare clinics and the like popping up in malls across suburban America, those in need of skincare services like microdermabrasion are in luck

Prepare for Summer with Microdermabrasion

Dreading summer because of all the ultraviolent radiation? Want to maintain your natural skin color? Luckily, you can avoid or treat tans or sunburns with a number of preventions and treatments

Great-Looking Skin for the Acne Prone

Acne is the most common skin condition in the United States, affecting 40 to 50 million Americans, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.

Combination Therapy Addresses Dermal and Epidermal Components of Melasma

Melasma treatments tend to fail, because they don’t address both the dermal and the epidermal components of the skin condition, one expert told

Achieve Flawless Summer Skin

Learn how to achieve flawless skin this summer season.

No Pain, No Gain: Extreme Facial Draws Blood

Celebrities like Penelope Cruz, Kate Upton and Gisele Bundchen go to aesthetician Christine Chin, known by the nickname “Mean Christine,” for their skincare needs

Angelina Jolie Reveals Secret to Flawless Skin

Angelina Jolie may have turned 39 in early June, but she maintains a youthful look, thanks to a flawless complexion

Survey Reveals that Women Worry About Size of Pores

A recent survey by L’Oreal Paris revealed that women worry about the size of their pores

Kate Upton sees New York’s Christine Chin for Microdermabrasion

Twenty-two-year-old model Kate Upton may have flawless skin in her ad campaigns but she suffers from bad skincare habits out of the spotlight

Dermalogica Canada Manager Offers Tips for Radiant Summer Skin

Dermalogica Canada’s education manager Holly Sherrard recently shared her tips for achieving radiant summer skin

The World’s Weirdest Skincare Treatments

Would you cover your face in bee venom? Caviar? Urine? Some will go to the extreme in the quest for radiant skin. Check out some of the weirdest skincare procedures

Total Skin Rejuvenation Tips

People look for ways to turn back the clock and rejuvenate their skin as they age. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, over 10 million cosmetic surgery procedures are performed each year in the United States.

London Dermatologist Discuss Possible Solutions to Pigmentation

European Dermatology London medical director and dermatologist Dr. Stefanie Williams recently discussed pigmentation

Celebrity Skin Care

Kim Kardashian's Psoriasis: The Trendy Skin Disease?

One of the world's beauty icons has psoriasis, a skin disease that affects thousands of people and, fear not, is quite treatable.

Kim Kardashian's VelaShape Success Story

Popular American Laser Centers' cellulite removal treatment works wonders for reality star.

Lady Gaga Confesses to Wearing Makeup to Bed

The Mother Monster recently told the media that seven days out of the week, she goes to bed with her makeup on. Shame on you, Gaga!

Rapper 50 Cent Chooses Laser Tattoo Removal

To transition into more acting roles, hip hop star 50 Cent is having some of his famous tattoos permanently removed the safe and sure way with laser tattoo removal.

Sammy Sosa: Skin Discoloration & Laser Treatments

New Sammy Sosa before and after pictures are raising some questions about the risks of laser skin rejuvenation. We take a closer look at the truth behind the rumors.

Secrets of the Stars: 6 Ways You Can Get Their Glow!

Stars like Katy Perry, Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, and Erin Heatherton rely on these clinical skincare treatments to get their Hollywood glow.

Top 10 Celebrity Acne Cases

Since acne affects nearly everyone at one stage or another, it should come as no surprise that many high profile celebrities have publicly admitted to battling blemishes, as well.

Top 10 Celebrity Botox Users

With the taboo of dermal fillers long since left behind, countless big name celebrities have openly discussed their Botox treatments in recent years.

Top 10 Celebrity Complexions

Sometimes it seems like celebrities just have immaculately perfect skin, but these celebrity complexions have taken plenty of work to sustain.

ESPN Cover Girl and Gold Medalist Promotes 'Healthy Skin Lifestyle'

As one of the best female beach volleyball players of all time, Kerri Walsh Jennings is clearly a proponent of healthy living both on and off the court. Her latest crusade is for healthy skin as ambassador for the Skin Authority brand.

Joanna Vargas Shares Her New York Fashion Week Experience

Joanna Vargas, celebrity skin care specialist and founder of Joanna Vargas Salon and Skincare Collection, celebrated Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in the Big Apple. She shared her experience and a look into her daily activities at Extra TV

Kris and Kim Kardashian Spotted at Cosmetic Clinic

According to a report made my, Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian were spotted together at a lavish cosmetic center, prompting immediate rumors that the not-so-daring duo is considering nip/tucks in the not too distant future

Jenny McCarthy Reveals Amazing Skincare Secrets

Jenny McCarthy recently spilled her beauty and skincare secrets with

Martha Stewart's Secret to Beauty

Martha Stewart’s bathroom cabinet may be well stocked with beauty and skin care products, but these masks and serums aren’t the only things keeping the 72-year-old’s skin looking youthful and radiant

Kendall Jenner Spills Skincare Secrets

Following in her sisters’ footsteps, 18-year-old Kendall Jenner is quickly becoming a go-to fashion and beauty expert with 8.6 million Instagram followers

Reality Star Rah Ali Introduces Skincare Line

Reality star Rah Ali recently created a collaborative beauty line Saige Skin Care with Dr. Steven Greenberg

Real Housewife Nene Leakes Announces Beauty Secrets

American reality television series star Nene Leakes shared her secret to clear, glowing skin. In a truly shocking twist of events, the secret does not involve plastic or cosmetic plastic surgery.

Maria Sharapova Now Co-owns Skincare Company

From candy company founder to global brand ambassador to Olympic commentator, Maria Sharapova has a growing number of off-the-court endeavors

Khloe Kardashian Reportedly Gets Botox

In the latest update on those wild and krazy Kardashians, it appears as if Khloe Kardashian, sister of Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian and daughter of Kris Jenner, is maintaining a time honored family tradition of intense Botox injections.

Anna Kendrick Spills on Burt's Bees

Anna Kendrick recently teamed up with Burt’s Bees and Lipstick Angels to help hospitalized women feel more beautiful

Little Mix’s Leigh-Anne Pinnock Spills on Makeup Faves and Skincare Tips

Singer Leigh-Anne Pinnock recently spilled to on her must-have foundation, top shimmery blush, favorite lip gloss and more.

Nicole Kidman: New Face Rumors

Nicole Kidman has always been turning faces, but maybe no longer her own.

Leonardo DiCaprio and his Vitamin C Shower

Leonardo DiCaprio, who most recently starred in The Wolf of Wall Street recently made yet another investment, when he furnished his Greenwich Village apartment

Miranda Kerr Reveals Her Superfood Skincare Secrets

Australian Miranda Kerr recently traveled to her native Sydney to promote her skin care line Kora Organics and revealed what she eats and uses to keep her skin looking clear

Meryl Davis Spills her Skincare Secrets

Olympic ice skating champion Meryl Davis showed off her flawless skin on “Dancing with the Stars” this season and recently accepted the mirror ball trophy for her season win alongside her partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy

Jaime King Spills Skincare Secrets

Jaime King recently revealed the secrets to skin

Lee Grant’s Proud Plastic Past!

While many celebrities still shy away from openly discussing their plastic surgery and other cosmetic enhancements, Lee Grant has nothing to hide.

GOOPy Gwynnie’s Guide to Skincare, Something you CAN Afford

A strong advocate of the natural organic on her lifestyle website Goop, 41-year-old Gwyneth Paltrow does not take the soft approach when it comes to her skincare routine

The Late Lauren Bacall: “Why do middle-aged women want to look 18?”

Hollywood legend Lauren Bacall recently passed away, leaving behind a legacy of memorable films and quotes. Some of her most colorful quotes were reserved for her disdain for anything phony or fake.

'Why Not?': Helen Mirren on Plastic Surgery and Nearing the Big 7-0

It’s good to be the Queen. Yet according to royal performer Helen Mirren, maintaining looks for good parts can be a royal pain as well.

Maria Sharapova Serves Up a New Skincare Line

Tennis champion Maria Sharapova is out prove she is a champion on an off the court. The four time Grand Slam winner is also an acute businesswoman. Her latest and greatest contribution is co-ownership of the anti aging skincare line ‘Supergoop.’

Busy Phillips Gets 'Busy' at Skincare Clinic

Ever wonder how make-up free Busy Phillips manages to look so great? Well, a group of paparazzi may have split the secret wide open as they photographed the barefaced and beautiful actress exiting an exclusive celebrity skincare clinic

Paris Hilton’s Friends Get Older and She Stays the Same Age

If pride comes before a fall, Paris Hilton better be wearing flats.

How Do Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama Achieve Their Flawless Looks?

They say behind every great man is an even greater woman. Two women who meet that criteria are First Lady Michelle Obama and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.

Gwyneth the Green: Gwyneth Paltrow Launches Organic Skincare Line

Gwyneth Paltrow, world-class actress and the latest creative director for Juice Beauty, has just announced the launch of her long-awaited makeup and skincare collection

Lea Michele is Lending Her Voice to Help Bring Back Bees

Called “Bring Back the Bees,” the goal of the Burt’s Bees program is to plant one billion wildflowers around the world and help to rebuild the honey bee population.

A Beauty Secret From Khloé Kardashian: No Makeup at the Gym

Obviously, keeping healthy requires regular exercise, but just as you wear different clothes to the gym, Khloé advocates switching up your beauty regimen before working out.

What Can You Learn from Kylie Jenner's Nighttime Skin Routine?

The Kardashians and Jenners have become trendsetters in the world of fashion, beauty and everything in between.

Halle Berry's Skincare Secrets

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry has reached the half-century mark. Of course, all you have to do is Google and find out her age, but you wouldn’t guess she’s 50 from recent photos.

Madonna's Skincare Line is Coming to the United States

The Material Girl is pushing 60 – 59, to be exact – and she still looks terrific. This is a woman who has always treated her body as a temple, and developed her skincare line for her own needs.


Skin Care Newsletters

Check out the archive of SignatureForum's monthly skin care newsletters, with tips and news from the world of anti-aging and skin rejuvenation.

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Rejuvenate Your Look with PDO Thread Lifting: The Non-surgical Facelift

PDO thread lifting is a relatively new technique that is gaining popularity among those seeking to improve their appearance without undergoing invasive surgery.

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Anal Bleaching: Strange But True Trend

It's not the most mainstream cosmetic treatment in the world, but lightening the skin down there has become increasingly popular in recent years.

Best Face Forward?: The Side Effects of Daily Makeup Use

Makeup is the way millions of women put their best face forward each day, but over the years, some cosmetic products can potentially do as much harm as good.

The Bronze and the Pale: Why Some Skin Doesn't Tan

If you ever wondered why your friend can get a great tan under the same conditions that burn you to a crisp, your ancestors are probably to blame.

The Buzz About Bee Venom: A New Anti-Aging Solution?

Usually associated with painful welts, the poisonous substance is now being sought-after for the treatment of deep wrinkles.

Can Beards Protect the Face from Sun Damage?

A new study put facial hair to the test as a safeguard against harmful UV rays.

Can Drinking Coffee Affect Your Skin Health?

Coffee remains as popular as ever, but the debate over its health benefits and possible risks continues.

Can Sleeping in Makeup Damage Skin?

Women who wear makeup for the majority of their days and nights may look better in the short term, but could suffer consequences down the line.

Carboxytherapy Skin Treatments

Carbon Dioxide injections can improve blood circulation and may be able to reduce the appearance of some common skin problems, from cellulite to stretch marks.

Causes of Psoriasis

Two to three percent of people suffer from psoriasis, a skin disease with several different common causes.

Chicago Bans Minors from Tanning Booths

Recent reports of young children using tanning booths sent Chicago legislators into action, outlawing tanning booths for anyone under the age of 18.

Chocolate Facials Show Sweets Can Be Good For Skin

Many of us think of chocolate as being something that negatively affects the skin, but at many medical spas, chocolate facial treatments are proving quite the contrary.

Custom Skin Care Based On Your DNA?

New scientific breakthroughs are helping some dermatologists use your genetic code to determine your ideal skin care regimen.

Differences Between Men's Skin and Women's Skin

Since one is from Venus and the other from Mars, it's no surprise that men's and women's skin is biologically different, as well.

Fighting The Wicked Winter Itch

Non-irritating soap, humidifiers, and a heavy duty moisturizer are the key to battling winter's dry skin woes.

8 Hangover Skin Recovery Tips

Besides a pounding headache, a hangover can show itself in your skin, too. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to get your face back after a long night on the town.

5 Common Household Products that Can Harm Your Skin

From pillow cases to phones, common everyday objects can have considerable effects on our complexions.

5 Skin-Boosting Uses for Pumpkin

Utilize your leftover Halloween and Thanksgiving decor for moisturizing masks, exfoliating scrubs, and an all-natural acne remedy.

5 Tips for Wintertime Sun Protection

Snow, winter chill, and cloud cover aren't enough to keep the sun's rays at bay. Change up your sun protection routine with these cold weather-friendly tips.

5 Unconventional Tips to Help Psoriasis

Emu oil, Saran Wrap, and light therapy offer new ways to calm the scaly patches associated with psoriasis.

The 411 on 3-1-1: Cosmetic Tips for the Air Traveler

TSA rules can make it tough to pack along all your cosmetics for a long trip, but there are ways to look your best in a 3-1-1 world.

Growing Long and Healthy Nails

Guest columnist Monica Prata offers her tips for growing and maintaining perfect nails.

How Vitamin D Effects Skin Pigmentation

We set the record straight on how the sun's most vital nutrient effects the color and health of your skin.

Made Up: The Truth About Make-Up Products & Marketing Buzz Words

Cosmetics companies use some clever wordplay to promote their make-up, but what are they really saying?

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

With the return of warm, sunny weather, it's all the more important to remember the need for skin protection.

Morgan Spurlock’s 'Mansome' Explores the World of Male Grooming

Documentarian's latest film gets to the root of the metrosexual trend in America.

The Myth of Base Tanning

A trip to the tanning booth before the beach is supposed to reduce some of the risks of sun damage, but is that really true?

Natural Skincare & Makeup

These days, it's hard to tell one exfoliating, botanical skin treatment from the next. Healthy Skin Portal helps simplify the process.

New Studies Show Caffeine Lowers Skin Cancer Risk

Coffee and soda drinkers rejoice. That much maligned caffeine may have exciting benefits beyond keeping you awake.

New Sunscreen Regulations Introduced by FDA

Updated labels on sun block will rate the product's prevention of both UVA and UVB rays.

November = National Healthy Skin Month

Perhaps in preparation for the harsh winter months ahead, November is officially designated as National Healthy Skin Month by the American Academy of Dermatology.

The Oil Cleansing Method: A Skincare Trend Examined

Rather than eliminating oils, some people actually add oils to their face as part of a popular skin care regimen.

Permanent Makeup: Benefits and Options

As an alternative to routine re-applications day after day, some women turn to a permanent makeup procedure to maintain the cosmetic features they wish to emphasize.

pH Balance: Understanding the Science of Your Skin

You'll often hear about pH balance in relation to skin care products, so what does that really mean?

Planning a Tanning Schedule: Safety, Time Management, & Great Results

To keep a healthy, bronze glow without the burns, orange tint, or skin damage, a smart tanning regimen is the key.

Popular Poplars: New Anti-Aging Secret Found in Tree's Extract

A proven skin rejuvenation treatment is readily available in an extract found in the common poplar tree.

Predicting the Big Cosmetic Trends of 2012

Healthy Skin Portal looks into the proverbial crystal ball to see what cosmetic styles and treatments might become trendy in 2012.

Preventing and Treating Razor Burn

Helpful tips for easing the common skin irritation caused by razor blades.

Proper Care for Fair Skin

People with fair skin tend to be far more sensitive to the effects of the sun and other unavoidable conditions. Here are a few tips to keep fair skin safe, healthy, and beautiful.

Psoriasis Treatment Solutions

Psoriasis can be a very damaging skin condition, and while no cure exists, there are a number of treatments proven to reduce the symptoms.

Revisionist Skin: Celebrity Tattoo Removal on the Rise

As laser tattoo removal has grown in popularity, many celebrities are taking advantage of a chance to correct some past tattoo missteps.

Rosacea Awareness: Causes and Treatments

What you need to know about treating one of the most common skin conditions.

Scientists Identify Skin Development Gene

A new study has revealed a "Master Regulator" gene that could prove vital to the future of skin care.

Side Effects of Spray Tanning

They might be safer than baking under UV rays, but spray tans aren't without their minor risks.

Six of the World's Strangest Skin Disorders

Healthy Skin Portal looks at six skin conditions that are too strange to be anything but real.

Skin Bleaching Treatments

Celebrity cases from Michael Jackson to Sammy Sosa have obscured the fact that most skin bleaching treatments are done for small areas of hyperpigmentation.

Skin Rejuvenation for Ex-Smokers

Smoking can do a lot of damage to your skin, but once you've quit, there are many avenues available to bring your skin back to its previous, vibrant state.

‘Space Juice’ AS10 May Prevent Wrinkles, Sunspots in Terrestrial Users

Using NASA scientific research, AmeriScience's nutritional beverage AS10 is designed to help astronauts and Earth-dwellers alike rejuvenate their complexion.

'Tanorexia': The Dark Truth About Tanning Addiction

The tabloid story of supposed 'tanorexic' mom Patricia Krentcil has raised questions about whether tanning can become a drug-like addiction.

10 Things to Know Before Your First Spray Tan

An increasingly popular alternative to sunbathing and tanning beds, spray tans can offer great, natural looking results if prepared for properly.

Top 5 Alternatives to Tanning Beds

If you're a tanning bed fanatic looking to turn over a new, healthier leaf, there are plenty of other options for getting that golden glow.

Top 5 Tanning Myths

Depending on whom you ask, tanning can have countless positive and negative consequences based on subtle changes in approach. But which of these tips are merely myths?

Top 5 Types of Back Scrubbers: Reaching for the Best

It might be a purchase we take for granted, but when it comes to keeping your back clean and clear, not all methods are made the same.

Top 6 Hottest Makeup Tips for Summer 2012

Summer can wreak havoc on your skin-- keep it clear, healthy, and on-trend with these six tips.

Top 10 Cosmetic Publications

Healthy Skin Portal breaks down some of the best reads the cosmetic industry has to offer.

Top 10 Foods for Healthy Skin

Cosmetic treatments can work wonders, but you can also help slow down the aging process by respecting your skin with a smart diet.

Top 10 Skin Care Myths, Re-Examined

From certain supposed acne causes to the protection level of your sunscreen, Healthy Skin Portal debunks some old wives tales about modern cosmetics.

UVA vs UVB: Types of Sun Rays and Their Effects

We all know that sunscreen is extremely important in protecting from harmful UV rays, but did you know there are two distinct types of UV rays that may not be addressed in the same manner?

Vitamin C Skin Care Benefits

Vitamin C has always been associated with good health, and new studies indicate that topical Vitamin C might be a great way to sustain skin health, as well.

What Causes Wrinkles?

While Healthy Skin Portal specializes in many wrinkle removal treatments, the process starts by identifying what actually causes wrinkles and fine lines in the first place.

What Is Aloe Vera?

It seems like just about skin care product boasts Aloe Vera as one of its healing ingredients, but what is Aloe Vera and does it really do what its purported to do?

Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter weather can take a toll on the skin, but there are simple precautions you can take to keep your skin healthy and soft all year round.

YouTube's Top 5 Makeup Bloggers

Healthy Skin Portal gives kudos to some of the vlogosphere's leading skin care and cosmetic gurus.

How To Prevent Moles on Your Face and Body

While some people consider moles a glamorous feature, others find them unappealing. The following tips can help prevent and treat unwanted moles.

5 Amazing Organic Skincare Products

Incorporate green living into your beauty routine with brands like Juice Beauty and Earth Science, that offer effective skincare solutions using organic and natural ingredients.

Black Diamond Beauty: A New Skin Care Craze

Diamonds are beginning to dominate more than just the jewelry industry. These stones effectively reverse some of the signs of aging when they are incorporated into facial products like creams and lotions.

Face Wash or Motor Oil? Harmful Chemicals in Skin Care Products Protested on World Environment Day

Renu Derma Natural Cosmetics celebrated 'World Environment Day' on June 5 by staging a protest to call attention to some of the harmful ingredients used in skin care products today.

Tom Ford Announces New Men’s Skin Care Line

Tom Ford recently announced his new skin care line for men, which is scheduled to hit stores this fall. The line will give men new options in skin care to help them achieve the healthy glow Ford has become well known for.

Research Proves that Daily Sunscreen Use Slows Skin Aging by 24%

New research indicates that daily use of sunscreen can slow the effects of aging on the skin by a significant amount.

Treat Your Face With A Snail's Pace: Introducing the Snail Facial

If you thought novelty beauty treatments couldn't get any stranger, think again. The latest skin care treatment trend to hit the far east is the live snail facial.

Could Plant Extract Pills Help Prevent Skin Cancer?

Researchers recently found a unique botanical extract that shields skin from solar damage and diminishes the unhealthy DNA mutations that occur with sun exposure.

Does Poor Sleep Quality Cause Skin Aging?

It seems that there is, in fact, some truth to the belief that women need their beauty rest. Scientists recently discovered a correlation between lack of sleep and skin aging.

Eight Simple Home Remedies for Acne

Want clear healthy skin? It turns out there are a few home remedies to do the trick. When store bought cleanser and moisturizer fail to rid your skin of acne, you can enjoy clear skin with these simple recipes.

In Good Hands: Maintaining Healthy Hand-Washing Habits at Work

Machinists come into contact with a plethora of common skin irritants every day on the job. The industry tends to require routine exposure to harsh chemicals, mechanical irritants and extreme environmental conditions on a daily basis. Ongoing exposure to these dangerous elements can eventually lead to occupational skin disease.

Australian Commission Reconsiders Ex-Sailor's Request for Reconstructive Scar Removal Surgery

A former Australian sailor with a deformed surgical scar may gain the chance to undergo reconstructive scar removal once the Repatration Commission reconsiders his latest request.

Fragrance-Crazy Sisters Dish on Different Skin-Care Routines

Anne Serrano McClain and Katie McClain may share genes, but they have their own beauty routines.

Seven Solutions for Skin Pigmentation Problems

From freckles to acne, skin pigmentation problems are common, but there are easy treatments you can undergo to show your skin the special care it needs to revitalize.

Researchers Developing Nanotechnology Skincare Treatment

Researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center recently developed new nanotechnology skincare that could make sunscreens and anti-aging products more effective and better protect your skin.

Middle Aged Skincare: How to Maintain Radiance in Your 40s & 50s

Want your skin to age gracefully? Read this list of skin care habits to make or break in order to leave your skin looking youthful and radiant.

Target Takes Over Beauty and Skin-care Firm 'DermStore Beauty Group'

Target Corporation acquired online beauty and skin-care products firm DermStore Beauty Group August 6 for an undisclosed amount, expanding its cosmetic industry presence

Product Thieves: Men Costing Their Women Hundreds of Dollars a Year

Women, if you're wondering why your favorite, most expensive skin care lotion is missing from the medicine cabinet, look to your boyfriends and husbands. Men cost their partners about 350 dollars a year in beauty products, according a recent poll.

No Link between Vein Blockages and Multiple Sclerosis, Study Suggests

There is no evidence of a link between the development of multiple sclerosis and restricted blood flow in the veins of the head and neck, according to a recent Canadian study.

Five Fruits to Keep Your Skin Fresh and Youthful

Add these natural remedies to your skin care routine for better-than-spa results.

Microalgae Repairing Oil Provides Advanced Anti-aging Skin Care

Leading anti-aging skin care brand Algenist recently released the new product, Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil

Dermatological Experts offer Advice on Baby Eczema

Eczema, the bothersome skin condition characterized by itchy red flaky patches, is a common problem among babies and children

DermaMed Solutions Launches Healthy Skin Challenge

Five Hidden Toxins in Skin Care Products

The largest organ on the human body, the skin offers a variety of functions, including sheltering us from exposure to environmental elements like bacteria, helping to keep our organs intact and regulating our body temperature.

Former Engineer Creates Natural Skin Care Line

Erin Taydus used her former experience as an engineer to design her own line of natural skin care products, coined Sassa Bella

Healthy Eating for Natural Beauty

Highly responsive to optimal nutrition, skin can be rid of plenty of problems through healthy eating

Skin Care: When to Save and When to Splurge

Pampering your skin can be quite costly, especially when there are so many expensive beauty products out there. However, budget skin care products can often work just as well. Money Talks News founder Stacy Johnson spoke with dermatologists to determine when to spend and when to splurge for the sake of your skin.

Eight Foods that are Ruining Your Skin

Although what you put on your face obviously matters, what you put into your body is also just as important, as your diet also reflects back onto your skin, according to leading nutrition experts

Skin Care Line Paired with Tea

Canadian-born Connie Tai recently launched her beauty brand Miyu, which pairs tea and skin care while fusing science, tradition, trend and attractive packaging

Ten Fall Foods for Radiant Skin

With the arrival of fall comes the return of seasonal fruits and vegetables that experts claim restore suppleness to the skin

Skin of Psoriasis Patients Protects Itself from Viral Infections

Universitatsmedizin Berlin recently discovered why psoriasis patients are less susceptible to viral infections than patients with atopic dermatitis, or atopic eczema

Experts Warn to Exercise Caution with Popular Skin Rash Apps

Experts agree that health app users should follow the advice of their doctors over that of the apps

Vegan Skin Care Line Offers Natural Beauty Solutions for Women

Women are becoming more aware of the increasing toxins in our environment, in turn contributing to the growth of the natural beauty market

Swap Summer Skin Care for a Healthy Fall Routine

Summer may have come and gone, but it’s just as important to take care of your skin in the fall. These skin care tips will help you maintain a beautiful complexion in the brisk autumn weather.

Researchers Hail Breakthrough Melanoma Treatment

Advanced melanoma patients could survive 10 years longer than before with new research findings on the drug ipilimumab, which first arrived on the market in 2011. Researchers found that patients who respond to the breakthrough drug are living much longer than originally anticipated and are now touting the medication as the key in finding a cure for skin cancer.

Mohs Surgery a New Skin Cancer Treatment Option

One in five people will develop skin cancer at some point in their lifetime. The most common form of cancer in the United States, 3.5 million skin cancers are diagnosed in more than 2 million people each year.

Pumpkins for Healthy Skin?

Pumpkins are everyone’s favorite fall vegetable, but did you know that pumpkins contain a ton of great benefits for the skin?

Coroner Condemns Doctor for Neglecting Patient Who Died of DVT

A 47-year-old mother suffering from deep vein thrombosis died a mere ten days after a general practitioner misdiagnosed her leg condition as a sprain.

Skin's Circadian Rhythm Protects Against UV Damage

We all experience a biological clock, informing us when to sleep and when to wake, but researchers recently discovered that our skin cells have a circadian rhythm of their own.

Laser Imaging Device Allows Doctors to Perform No-Cut Biopsies

Twenty-six-year-old Allison Herschell has undergone multiple biopsies to check for skin cancer and luckily every test has produced negative results, but the procedures themselves take their toll, with a scalpel carving off a small piece of her flesh and producing a scar.

Plastic Surgeon Gerald Imber Reveals Anti-aging Secrets

An internationally renowned anti-aging specialist and one of the nation’s most well-renowned plastic surgeons and medical authors, Dr. Gerald Imber shared his skincare prevention tips with Radar Online, detailing how to achieve timeless beauty by following his advice on prevention, maintenance and correction

New Scleroderma Model Spurs Drug Development

Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) researchers recently developed a mouse model of scleroderma with research pointing toward potential drug therapies for the disease

Edmonds Healthy Beauty and Skin Care Offers Advice on Beauty by the Decade

Our skin care needs tend to change over time, so in order to keep your skin looking its best, it’s important to switch up your regimen in order to address your skin’s specific needs.

Liz Earle Expands In the United States

Liz Earle plans to expand its beauty brand in the United States next year with a focus on skin care education

Klarif, INC. Prepares for Stock Market Listing

The United States based research and development skin care company KLARIF, Inc. is currently preparing for a stock market listing

Results Show Skin Drug Can Help Treat Type 1 Diabetes

A recent small trial on United States patients shows that alefacept, a drug primarily used to treat a skin disorder, helps the body produce its own insulin, key for people with type 1 diabetes

Look Younger by Christmas

Everyone wants to look their best around Christmas time, with all the holiday parties and family celebrations. Luckily, the latest generation of beauty products has made looking better and younger easier than ever

Claire Vero offers her Beauty Secrets

London-based skin care expert Claire Vero recently launched Aurelia Probiotic Skincare, a collection of skin care products that merge African organic botanical ingredients and probiotics, used as glycoproteins to boost the skin’s natural defense system

Dr. Lancer Offers Skin Care Tips for Everyone

Celebrity skin care expert Dr. Harold Lancer, featured on Oprah, The Doctors and countless magazines, treats much of Hollywood and provides skin care products for efficient optimal results

Could Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Pose Ultraviolet Risks to Skin?

The United States government intends to conserve the nation’s available energy, but the move could pose negative health risks, especially in regards to skin

Experts Spill the Scoop on Skin Care

We cannot change the natural aging process, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. However, we can slow it down with a mixture of common sense, healthy habits, science, pampering and a simple daily regimen

Five Skincare Tips to Escape the Winter Blues

Dr. Marina Peredo, owner of Smithtown, New York’s Spatique Medical Spa and clinical professor at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, advises that everyone switch up their daily skincare routine when the weather changes, especially during the winter

Clinique’s Superdefense Moisturizer Gives Skin a Healthy Start

Clinique previewed its new Superdefense SPF20 Daily Defense Moisturizer in September at a press event held in Valencia’s SHA Wellness Clinic.

How to Exfoliate Winter Skin

With the winter season upon us, it’s important to change your routine slightly to cater to seasonal skincare challenges like dry skin

Ioma Brings High-Tech Approach to High-End Skin Care

One brand is bringing beauty into the high-tech realm with an innovative skin care program

Kiehl’s Skincare Initiative Brings Faces to Light

Marketing initiatives involving charitable donations tend to end at the conclusion of the Christmas season, but the day after Christmas happens to be the beginning of one initiative in particular.

Fight Dry Winter Skin with Yoga

Winter brings cold wind and dry air, both of which can wreak havoc on your skin. Your skin protects and rids the body of toxins, so it’s important to nourish the skin, especially during the harsh winter

Top Ten Skincare Resolutions for the New Year!

New Year’s Day is a perfect opportunity to make skincare resolutions. Try these ten skincare resolutions for 2014

Nut-free Skincare on the Rise

Green Envee Organics recently launched a line of natural nut-free skincare products for both children and adults

Herbalists Bring Luxe Natural Skin Care to Berkeley

Berkeley based herbalists Sarah Buscho and Marina Storm recently co-founded Earth Tu Face, a skincare product line defined by a natural yet luxe beauty approach

‘Shameless’ Actress Pairs with Skincare Brand

Emmy Rossum recently spoke with about her new partnership with Restorsea skincare

Shade Mountain Naturals Introduces All-natural Skin Care Line

Shade Mountain Naturals recently launched a full all-natural skin care product line, consisting of natural and handmade soaps, lotions, moisturizers, scrubs and balms, available in the company’s newest retail space

Your Kitchen, Your Fountain of Youth

If you want healthy anti-aging, simply look in your kitchen. It holds plenty of ingredients to give you that youthful glow

Clorox Wants Nothing to Do with Bleach Facials

Clorox Co. recently showed an interest in skincare with its 2007 acquisition of the skincare brand Burt’s Bees. However, the company clearly opposes the use of bleach for facials, a new skincare idea popping up in both social and traditional media

Five Natural Fruit-Packs for Healthy Glowing Skin

The Vedic Collection’s chief wellness officer Divita Kanoria shared with how to make fruit packs for healthy radiant skin

Zein Obagi receives J.D.D. Leaders of Distinction Award

Zein Obagi, M.D., recently received the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology’s prestigious Leaders of Distinction Award, according to ZO Skin Health, Inc

Berry Good Skin! Add Berries to Your Routine for Radiant Skin

Adding berries to your routine could be the best way to achieve a healthy radiant glow, according to British facial expert Caroline Hitchcock

Oil Change! Six Natural Oils for Healthy Skin and Hair

A rising trend in skin and hair care is the preference of natural oils and butters to products that include chemicals and non-natural compounds. Beauty supply stores are fielding an increasing number of requests for all-natural products, and many of those natural oils and butters are useful in a variety of ways. Here’s a catalogue of some of the most popular among them, and how they can help keep your skin and hair healthy

Austrian Organic Skincare Line Promotes the Right to Wellness

Along with a number of organic products, Austrian skin care line Susanne Kaufmann’s patrician co-owner and spokesperson Bea von Thurn und Taxis also promotes the right to wellness

Sugar’s Effect on Aging Skin

What’s the next level of skin treatments in treating, preventing or reversing skin damage caused by releasing the sugar molecule’s bond with protein? Anti-glycation topical solutions allow the cell to return to its natural shape and state

Skin Care Foundation Provides Glowing Words of Wisdom for your Skin

Want to achieve a sun kissed glow without wreaking havoc on your skin? Women often turn to tanning beds to warm up their dull looking skin, especially during the winter.

Raw, Real, Toxic-Free Vegan Skincare

Toxin-free beauty website founder and natural skincare expert Irene Falcone recently offered advice on going raw and vegan when it comes to skincare

Even More Beauty Myths Revealed

Whether you have problem skin or simply want an anti-aging cure, we uncover all the beauty myths you need to know.

Skincare Line Using Camel's Milk

With less fat and more vitamin C and iron than cow’s milk, camel’s milk is a common beverage in the Middle East for its nutritional value. Now, a Missouri-based startup is working on a line of skin care products with camel’s milk

Five Oily Skin Myths

Oily skin sufferers have heard a number of common skincare misconceptions. You don’t need to moisturize or apply sunscreen and you should exfoliate on a daily basis

Nestle Acquires Galderma Skin-Care

Nestle recently paid 3.6 billion dollars to take full control of the dermatology business Galderma

Nine Wedding Skincare Tips

Planning a wedding can be stressful and take its toll on both your health and your skin

New Source of Natural Peptides Makes Skincare Products Cheaper, Easier to Produce

Dr. Nora Khaldi, founder of the biotech firm Nuritas, has used computational biology to develop a method for creating natural peptides for use in skin care.

How Can Retinol Give You Healthier, More Youthful Skin?

Retinol, another name for the vitamin A molecule, is a popular ingredient in anti-aging skincare products

Mom Develops Her Own Line of Skincare Products

Teresa Paquin is a successful small business owner, selling products from her Pure Essentials Natural Skincare line at her spa/shop Anika Skincare & Makeup in Hudson, New Hampshire, and is even in talks with Whole Foods to get her products sold at the national chain.

Skincare Tips that Fit Into Any Mom’s Schedule

New mothers have their hands full - usually literally. Caring for babies and toddlers takes a lot of time and attention. All that time has to come from somewhere, so other things suffer - sleep, most notoriously. But another area that loses out is mom’s beauty routine

Grapefruit Provides Many Beauty Benefits

Beauty World News recently highlighted a list of beauty products featuring grapefruit as an ingredient, a scent, or both

Diptyque Launches First Skincare Line

Paris-based scent specialists Diptyque have been producing scented candles for 50 years and perfumes for 45, and even got into body care products four years ago, but this year marks the launch of their first full line of skincare products. The new line, L’Art du Soin features five different (sweet-smelling) products to help you keep your skin smooth, soft, and fragrant.

Celebrity Aesthetician Kat Rudu Spills Skincare Secrets

Celebrity aesthetician Kat Rudu gave the scoop on her best-kept secrets for getting stars like Kate Beckinsale and Eva Mendes ready for the red carpet

New Skincare Facts and Fallacies!

There are so many skincare misconceptions, long-held beliefs passed down for generations, that sometimes it’s difficult to distinguish fact from fiction.

All-Natural Skincare Line Boasts Collagen-Boosting Ingredient

As New Zealand’s The Natural Skincare Company expands its new Moana skincare line to the United States and United Kingdom, they are proudly proclaiming both what is in their products and what isn’t

Dr. Piasecki Uses Skincare Line to Raise Money for Schools

Dr. Piasecki is in the news for creating his own line of skincare products

In the News: Han’s Skin Care Products Called Unsafe by Health Sciences Authority

The Health Sciences Authority recently issued a press release announcing that several creams made by Han’s Skin Care Products are unsafe to use

Final Results of the One-Month All-Natural Skincare Challenge

It’s hard to avoid the talk about all-natural products these days - whether it’s food, cleaning products, or skincare products, everyone seems to be touting the benefits of going all-natural to avoid harsh additives or ‘unnatural’ chemicals. But is all-natural really the way to go?

Canada Offers New Skincare Trends

Market research firm Euromonitor recently revealed that anti-aging and skin-whitening are currently offering big business in Canada’s skincare sector.

Space Age Skincare Formula Could Slow Down Aging for Astronauts

It appears that we have entered a new era in the fight against wrinkles, from Botox to lasers to vampire facelifts, but the latest addition to the beauty world is literally out of this world

Inflammation Could Be Wrecking Your Face

From scrubs and peels to acids and lasers, there are a myriad of skincare products to help you remove dead skin and illuminate your new shiny skin underneath. The message is that a little irritation to your skin in the short term can lead to your best skin ever

The Truth Behind Sun Skincare Myths!

Dr. Brook Bouha recently wrote a piece for Poway, California’s Pomerado News examining a number of skincare myths, many of them involving protection from the sun’s UV rays.

6 Ways Strawberries Can Help Your Skin

Fruits can be used in many ways to benefit your skin. They sometimes show up in skin products not just as scents, but as active ingredients

ZO Skin Care Line Emphasizes Preventative Skin Care

Skin care is very important, and it’s not unusual for doctors to recommend certain kinds of skin care products or even to exclusively offer particular brands at their practices.

Can Cosmetic Fillers Cause Bacterial Infection?

According to new research, a fluid used in the popular “bee sting” lip injections has been linked to potential lesions caused by antibiotic resistant bacteria

10 Skincare Essentials for Women in their 40s

We all know that aging is inevitable. The good news is you can have youthful glowing skin at any age!

'Skincare Revolution' Now Available Online

Natural skincare product company Skincare Revolution will offer products available for purchase through

Five Products that Could Seriously Change Your Life

Marisa Tom shares her favorite skin care products with, highlighting healthy products that help her achieve the best skin possible

In the News: Skincare Clinic Owner’s LinkedIn Profile Causes Stir

Dallas skin care owner D. Lea Mallison recently added M.D. to her name on and an application form she completed for a business trademark, despite having never completed her medical degree with a hospital-affiliated residency or a state licensing exam for doctors

Applying Skincare Products in the Correct Order

Determining the proper order of application can be difficult

Ten Skincare Shopping Tips

May is National Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month. According to, skin cancer affects more than 2 million Americans each year and more than 3.5 million forms of the disease exist

Elle Experts Share Skincare Tips

With all the skincare products, devices and procedures on the market, it’s tough to decide which option works best

Coconut Oil Skin Care and Hair Care

Coconut oil is all the rage these days as the new trend in skin and hair care

A Teaspoon of World's First Drinkable Sunscreen Offers Three Hours of Sun Protection

Tired of lugging bottles of sunscreen to the beach? You’re in luck. The world’s first drinkable sunscreen was just launched

The Scientific Connection between Diet and Skin Health

Science suggests that the nutrients on our plates might be just as important as those in our moisturizers.

4 Bad Skincare Habits to Tackle Right Now

When you’re constantly on the go, it can seem appealing to cut corners on skincare.

Men’s Skincare Booms in Asia

Shum Pak-hin uses a gel mask and applies a day cream, sunscreen and sometimes even eyeliner each morning when he wakes up. At night, Shum uses eye makeup remover, cleanses his skin and applies an anti-aging serum.

Get Refreshed: Sunscreen Basics

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. One in five Americans will develop the condition during their lifetimes

Napa Valley-Inspired Skincare Line Reaches Shelves

This new collection features grape seed extract as its key ingredient. The powerful antioxidant protects skin from free radical damage

Homemade Moisturizers for All Skin Types

All-natural do-it-yourself beauty treatments help rejuvenate your skin and body.

Nestle Chocolates and Wrinkle Treatments?

Nestle made a deal with Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, buying the rights to several of their wrinkle treatments for a whopping 1.4 billion dollars.

9 Ways to Stay Healthy in the Sun

We'll help you look youthful and radiant all summer long.

More Australian Men Buying Makeup? Why?

Australian men are now purchasing skincare and makeup products to incorporate into their daily routines, according to Priceline Pharmacy

Photo-Analysis App Generates Personalized Skincare Solutions

It turns out all those selfies you posted on Facebook could come in handy after all.

Millie Mackintosh Spills Skincare Secrets recently spoke with Made in Chelsea alum Millie Mackintosh to discuss everything from skincare to fitness

Tan Your Face Responsibly with Bronzer

Applying bronzer is simple and easy, even for the fairest complexions. Simply choose a bronzer no more than two shades darker than your base color

Targets Ups Skincare Game

Target has made more serious clothing selections in the past few years with the addition of brands like Phillip Lim. Now, the company is making changes in its cosmetic section with the selection of premium skincare products

Dr. Patricia Wexler on Summer Skincare

Dermatologist Dr. Patricia Wexler has had a cult following for the past 25 years for reshaping the most recognizable faces in Hollywood.

Intergalactic Skincare?

Kiehls recently debuted a promotional video, along with a social media contest, explaining the connection between outer space and men’s skin care

7 Allergy-proof Skincare and Makeup Finds

It seems we are now facing the pollen vortex, one of the worst allergy seasons of all time

C’est Magnifique: Biologique Recherche Skincare Line is a True Gem

Dr. Philippe Allouche recently spoke with New York Magazine about his skincare line Biologique Recherche

Trying a Korean Skincare Routine

Korean skincare has garnered more attention in the United States with the onslaught of Korea’s innovative products. However, it’s the multi-step routine that now has more and more women turning to Korean skincare for their beauty needs

Consumers Shifting to Sensitive Skincare

Ultra-gentle face care products are now the most popular, according to Mintel’s Global New Products Database

In-Style: Scalp Tattoos

Scalp tattoos have been around for hundreds of years, and Hollywood is finally catching up. Celebrity tattoos have always been popular but one of the more recent trends has been the development of the scalp tattoos. The following is just a sampling of the Hollywood elite who has gotten their scalps inked

Optimizing your Night-time Skincare Routine

A full eight hours keep our brains and bodies fit, happy and focused. A good night’s sleep can even improve our skin, causing us to wake up with a healthy and radiant glow

5 Biggest Blunders Dermatologists Make

It turns out that even the top dermatologists have made some skincare mistakes in their past.

SPFacts: Skincare Myths You NEED to Know

When it comes to skincare there’s plenty of speculation about what’s fact and what’s fiction. New York-based dermatologist Dr. Eric Schweiger shares what’s true and what’s false.

8 Skincare Myths You Should Erase From Your Memory

Skincare advice is everywhere and sometimes it seems as though skincare tips constantly contradict each other.

Say 'No Way!' to UV Rays: 5 Tips that can Save Your Life

In honor of National Skin Awareness Month in September, Dr. Sanjiv Saini of MD Dermatology recommended a few tips to prevent skin cancer and offer yearlong skin protection

What Would Happen if Plants Started a Skincare Line?

With all the focus on all-natural organic groceries, it’s no wonder so many are searching for plant-based chemical-free skincare products

You Put the Lime in the Coconut… and Put It on Your Skin

Chock-full of nutrients from the flesh to the juice, they provide food, water and oil, help fight off obesity by speeding up metabolism, promote regular detoxification of the body with their dietary fiber, stabilize blood sugar, lower cholesterol and keep you refreshed and hydrated

Sinister Soaps: 3 Skincare Products to Avoid

Unfortunately, the long term effects of these beauty products aren’t always fully understood for years after going on the market

5 Skin Tips: Never Strike Oil Again

If you have oily skin, you know that your skin tends to always look shiny, generally around your forehead, T-zone and nose

Buy a Gym Membership... For Your Skin!

Want a gym membership for your skin? Look no further than Bethesda, Maryland, where two years ago, Arleen Lamba opened the Blush Med Institute, a skin care spa with a monthly membership

How You Can Sleep In & Still Look Great

Elle recently asked skincare experts for tips on ways to make your morning skincare and makeup routine easier. Check out these tips to simplify your life!

Fab Foods For Fab Skin

So! You’re washing with the right face wash, exfoliating on a regular basis, using the right lotion for your skin, and slathering on that sunscreen but for some reason your skin still isn’t as smooth as you expect it to be? Then maybe it’s time to tweak your diet a little.

Iced Drinks Cause Eye Bags?! 8 Fun Tips for Flawless Skin

Elle recently spoke to facial expert and Ling Skincare founder Ling Chan about her secrets for maintaining a flawless complexion

Cosmo Reveals the 5 Simple Steps for Flawless Skin

Now’s a better time than ever to adopt a healthy skincare routine.

Natural Skincare is on the Boom, or Should We Say Bloom

Japan’s domestic market for plant-based and natural skincare products is booming due to the belief that such products are safe and gentle on the skin

Sunscreen: Safe or 'Toxic Sludge?'

A Seattle skincare expert has some shocking news about sun protection

Yogurt: Good for your Diet, Great for your Face

Everyone knows the multitude of benefits of adding probiotics to your diet, but did you know you could apply them topically?

Aging Gracefully: A Skincare Guide Through the Decades

Your skin needs different levels of care at each and every stage of your life, but it can be difficult to determine which products and routines are best for your skin as the years roll on.

DIY Skincare: Keep it Simple, Stupid!

Do-it-yourself everything may be the next big thing, but you should think twice before concocting your own natural skincare or cosmetic products.

The One Item You Need to Attain Flawless Skin

Want to primp your skin for the weekend ahead? Skincare brushes offer an excellent way to fight wrinkles and rejuvenate your face

From Butt Implants to Waxing: How Brazilian Beauty is Changing Cosmetics

Brazil has always been on the cutting edge of cosmetic and beauty care

Red Wine: A Glass A Day Can Make Your Acne Go Away

According to new research, a glass or two of red wine could help fight acne among other skin conditions

From Fashion to Skincare, Dolce & Gabbana’s Doing it All

Who knew a fashion brand could know so much about beauty and skincare?

How a Cancer Diagnosis Led One Woman from Wall Street to a Skincare Line

“I wanted to create a product that would not be rough on the skin, but still had enough of a grit that you knew you were still getting rid of the dead skin cells,” Scalisi revealed. “I wanted to create a product that works for every skin type and still manages to work effectively.”

Scrub Acne off with Antibiotic Super Foam

Could a skin foam be the newest radical acne treatment?

Want Glowing Skin?: Cut the Sugar, Keep the Spice

Forbes recently chatted with a number of dermatologists and nutrition experts to determine the best foods to feed your skin. Read the experts’ tips on what you should be eating for healthier skin.

4 Ways to Winterize Your Beauty Routine

It’s no secret that winter weather can wreak havoc on the immune system, sending cold and flu rates through the roof.

No Love for Loofahs: 5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Clean and Healthy

These days, there are a lot of misconceptions, misnomers, mistakes, and missteps in regards to skin care and treatment.

Ditch the Dirty Dozen! 12 Skincare Ingredients to Avoid

Unless you’re buying organic, your skincare products probably contain a few chemicals. But did you know that there are over 82,000 different types of chemicals in common skincare products?

8 Easy Rules for Glowing Autumn Skin

While it’s a snap to keep your skin looking sun-kissed and radiant in the summer, it’s not so easy in the fall. Check out these eight tips to keep your skin looking healthy this fall

Score Runway Ready Gams with These Easy Tricks

It’s no secret that supermodels earn their amazing bodies through smart eating and long hours in gym (Okay, genetics may play a role here as well!). However, those of us who weren’t blessed with six-foot frames can still achieve great looking gams, provided we put in a little effort. From removing unwanted hair to adding shine and shimmer to your skin, the following tips are sure to leave your legs looking their best.

Healthy Skin Tips from the Far East

Americans aren’t the only group obsessed with achieving perfect skin. Recently, beauty aficionados have taken note of the complex yet effective skincare routines practiced by Korean men and women.

Do Men Choose to Be Ugly? This Survey Says No

Think women are the only ones who worry about their complexions? Well, think again! According to new research, men are also concerned with achieving incredible-looking skin.

Achieve Beautiful Skin with the Incredible, Edible Eggplant

Whether it’s served in stews or baked over pasta, eggplant makes a tasty and nutritious addition to a wide array of dishes. A member of the nightshade family, this violet veggie is host to a number of vitamins and minerals, including antioxidants thought to protect brain cells from free radicals.

From Face Creams to Body Balms: Skincare for Cancer Patients

If you or someone you love has endured chemotherapy, then you probably know what a profound effect it can have on every aspect of your life. However, you may not realize that your skincare routine must also change when you battle cancer.

Bright Lights, Bad Skin? Taking Care of Your Skin in the City

While the bright lights in a big city can be spellbinding, there is no reason to be blind to the effects life in a metropolis can have on the skin

Balanced Breakfast Equals Balanced Complexion

Well, new research suggests that this saying doesn’t just hold true for your body’s inner workings but for your skin as well. The food you put into your body—particularly for that all-important first meal of the day—can have a significant effect on your complexion, now and into the future. Here are a few morning meals designed to energize mind and body while leaving your skin dewy fresh.

5 Simple Tips to Nix the Oily Skin and Stay Hydrated

Men and women of all ages seek out advice from 25-year skin care specialist Renee Rouleau, who practices coast to coast with offices in New York and Los Angeles.

Ageless Beauty Christie Brinkley Launches Vegan Skincare Line

One of the world’s best known models, Christie Brinkley has appeared on hundreds of magazine covers and served as a longtime face for CoverGirl Cosmetics. Now Ms. Brinkley is adding another project to her already storied resume in the form of a brand new skincare line.

Move Over Jewelry: Diamonds Are Also An Anti-Aging Miracle Cream

A recent Harper’s Bazaar report reveals diamonds really are a girl’s best friend and not just as a shiny accessory anymore. With some top cosmetic chemists collectively agreeing diamond and platinum minerals keep skin hydrated longer and boost the benefits of anti-aging ingredients, there is no doubt the expensive nanoparticles are becoming a popular high-end skin care product.

Bring on the BB Cream: Korean Skincare Trends

You don’t have to be a beauty blogger to have heard the buzz surrounding the new Korean skincare trend. More comprehensive than traditional American skincare lines, the Korean lines feature multi-step processes utilizing dozens of different beauty products, including cleansers, toners, serums, oils and essences followed by moisturizers and finishers.

Naturally Cleanse Toxins While Relaxing in Detox Baths

Most of us have indulged in a relaxing bubble bath after a long, hard day. However, you may not know that bathing can also be a great way of detoxifying the body. Not only can baths cleanse the outside of your body, but they can also help draw out toxins and negativity from beneath the skin, provided you use the right ingredients.

3 Tips for Radiant Skin During Your Holiday Travels

It’s no secret that November and December are two of the most popular travel months in the US. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah or just the happiness that comes with scoring a few days off for work, there’s a fair chance that you’ll step foot on a plane at some point in the holiday weeks.

Drink Up to Water Based Skin Care

Water-based skincare products are prominent and have been for years, according to Yahoo Beauty.

Men, Take Two for Healthy and Handsome Skin

Two minutes is all it takes for men to get a radiant glow, according to renowned dermatologist Whitney Bowe.

Brush Your Face for Better Beauty

Clarisonic Aria Sonic Cleansing Brush is the best.

Humans are Plants Too! Kind Of: The Case for Vitamin D

It’s no secret that vitamin D and other nutrients have a significant effect on our overall health, keeping our bones healthy and our bodies functioning appropriately.

Iowa Governor Beats Aching, Swelling Varicose Veins

Local papers around Iowa are sharing the headline that 68-year-old Governor Terry Branstad’s varicose vein surgery went well.

Lather Up and Cover Up for Wonderful Winterproof Skin

As children, the skin is swathed with moisture, staying supple and soft as expected. But as generations mature, the skin is often neglected at the very point it needs the most attention

You Are What You Eat: 3 Foods That Ensure A Glowing Compexion

You’ve probably heard the expression that we are what we eat. However, you may not know that the foods you ingest can have a significant effect on the quality of your skin. In fact, good eating choices can encourage a healthy, glowing complexion, while poor dietary decisions can result in clogged pores and over-drying.

9 Edible Ways to Fight Aging!

There are nine foods that fight aging, and consuming them is a tasty way to healthy skin.

Light Makeup and Positive Thinking Are Key to Perfect Skin

Eight hours of sleep, a healthy diet, daily cleansing, a little less make-up, periodic peels and plenty of water is the way to wonderful skin.

The More You Know: Base Tans Can Lead to Cancer, Too

True or false: a healthy tan can help protect skin against sunburn? According to the experts, this long-held belief is actually unsupported by medical science.

Back Away from the Vodka: Ways to Keep Your Skin in Tip-Top Shape

Between sugar, milk, meat and alcohol, the skin doesn’t have a chance. A recent MailOnline report reveals how studies show why some food choices fight aging and others contribute to the unwanted process.

Severe Psoriasis Keeps Woman from Leading a Normal Life

Pat Schuerman no longer leaves her house. The 50-year-old Arizona resident has one of the most critical cases of the skin condition psoriasis that has left most of her body covered in bark-like scales.

Smooth Away Acne Scars with New Dermal Filler

Dermal fillers create a more youthful and beautiful appearance by plumping lips and softening fine lines and wrinkles. One of the most effective fillers on the market, Bellafill was recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat acne scarring in people over the age of 21.

Double Down with Deep Cleaners and Day Creams for Healthy Winter Skin

It’s no secret that cold winter temperatures can wreak havoc on the skin. Fortunately, new advances in skincare treatment mean you don’t have to suffer scaly winter skin in silence.

When It Comes to Skincare, Know the Ingredients

Sunday Riley’s foundation can be seen on the catwalk. The skincare expert’s luxury product line is often used on top runway models showing off top designer clothes. But you don’t have to be a Calvin Klein beauty to benefit from Riley’s tips on deciphering the majority of hard to pronounce skincare ingredients.

Cosentyx: More Effective and Cheaper Treatment for Plaque Psoriasis

With the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) releasing a new first-line systemic drug for moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis, a new optimism awaits millions of Americans suffering from the autoimmune disorder.

Coffee is the Morning Cure-All

You may not realize that nature’s wonder drug could also have an effect on your skin health in the years to come. According to a new study, drinking coffee could protect you from developing some types of skin cancer later in life.

New Varicose Vein Treatments Offer Quick Recovery and Lasting Results

Unsightly, uncomfortable but not untreatable. With up to 60 percent of adults suffering from some type of vein disorder, Morrison Vein Institute sheds some new light on the dark streaks that disfigure legs.

10 Skincare Myths to Ditch Pronto

It’s essential to take care of your skin the right way. Skincare experts sorted fact from fiction and addressed 10 skincare mistakes that people tend to make.

Anti-Aging Treatment Begins in Your 20s: 10 Tips to Employ NOW

The best way to ensure radiant glowing skin through the ages is to begin taking care of your skin in your 20s. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following a good skincare routine are essential. Here are 10 things you can do now to make sure your skin stays healthy in your 30s.

Eat Your Way to Beautiful Skin

Most Americans are familiar with the concept of the food pyramid, which indicates the percentages of various food groups necessary to achieve optimal dietary health.

The Ins and Outs of Dry Brushing Your Skin

Looking for an effective way to banish winter dryness from the skin? Dry brushing refers to a process in which individuals run the bristles of a brush gently over their skin in order to remove dead cells.

A Skincare Legacy: American Esthetician Dies at 88

Christine Valmy, the woman credited with opening America’s first licensed skin-care school in 1966, passed away last month at age 88. During her long lifetime, Ms. Valmy achieved a reputation as one of the world’s leading authorities on skin care and esthetics.

Shellfish for Your Skin: Slather on the Oysters for a More Radiant Complexion

Calling it a consulting agreement that went awry, oyster farmer Abigail Carroll stumbled upon the skincare benefits of shellfish.

Skin Deep: The Cancerous Agents in Your Everyday Cosmetics

Trying to look younger could be killing you, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG). The irony that taking healthy steps like moisturizing skin with anti-aging ingredients could possibly cause cancer is illogical. But it is true.

Want a Clear Complexion? Change Your Diet and Have More Sex

Sex is good for healthy skin and a happy mood, according to Alexandra Jamieson. The beauty expert just authored Women, Food, And Desire. Her fourth book and co-production of the award-winning documentary Super Size Me show that Jamieson is an excellent source on the body. Jamieson recently shared with Yahoo Beauty just exactly how she keeps her skin looking beautiful.

Straight from the Pantry: Make Your Own Skincare Products

While store bought beauty products can be pricey, there are a number of skincare products you can make on your own, using ingredients straight from your pantry.

Exercise, Peels and SPF: The Holy Trinity for Flawless Skin

Dr. Jeanine Downie has more than a few things to say about skin and you should listen. Sunscreen, exercise and a periodic peel is what the Montclair, New Jersey dermatologist orders when it comes to suitable skin care, according to the Huffington Post.

Goodbye Winter! Prepping for Springtime Skin

The future of your skin is in the present. If you want to shine this spring, then waste no time this winter prepping for a perfect glow, reports Care2. Consulting a few estheticians, dermatologists and doctors, the green lifestyle website offers almost a dozen tips from experts, who advocate coconut oil as the first suggestion.

The Delicious 'n' Nutritious Super-Fruit You NEED for Fabulous Skin

You probably know that avocados are a delicious addition to omelets, salads, tacos and dozens of other meals, as well as a great source of protein, fiber and polyunsaturated fats.

From Beauty Smoothies to Cold Creams: 7 Tips for a Healthy Glow

They say seven is a lucky number. And according to E! Style, that is the exact figure needed in “7 Habits for a Healthier Glow.”

New Skin Test Could Diagnose Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Early

To maximize available treatment options, neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease need to be caught early. The trouble is that these diseases are notoriously hard to diagnose.

The Miraculous Powers of Vitamin E

When free radicals run ramped age is accelerated and antioxidants are the best answer to the injurious atoms.

Feeling Blue? It May Be Time for Your Skin to See a Shrink

What if therapy wasn’t only a boon to your mental health? What if therapy could also help the health of your skin? Believe it or not, it isn’t as strange as it sounds.

From Citrus to Yogurt: Food for Your Skin

We all want to look our best. To that end, we spend untold amounts of money each year on creams, moisturizers, cleansers and balms to help make our skin as smooth and healthy as it can be.

Get Clearer Skin by Going Au Naturel a Couple Days a Week

When make-up free celebrities appear on the cover of gossip magazines, they appear less glamorous like the public. While gossip magazines say some can get away without makeup and others should cover up is secondary to how good it is for the skin.

6 Tips for Acne Free Skin Today!

Health Aim has a handful of tips for acne free skin and they are easy as one, two, three. Just add three more and the six total tips will reportedly keep bad skin at bay. Keeping skin clean, scrubbing of dead cells, not picking at pimples, drinking H20 and getting plenty of greens is the ticket according to the publication.

From Laser Treatments to Fitness: Treat Your Spider Veins Today

Whether they are squished up in a Kleenex or in your leg, spider veins are not appealing. Sneaking up because of genetics or lifestyle choices— birth control, obesity, smoking, history of blood clots and occupation involving standing—spider veins are unwanted with woman wanting to know the quickest way to smearing them away.

Smartphones Causing Younger People to Develop Tech Neck

Cellular phones have been blamed for a number of health issues. Over the years, the devices have been linked to everything from eye strain to brain cancer.

Skincare Tips to Adopt Before You Hit the Hay

The last thing you want to do is reenergize yourself with water on your face when it is time to go to bed.

Tiny Hungarian Village Source of Hollywood's Latest Beauty Trend

Hollywood’s hottest stars are always searching for new ways to look their best. Now, they’ve discovered a new, totally organic beauty brand to help keep their skin looking healthy and smooth.

What a Girl Wants: Christina Aguilera's Best Skincare Tips

She is a woman that has a voice. Christina Aguilera literally encompasses the aforementioned with her sixth fragrance Woman just released and her return to The Voice.

Does Your Face Need to Hit the Gym?

For a lot of us, going to the gym is part of our normal routine. Whether you hit the elliptical, hop on an exercise bike or drop into a yoga class, the goal is the same: work out the major muscles in your body. But most of us never stop to consider working out the muscles in our face.

Just Like Us: Which Celebrities are Dealing with Varicose Veins?

Most celebrities are known for their flawless good looks, from their radiant hair all the way down to their pedicured toes.

Can't Rinse It Off: Alarming Chemicals on Your Skin

How often do we stop to think about the chemicals mixed into our shampoo or embedded within the fabric of our clothes? It’s probably not a topic that comes up often. But according to a recent scientific study, our skin picks up chemicals from everything it touches, and those chemicals could be impacting the ways that our bodies work.

Five Tips For Looking Better by Feeling Better

Each year many of us spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on products and services to make us look better. From skin creams and makeup to hair masks and facial scrubs, we use everything under the sun to give ourselves a healthy, radiant glow.

In-Depth Skincare Guides You Should Check Out

Staring at the reflection in the mirror, women tend to forget the skin they sport now is not necessarily the same pelt they will be portraying in the future. As the largest organ in the body, and ever-changing on a cellular level, skin alters over time, especially on the face.

Lasers: The Future of Anti-Aging Treatment

We’re always on the lookout for ways to make our skin look younger and healthier. For years we’ve relied on the tried and true methods, such as lotions and facial masks, but now that we’re in the 21st century, it may be time for a new approach to skincare.

From Melons to Wine: How to Care for Your Skin in the Summertime

Changing skin care products seasonally should be done subtlety as to not shock the hide.

Steal Your Man's Skincare Products to Save Big Bucks

Women spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year on beauty products to keep their skin looking healthy and radiant.

5 Ways to Get More Bang for Your Buck at the Dermatologist

With healthcare costs on the rise, specialist visits are becoming more and more of a luxury. Even when it comes to common specialties, such as skincare, many of us can’t justify the expense of seeing a dermatologist regularly.

Clearing Up Five Food and Skin Myths

Sometimes it seems like everyone has a helpful tip about how diet can affect your skin. They say to eat plenty of this or not to eat any of that, and the same pieces of advice seem to get passed around again and again.

You Can Glow Like Jennifer Lawrence with a Little Help from Linda Ross

What is the skincare secret that makes A-listers’ radiant skin stand out?

Experts Break Down All You Need to Know About Varicose Veins

Miami Skin and Vein doctors Michael Nguyen and Shaun Patel treat some of the hottest legs in the country. The city famous for its amazing beaches and high-class nightclub life, the south Florida women are known for their great legs, the key accessory to the constant short-shorts season.

Spring Clean Your Skincare Routine

Spring cleaning is not just confined to the house.

Stuck on a Desert Island? Aloe Vera's Got All Your Beauty Needs Covered

If you had to limit your beauty regimen to one essential product, you couldn't do much better than aloe vera. Due to its widespread abundance, aloe vera has been used in a variety of health and beauty products for the last several decades.

From Carrots to Green Tea: Prevent Sun Damage with Plant-Based Foods

Acting as a sunscreen from within, plant-based foods protect the skin from the inside out.

Because You're Worth It: L'Oreal Campaign Seeks to Prevent Skin Cancer

You’re THAT worth it, according to L'Oréal and the Melanoma Research Alliance. Preventing skin cancer by going off its catch phrase, “Because You’re Worth It,” the cosmetic company and non-profit skincare organization are on a mission this season.

Drink Your Fruits and Veggies for Radiant Skin

With so many plant-based foods and supplements contributing to healthy skin, adding those ingredients to a savory smoothie is a genius way to kill two birds with one stone—satiate the sweet tooth while promoting healthy skin

Get Clear Healthy Skin with Warm Weather Exfoliation

Northeast Ohio-based Cleveland Clinic is a premier plastic surgery society with nine locations and 22 board-certified doctors who rewind age for thousands of Midwestern women. Aesthetician Brittany Ballachino is one of the skin experts who work these skin miracles particularly during season change.

ZIIP Your Way to Healthy Skin!

Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to carve time out of our schedules to visit the spa. So given the demand for in-home, professional-quality products, companies have started to release compact, personal-use versions of a number of traditional spa staples, such as hair-removal lasers and wrinkle-fighting LED machines.

Bacterial Buzz: Beauty Through Probiotics

Though seemingly unrelated, the stomach and skin have a lot to do with one another.

The Most Common Form of Cancer Can Be Easy to Detect

According to researchers, the most common type of cancer that people suffer from in the United States is skin cancer. Each year, roughly five million Americans are treated for skin cancer, clearly a significant number of people.

From Shade to Snacks: The Best Summer Skincare Tips

For some of us, it’s hard to keep our skin looking healthy and radiant even under the best of conditions. So between the scorching heat and the added sun exposure, summer can be a particularly difficult time for skin care.

What You NEED in Your Bag This Summer for Flawless Skin

Taking cues from the latest South Korean beauty trends, the biggest skincare brands have been coming out with their own interpretations of on-the-go facial mists, sheet masks and eye masks.

Whip Up a DIY Spa in Your Kitchen

There is no reason why only the wealthy are able whisk away to a day spa for some serious tender loving care. If such a luxury is not in your budget, then lighten the cost with some do-it-yourself methods to renew and refresh the body and mind anytime.

Sweat It Out: Don't Make These Skincare Mistakes at the Gym

We work out to stay healthy and fit, but if we don’t treat our skin with a tender touch, all the sweat and tears are for naught.

Study Finds Cancer-Causing Mutations in Healthy Skin

According to the American Cancer Society, skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in the United States. Each year, experts estimate that roughly two million new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed.

5 Summer Skincare Products Men NEED to Stay Healthy 'n' Hunky

For most of us, summertime means more time outside in the sun. Unfortunately, all of that added activity and increased sun exposure can put undue strain on your skin. In order to keep your skin looking healthy and fresh through the dog days of summer, you may need to step up your skincare regimen.

Beyond Acne: How Flower Waters and Oatmeal Can Heal Sunburned Skin

Long before SPF30, the Aloe vera plant sufficed in soothing sunburned skin, and so it remains.

Can Bathing in Ramen Lead to Healthier Skin?

People are willing to go to extreme lengths to improve the health of their skin. But would you go so far as to take a bath in a bowl of ramen noodles? As odd as it may sound, that’s exactly what people are doing at a new spa in Japan.

7 Foods to Avoid for Healthy Skin

Keeping your skin healthy isn't just about eating the right foods; avoiding the wrong foods is just as important.

From Cleansing Oils to Kimchi: The Best Offbeat Beauty Solutions

With offbeat beauty solutions from cleansing oils to fermented foods, bringing out the best in your skin has reached a whole new level.

Varicose Veins Aren’t Just a Cosmetic Problem

People who suffer from varicose veins will routinely undergo plastic surgery procedures in order to diminish the size and fix the discoloration of the affected veins, treating them as a superficial concern. As it turns out, however, in addition to being unattractive, varicose veins can actually lead to major medical complications.

Five Ways to Limit Your Skincare Products When You Travel

When going on vacation, people will often scramble to find the travel-size version of a product, but it's possible that a product's default container is already an acceptable size. According to the TSA, liquids, creams and gels need to be in a container that is 3.4 ounces or smaller. So if some of your essentials come in a bottle that size, then you're already good to go.

8 Ancient Skin Care Treatments

Rather than go to the mall to scope out the newest selection of creams and moisturizers, maybe it’s time to take a look back at the skincare products of yore. Like us, our ancestors were all about looking their best, and there may be a few ancient beauty secrets that we can borrow from them.

O.J. Can Kill You—And We're Not Talkin' Simpson

Recently, a team of researchers found a connection between skin cancer and citrus juice.

Healthy Skin Comes From Within: What to Eat to Glow Like a Celeb

Co-author of the The Clear Skin Diet with Alan Logan, Dr. Valerie Treloar also founded Massachusetts-based Integrative Dermatology and put her knowledge to the test on her patients to prove we truly are what we eat.

Refresh Your Skin and Treat Acne and Rosacea with At-Home Microdermabrasion Systems

Maintaining the health of your skin can be difficult. Between dry weather, sun damage and unforeseen blemishes, there are a lot of elements that can wreak havoc on your complexion. Increasingly, people are turning to simple, at-home microdermabrasion devices to give their skin the health boost that it needs.

Pale Portlanders Offer Their Sun Safety Tips

Oregonians are passionate about soaking up vitamin D during their few short summer months of it, says the Portland Monthly.

Try These Hot Summer Skincare Products!

The beauty experts at Allure are sharing some sizzling summer skincare tips for these long, sunny days.

Men Get Them Too: Debunking Varicose Vein Myths

Currently, nearly 40 million Americans suffer from varicose veins. Yet despite the prevalence of this problem, there are many misconceptions about varicose veins and their medical implications.

Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires... and Varicose Veins

When the chances of becoming a victim to varicose veins is one out of two by the age of 50, you should be prepared to attack the problem.

Eat, Sleep and Relax Your Way to Healthy Skin!

The best way to detect if you’re doing right by your skin is noticing nothing at all.

New Technique Offers Quickest Treatment for Varicose Veins

Although varicose veins don’t get as much attention as some other medical problems, upwards of 60 million Americans currently suffer from the condition. In the past, varicose veins have been treated through the use of laser waves, radio waves or, in more extreme cases, invasive surgery. But now, a new treatment option has emerged that might offer patients the fastest, least painful way of dealing with their varicose veins.

The Skin Cancer Foundation Kicks Off Eighth Annual Tour

Each year, roughly 5 million Americans are treated for skin cancer. Although skin cancer can pose significant health concerns, it can often be easily managed if doctors are able to detect it and begin treatment while the cancer is in the early stages.

Cosmetic Expert Spills on the Pros and Cons of Laser Hair Removal

If Jayme Bashian knows one thing, it’s hair removal. The lead medical esthetician and spa director for Simply Posh, a high-end health resort specializing in fuzz-free skin and other cosmetic enhancements, answered Skin Inc questions on the hairy subject.

Swap Out Coconut Oil for Olive, Grape and Sunflower Oils for Better Skin Now

Skin professionals promote olive, grape, sunflower and rosehip seed oils in lieu of coconut.

Tips and Tricks for Treating Your Varicose Veins

With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect chance to show some skin and put your legs on full display. If you have varicose veins, however, showing off your legs might be easier said than done.

Skincare Product Chemicals Likely Not Tested for Safety

Immediately bringing attention to the “scary fact that while the FDA oversees all new products that come to market,” Care2 says only a small number of compound combinations and chemicals are actually tested for safety.

The Unusual Factor in Keeping Skin Hydrated: It's Not Water

Debunking the myth that staying hydrated keeps skin moist by drinking H20, reports “moisture is held in the skin by certain lipids or fats.”

Secret Water Recipes and Other Cleansing Tricks for Great Skin

Nikki Warren knows diet and fitness.

Nutritionist Says Flavonoid, Vitamin C and Lycopene Beneficial for Skin

Speaking to an expert in the skincare field, Stylecaster consulted The Small Change Diet author and nutritionist Keri Gans about how a healthy epidermis has everything to do with what you consume.

Men Need to Moisturize Too, and Other Helpful Tips

Most men don’t spend a lot of time worrying about proper skincare techniques. In fact, most men don’t spend much time thinking about their skin period, which is why the vast majority of men don’t follow a regular skincare regimen.

How to Keep Your Fitness Routine From Conflicting With Your Beauty Routine

Everyone knows that exercise is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not only is working out good for your body, but it’s also a proven stress reliever. Sadly, the same workout routine that’s giving you the body you want could be doing serious damage to your hair and skin.

New Trials Show Non-Surgical Options to Remove Varicose Veins

According to some estimates, more than 30% of Americans suffer from varicose veins. Typically, women are more prone to developing the condition, but the number of men suffering from varicose veins has been steadily rising in recent years. Generally, the condition occurs in the legs, where constant pressure causes the veins to twist. This act results in the pooling of blood and pushes the affected veins up beneath the surface of the skin.

The Clear Path to Healthy Skin for Men

There are three proactive moves a man can make when removing his five o’clock shadow.

Food as Cosmetics: Culinary Skin Tips for Life

Whether one prefers “you are what you eat,” or “if you eat well you will be well,” the bottom-line is a bountiful diet of specific nutrients and vitamins will make one stronger.

Varicose Vein Treatments to Try Right Now!

Even though varicose veins are a widespread problem, they're also very misunderstood.

Four Tips for Healthier Looking Skin

With a seemingly endless stream of advertisements and personal recommendations for skincare products, it can be difficult to pin down the essentials of a healthy skincare regimen. But what if you didn’t need a medicine cabinet full of skincare products in order to maintain a youthful glow?

A Quick Guide to Specialized Facial Treatments

Believe it or not, not all facials are created equally.

Switch Up Your Skincare Regimen This Fall

With summer 2015 coming to a close, it’s time to look forward to fall and all the changes that come with it, including switching up the skincare regimen.

Expert Facialist Offers Fall Skincare Tips

Supermodel facialist Susan Ciminelli focuses on fall skincare with some fabulous advice for the upcoming season.

Four Tips for a Nighttime Skincare Routine

Your body needs sleep to repair itself. So while you put time and effort into protecting your skin from the elements and dangerous UV rays throughout the day, it’s just as important, if not more so, to help your skin get the rest and relaxation it needs during the night.

More Middle-Aged Men Seeking Varicose Vein Treatment

While the majority of people afflicted with varicose veins are women, the number of men who experience the problem has been steadily on the rise in recent years.

What Can Skin Mapping Tell You?

Through skin mapping, a process that precisely examines each area of your face to look for imperfections, doctors and estheticians can get a pretty clear picture of your overall health. So what can the different parts of your face say about you?

Bypass the Booze and Bread for Healthy Skin

How many times must we hear that we are what we eat?

Tata Harper on the Importance of Organic Ingredients in Skincare

Don’t let her royal green and gold packaging deceive you: she personally grows her ingredients so she knows exactly what is going in her famous, organic skincare line.

Is There Such a Thing as Cheap Botox?

At an average price tag of between $350 and $500, the cost of regular Botox injections can quickly add up. But is there any way to get Botox on the cheap?

3D Printing Technology Leads to New Varicose Vein Treatment

Recently, a 3D printing company out of Poland unveiled a new piece of medical equipment called the Winch, which is designed to help in the treatment of varicose veins.

Mohs Surgery May Be the Most Effective Skin Cancer Treatment

Oncologists and surgeons are constantly developing new, more effective methods for treating skin cancer. One of the most popular treatment options for the removal of skin cancer cells is a technique known as Mohs surgery.

Six Spices That Can Improve Your Skin Health

What if the secret to better-looking skin is already lurking in your kitchen cabinets?

Nix These Foods for Radiant Skin

By rejecting some delectable pleasures, you’re ensuring yourself a healthy complexion.

The Simple Bare Necessities for Healthy Skin

Having healthy skin is not just a matter of washing your face. It’s a lifestyle choice that should be followed day in and day out.

The Surprising Beauty Benefits of Coconut Water

Believe it or not, applying coconut water externally can give your hair an added bit of shine and your skin an extra glow.

From Avocados to Tea: The Best Foods for Radiant Skin

While we are what we eat, knowing what foods offer the most benefits is whole other matter.

Not Just for Carving: The Many Skincare Benefits of Pumpkin

While pumpkin picking for holiday pies or decoration or enjoying the seasonal flavor latte, consider the benefits the big orange fruit has on the skin.

10 Skin Care Commandments to Follow for a Clear Complexion

Most often, women in particular do not consider skin care until it is up close and personal due to acne issues or aging.

Eat These Eight Foods for Clear Skin reports that what you “put on your plate can be just as instrumental to healthy skin as what you put on your face.”

Four Benefits of Getting a Chemical Skin Peel

Over the years, you may have heard a horror story or two about how chemical peels can leave your skin irritated or dry, but peels have been an effective skin treatment and a go-to remedy of Hollywood’s elite for years.

What’s the Difference Between Varicose Veins and Spider Veins?

According to recent statistics, more than half of the adults in the United States suffer from varicose and spider veins.

Are Luxury Anti-Aging Products Worth The Cost?

High-end, luxury anti-aging products are all the rage in the worlds of skincare and beauty. The promise of younger looking, tighter, firmer skin that seems to defy age has created a multi-billion dollar market that’s saturated with competition (and deceptive marketing).

Can Healthy Blood Flow Prevent Varicose Veins?

According to recent statistics, more then 40 million Americans currently suffer from varicose veins. Not only can this condition be unsightly and embarrassing, but in rare cases varicose veins can also produce life-threatening blood clots.

From Sun Protection to Staying Away from Cigarettes: Five Tips for Radiant Skin

Making the right choices is simply a matter of will. With that resolve and advice from the Mayo Clinic, great skin is only five steps away through managing stress, protecting skin from the sun, eating healthy, daily cleansing and not smoking.

New Treatment Option Could Help Heal Severe Burns

Severely burned skinned is one of the most difficult wounds to treat. Given the patient’s sensitivity to pain in the area and the high risk of infection, burn wounds must be handled with extreme care, and even then the problems presented by severe burns often result in the affected area never fully returning to its normal appearance.

Seven Fall Foods to Help Your Skin

If you’re looking for recommendations on what foods can give your skin an added boost, check out the list below.

Facials Promote Healthy Skin

The solution to many skin related problems can be fixed with a facial, according to Sangeeta Velaskar.

Three Facial Masks Promising Healthier Skin

Though it is not good to hide behind a mask, it is great idea to use them for troubled skin. Care2 reports on at least three masks that promise skin health.

5 Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy During the Winter

In the coming months, when your skin is stressed and put to the test, it’ll be important to give it the ammo it needs to fight back. So here are five tips to help your skin stay healthy and radiant during the harshness of winter.

Skin Benefits of Drinking Water

Since your skin is the largest organ in your body, it needs a lot of resources to stay healthy and strong. And with the drying, damaging months of winter looming on the horizon, it’s more important than ever to give your skin a much-needed boost to keep it looking radiant.

Why Winter Is the Time To Treat Your Varicose Veins

A lot of varicose vein sufferers choose not to treat the problem, believing it’s simply a cosmetic issue, but varicose veins can impact your quality of life creating life-threatening complications. So if you’ve been putting off treatment, you may want to reconsider, and winter is the perfect time to say good-bye to troublesome varicose veins.

Is Sclerotherapy the Best Way to Treat Varicose Veins?

In addition to being unsightly, varicose and spider veins can cause a number of health problems, some of which are potentially life threatening. So what is the best option for treating varicose and spider veins?

Researchers Find That the Majority Of Skin Viruses Remain Unclassified

Under ideal circumstances, microbiomes can help fight off disease, aid in healing wounds, and assist your body in maintaining proper skin health. But there are microbes that can be incredibly harmful, and, according to a recent report, scientists actually know surprisingly little about them.

Six Fruits That Can Give You Healthier Skin

In the coming months, it’s more important than ever to give your body the vitamins and nutrients it needs to keep your skin looking great, and here is a list of six fruits that can help get the job done.

5 Secrets to Improve the Health of Your Skin

Are you aware of some of the lesser-known skincare tips? We break down five secrets that can dramatically improve the look and feel of your skin.

6 Tips to Improve Your Daily Skincare Routine

Keeping your skin looking healthy and radiant can be a constant struggle. Whether it’s the external elements or your own body working against you, it can sometimes seem like there is an ongoing conspiracy against your skin. Despite these problems, there are a handful of simple steps that you can take every day to improve the health of your skin and keep it looking great.

6 Everyday Steps for Healthy Skin

Since November is National Healthy Skin Month, perhaps now is a good time to look at some easy, everyday steps that you can take to improve the look of your skin.

Finding the Right Skincare Products for Any Budget

Whether you’re looking for effective products on the cheap or your limit is sky-high, here are some options for a wide range of skincare essentials.

New Men's Skincare Line from Ryan Seacrest is Coming Soon

Ryan Seacrest has his Distinction line of menswear at Macy’s, and now he’s ready to add a line of skincare products to his ever-growing empire.

Top Five Vitamins to Improve The Health of Your Skin

Your skin needs to receive proper nutrition in order to stay looking smooth, soft and radiant.

What Are The Top Six Cosmetic Dermatology Procedures?

Nowadays, women who want to look younger have a number of options. For example, tens of thousands of women undergo facelift and eye reshaping surgeries each year.

7 Tips to Winterize Your Beauty Regimen

No matter what time of year it is, most of us devote a fair amount of time and energy to looking our best, but winter poses a unique challenge. Between the blistering cold and the dry air, the winter months wreak havoc on your skin and hair. So now that winter is upon us, here are seven tips to help you step up your game.

Four Tips For Eliminating Excess Oil From Your Skin

Greasy skin is an eyesore and can lead to a seemingly endless barrage of breakouts, but many cleansers on the market can remove so much oil that they dry out your skin, leaving it cracked and flaky. Despite these obstacles, it is possible to maintain a healthy oil balance in your skin, and here are four simple tips to get you started.

Congress Pushes FDA to Regulate Cosmetic Chemicals

Personal care products, one of the most lucrative industries in the United States, is largely unregulated. A bipartisan group of lawmakers looks to change that in 2016.

The Skin You’re In – Men’s Grooming

Cleanse, rinse, exfoliate, rinse (again), moisturize, tone, dry, repeat. The routine can become monotonous, but every round is worth it. When it comes to daily care for men, taking care of your skin isn’t just good for your looks – it’s good for your health.

6 Winter Skincare Essentials for Men

Between the bitter cold and the harsh dry air, the winter months can wreak havoc on our skin. So now that winter is upon us, it’s time to step up your skincare game, and here are six essential products that every man needs to make sure that he has to help him weather the season.

Three Common Skincare Ingredients to Avoid

Some of the most common skincare ingredients can cause unintended harm and end up leaving your skin worse off than it was before. If you want to keep your skin looking its best, then here is a list of three ingredients that you should avoid.

You Are What You Eat: How Your Diet Impacts Your Skin

There are thousands of diets out there, each more extreme than the next. Having a general knowledge of how vitamins and nutrients interact with and affect your skin will prepare you to make healthy choices – whether you’re in the kitchen or on-the-go.

The Road to Perfection: Skincare for the Jet-set Life

What’s worse than a major breakout, mid road-trip? Preparing for your travels in advance is essential, but shouldn’t be a burden. Pack smart, pack light, and get going!

Treatment Trends: Varicose Veins Treated with High Success Rates

More than 40 million Americans suffer from varicose veins. Symptoms can be unsightly and uncomfortable, but are easily treatable and most often require minimally invasive procedures.

How To: Winterize Your Skin

Forget those pesky holiday pounds; winter-proofing your skincare regimen should be a top priority.

5 Pre-Wedding Skincare Tips

In addition to arranging all the vendors and making sure that their dress fits like a glove, brides-to-be spend a lot of time devising the prefect look for their wedding, making a game plan for their hair, their shoes, and everything in between. Unfortunately, the stress of planning a wedding can wreak havoc on your skin, so if you’re getting ready to walk down the aisle, here are five essential skin care tips for you to keep in mind.

How to Get Better Skin in Just One Week

While everybody’s skin is different, there are a handful of tried and true methods for boosting the health of your skin, and many of these practices can noticeably improve the look of your skin in just a matter of days. So if you’re unhappy with the appearance of your skin, check out the list below for so some helpful tips.

New Treatment Option Could Make Treating Varicose Veins Easier

Recently, a new varicose vein treatment option has emerged, and it may prove to be the most effective method to date.

Is Your Nighttime Routine Leaving You More Beast than Beauty?

Ditch these bad habits to be the Belle at every ball.

Four Benefits of Using Matcha Green Tea Powder

While the practice of using matcha, or powdered, green tea is centuries old, it is currently gaining popularity like never before, and here are four surprising benefits that using matcha green tea can offer.

Is a Microdermabrasion Device Worth the Price?

Given the benefits that microdermabrasion can bring, many people decide to invest in an at-home personal microdermabrasion device. But since many of these devices carry a price tag in excess of $100 or $200, the question becomes: is a microdermabrasion device worth cost?

President Obama Signs New Law Banning Microbeads

Following a bill that was recently signed into law by President Obama, microbeads will soon become illegal in the United States.

The Science of Skincare

Turns out pH levels don’t just affect community pools. Here’s everything you need to know about how pH levels directly impact your daily complexion.

Skincare 101: Hair Removal Prep and Care

Follow this guide to guard your skin before and after the hair removal process – trust us, your epidermis will thank you.

Is Tree Sap the Next Big Beauty Craze?

Unfortunately, tree sap isn’t a one-size-fits-all product, and different types of sap work best on different types of skin problems.

Year-Round Radiance: Skincare Tips for Every Season

When the weather changes, so too do wardrobes across the globe. Why should your skincare regimen be any different? These small adjustments will keep your skin happy and healthy, all year round.

Five for Freezing: Insider Tips for Winter-Proof Skin?

Gone are the long days of summer sunshine, cruelly replaced by months of dark and dreary. But just because the weather has taken a turn for the worse doesn’t mean your skin has to follow suit.

How To: Safeguard Your Lips

There’s no question about it: the skin on our lips is some of the most sensitive on our body. Thanks to extremely thin skin and very few oil glands to keep them lubricated and moisturized, lips are prone to painful drying and cracking. Break free from the cycle of chapped lips with these tried and tested tips.

10-Step Korean Skincare Routine Can Dramatically Improve Your Skin

Typically, the Korean skincare routine is broken down into ten basic steps, and here is a quick overview of each one.

Is Laser Therapy the Best Treatment for Varicose Veins?

After looking at data from nearly 800 patients, researchers have discovered that laser treatment is currently the best option for treating varicose veins.

Pamper Your Body and Mind with a Facial

While facials do cost us both time and money, their benefits are innumerable, as they not only do wonders for our skin, but they’re also a great way to calm and relax your mind.

Feed Your Face: How to Eat for Healthy, Glowing Skin

If you’ve been reading through our weekly columns, you know that hydration is one of the biggest contributors to beautiful, flawless skin. However, we haven’t spent much time talking about the importance of your diet in daily skincare – and just how drastically it can affect your skin.

Varicose Veins: What You Need to Know

It is important to understand the causes and symptoms of varicose veins before seeking treatment, as there are ways to lower your risk and stop the spread before they become a serious problem.

7 Foods to Improve Your Skin

If you're interested in improving the appearance of your skin, then here are seven foods that you should add to your shopping cart.

Replacing Your Beauty Staples With Products For Men

In fact, some women are finding that they prefer the male-formulated versions better. So what products can you safely swap out for their male equivalent? Take a look at the list below to find four products for men that you may want to try.

Combat the Cold: Winter Skincare Tips

Check out our comprehensive guide to winter skincare below. Fight the frost, and remember: you don’t need the sun to keep your skin glowing and beautiful.

Skincare 101: Perform Monthly Self-Skin Examination

It’s great that you’re taking the steps to protect your skin - but are you checking to make sure those steps have been effective?

DIY Products You Can Make At Home

For most consumers, facial scrubs and exfoliators can cost a fortune. Why pay big bucks for products that are loaded with potentially harmful chemicals when you can make safe, natural cleansers at home?

Trending Now: Winterize Your Skin!

By February, spring is so close you can taste it! But before you break out the short-shorts and itty-bitty bikinis, take precautions to ensure that your skin survives the remaining winter days.

5 Best Skin Serum Ingredients

If you’re in the market for a new skin serum, here are five of the top ingredients that you need to check for on the label.

How To: Keep Your Skin Beautiful During Cold Winter Months

Take a minute to review our winter skincare tips – if you want to keep your skin radiant and beautiful, you’ll need to bolster your morning routine!

Six Important Skincare Lessons

When it comes to caring for your skin, a lot of lessons are learned the hard way. Sadly, everyone's skin is unique to one degree or another, so learning what works best for you and your skin type requires a lot of trial and error. Naturally, you're going to have some missteps during this process, but there are at least some universal truths when it comes to skincare.

Global Skincare Market to Surpass $155B by 2021

Conducted by Spearhead Acuity Business Research & Consulting Group, the report notes that the global market contains very few barriers to entry, suggesting that new players are positioned for success in the short term.

In the News: Booming Asian Marketplace Influences Western Beauty Trends

Cosmetic brand experts now expect Asia’s growing middle class and its expanding disposable income to drive home grown innovations, especially in skin care. These innovations should continue to travel West and appear in cosmetic lines due out in 2017 and beyond.

6 Essential Vitamins and Nutrients for Healthy Skin

The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it requires a lot of resources in order to stay healthy. While most of us spend a lot of time – and a lot of money – on soaps, lotions and creams to improve our skin, we often forget that maintaining the health of our skin actually starts from the inside out.

Is Vein Glue Effective in Treating Varicose Veins?

There has been a breakthrough in the treatment of varicose veins, and it’s actually a lot simpler than you might think. VenaSeal (cyanoacrylate), is essentially a superglue used to physically shut down and seal the main defective vein.

What is the Best Treatment Option for Varicose Veins?

If you’re living with varicose veins, you know how troublesome they can be. Not only is the condition unsightly, causing sufferers anxiety about baring their legs in public, but it can also cause noticeable pain and swelling.

Winter Skincare: Treatments You Should Consider

The dark and dreary months of Winter can often times be filled with holiday feasts and hibernation, but you should take the time to whip your skin back into shape!

3 Bizarre Products to Help Your Skin

Keeping your skin looking youthful and radiant is a constant battle. This never-ending fight has led to both beauty experts and consumers trying a wide range of odd ingredients to improve the health of their skin.

Can Eggs Actually Give You Better Skin?

For most of us, eggs are a dietary staple. Whether you eat them scrambled for breakfast or use them in baking, eggs are used in a staggeringly wide array of dishes.

How to: Eat for Healthy Skin

Our skin is our largest organ – and often times the most underfed! Just like any integral part of our body, it requires fuel to function properly and provide protection to all of our sensitive spots.

Four Must-Have Skincare Products

With new and updated products being released all the time, it's difficult to keep up with the latest trends, but here is a quick look at some of the newest must-have skin products on the market.

Eating for Hydrated Skin

As the old adage goes, you are what you eat, and eating foods that keep your skin supple and smooth is easy and delicious.

Is There an Easier Way to Seal Off Varicose Veins?

Due to these complications, it's important to have varicose veins removed, but patients sometimes complain about the most popular vein removal methods. So is there an easier way to get rid of varicose veins?

Non-Surgical Solutions to Improve Your Skin

As an alternative to cosmetic surgery, more and more people have been turning to non-surgical options to help them retain their youthful appearance.

Face the Facts: How Sugar can Ruin Your Skin

Whether you’re searching for smoother skin or a slimmer waistline, removing sugar from your diet may be the solution; experts now suggest that a lifetime of sugar can contribute to dull and wrinkled skin, along with other health issues.

Micro-Needling: How It Works and Its Benefits

You may have heard of micro-needling and wondered what all the fuss is about. Unlike many skin-care fads, this one has (so far) survived relatively unchanged — 15 years and counting!

New Goop Skincare Line Offers Quality at a Price

For the initial launch, Goop Skincare released six products, all of them beauty staples that everybody needs in their skincare lineup.

Six Foods to Give You Flawless Skin

What you eat has a huge impact on the health of your body overall, and here are six foods that can dramatically improve your skin.

Winning Skin: How to Treat Your Skin Type

What’s many readers don’t know, however, is how to create a skincare regimen that suits your particular skin. Sure, there are several factors outside your control that impact your skin; these include hormones, genetics, environment, and age. Remove those factors, though, and you’re left with the basic skin types, which serve as a great guide to choosing a cleanser: normal, oily, dry, combination, or sensitive.

Myth Busters: The Truth About Varicose Veins

Read on to uncover some common myths about varicose veins and treatment options.

On the Go: Mobile Skincare Truck May Revolutionize Beauty Industry

Thanks to the prominence of smartphones and mobile apps, beauty business owners are capitalizing on a new way to boost revenue at the drop of the hat: a mobile truck offering top-of-the-line services, capable of going anywhere and everywhere!

At-Home Recipes for Glowing Skin

Board-certified plastic surgeon, Andrew Ordon, MD (and co-host of the syndicated talk show The Doctors), recently put together a fantastic book that contained DIY recipes for clearer, healthier skin. Here’s a sample of our favorite recipes:

How To: Revamp Your Beauty Routine

You don’t need to overhaul your skin care routine entirely, but you do need to make some minor tweaks to your regimen to ensure that skin stays healthy during each seasonal change and through all types of weather.

The One Must-Have Skincare Product for the Summer

Fortunately, the new Sugar Sport Treatment from Fresh is an easy-to-use, incredibly versatile product that can not only protect your skin but may just prove to be the one must-have skincare product you'll need this summer.

Keep Your Skin Looking Younger With These Four Simple Tips

If you want to preserve your skin and keep it looking flawless well into middle age and beyond, here are four simple steps that you can follow.

The Ultimate Skincare Diet: Foods to Revitalize Your Skin

Everyone knows that maintaining flawless skin requires lots of work; whether it’s washing and scrubbing or moisturizing and protecting, our body’s largest organ needs plenty of maintenance! Add these super foods to your diet for happier, healthier skin!

Shine Like The Stars: Celebrity Approved Beauty Products

Sure, celebs have the budgets to spend $400 on the latest line of skincare products, but that doesn’t mean that you have to follow suite! From moisturizer to face scrubs, there are plenty of fantastic products available right around the corner from your house.

Daily Diet: Super Foods for Super Skin and Hair

Just like a high-performance sports car, your body needs quality fuel to keep going strong. Skin, hair, nails – you name it, they all need vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and happy.

The Secret to Healthy Skin: Relax and Destress

Most of us spend a fair amount of money on products to keep our skin looking great.

6 Facts About Varicose Veins

Most of us like to show off our legs, at least some of the time. Unfortunately, unsightly varicose veins can wreak havoc on your legs, leading to uneven ridges and discolored veins.

Chinese Beauty Brand Delivering Positive Message About Unmarried Women

In China, women are traditionally expected to be married by the age of 25. The social pressures are so strong that if a woman is not wed by that time, she is often shamed by her family and other members of society.

Kale: The Superfood for Your Skin

Over the last few years, kale has risen through the ranks to become of the most versatile superfoods on the planet.

A Step-by-Step Guide to the Korean 10-Step Skincare Routine

Koreans are known the world over for their high standards of beauty and innovative skincare solutions.

Five Fruits for Maintaining a Great Complexion

You are what you eat, and your skin reflects your dietary choices. Consuming fruit every day not only improves your general health, but helps create glowing, smooth skin.

Reduce Your Risk of Melanoma with Sunscreen

Sunscreen is your best friend when it comes to protecting your skin from sunburn. Now, it’s really your best friend forever, because a new study shows that regular use of sunscreen reduces your risk of contracting melanoma, a potentially deadly skin cancer.

8 Foods for Healthy Skin

The best way to maintain healthy skin is by eating right. Remember that your skin reflects your overall health. Lay off the junk foods and consume tasty fare that benefits your entire body and the tissues covering it.

New Beauty Brand Brings Freshness to Skincare

With the seemingly endless array of products populating the shelves of your local beauty supply store, it can be difficult to determine which ones are the best.

How Rosewater Can Help Your Skin

Rosewater – it sounds like poetry, or the nectar of the goddesses. It’s actually distilled water mixed with rose essential oil, and it can make your skin look terrific.

New York-Based Cosmetics Company Promotes Social Responsibility

Recently, however, the founders of a new cosmetics company based in Brooklyn, called Plant, have taken their positive messaging a step further by building a company that is environmentally conscious as well as socially conscious.

6 Top Skincare Products to Add to Your Regimen

If you're interested in trying something new, here are six amazing skincare products that deserve your attention.

Five Top Nutrients for Radiant Skin

You are what you eat, and that’s reflected in your complexion. Certain nutrients are especially important for skin health. While supplements are available, for best results consume a diet rich in these skin enhancers.

Is Your Skin Getting Exposed to More Sunlight Than You Think?

By now we all know that exposure to the sun can wreak havoc on our skin.

What Vitamins Does Your Skin Need to Thrive?

As your body's largest organ, your skin consumes a lot of nutrients every day. By failing to give your skin the nutrition that it needs, you could risk premature aging, sagging, puffiness, patches of discoloration and dryness.

SoulCycle and Skincare

If you’re a SoulCycle enthusiast, or plan to become one, you might wonder about the best way to care for your skin after heavy sweating. If you’re not familiar with SoulCycle, it’s an indoor cycling program which also includes an upper body workout.

Steam for Your Skin - A Good or Bad Idea?

For generations, facial saunas were a skincare staple. Today, skincare professionals are not as enthusiastic about steaming skin for many of their clients.

4 Secrets to Protecting Your Skin This Summer

Now that summertime is upon us, your skin is at an increased risk for sun exposure.

Eating Right to Boost Collagen

For timeless beauty, your skin needs lots of collagen. This protein is found in all of the body’s tissues and organs, and basically holds the entire body together. The word derives from kolla, which in Greek means “glue.” Collagen not only gives skin its strength, but aids in replacement of dead skin cells. Insufficient collagen leads to saggy skin and lines and wrinkles. Collagen production declines as we age – a process that speeds up past the mid-20s - so it’s crucial to boost it by eating the right foods.

10 Daily Habits of People with Successfully Aging Skin

Once you hit mid-life, it becomes quite obvious which of your friends and acquaintances are aging well and which ones aren’t. While genetics plays a part, taking good care of your skin is a major factor. To have great skin when you’re older, get started when you’re younger.

Summer Sun Means Increased Skin Protection

Summertime is great. The days are longer and the weather is warmer, making it the perfect time to go swimming, enjoy an outdoor sport or simply lounge by the beach. Sadly, however, all of that increased time in the sun comes with a cost, and it could lead to some serious health problems.

New Synthetic Material Could Revolutionize Skincare

We put our skin through a lot every single day. Between the constant wear and tear and exposure to the elements, it's no wonder that our skin starts to wrinkle and sag as we get older. In order to combat the physical signs of aging, most of us turn to a wide array of lotions, creams, moisturizers and treatments to help us hold on to our youth. But a new option might be right around the corner that could completely revolutionize skincare.

Layering Your Skincare –What to Put on When

Every part of your skincare regimen has a specific function, and it’s crucial that the products are put on in the correct order. You probably know the basic drill, but there are some useful serums and creams that get a bit confusing when it comes to your daily skincare routine.

Seven Effective Skincare Products You Can Buy At Your Drugstore

When it comes to skincare, you have literally thousands of different products from which to choose. Many of these options come with a hefty price tag and, sadly, some of them aren't nearly as effective as they claim to be. But if you're looking for high quality skincare options that you can purchase in the comfort of your local drugstore or beauty supply shop, then here are seven of the best products out there.

The Simple Five-Step Skincare Routine

If you're serious about caring for your skin, then you've probably heard about various 10-step, 12-step and even 15-step skincare routines. Unfortunately, these regimens are elaborately complicated and oftentimes too time-consuming to be practical on an everyday basis. Fortunately, there is a pared down version of these popular routines, which is effective and only consists of five simple steps.

Four Kitchen Ingredients That Can Give You Better Skin

All you have to do is head down to your local beauty supply shop or drugstore to be reminded that there are literally hundreds of skincare products on the market. With all of these options, it's easy to forget that some of the most effective skin remedies could already be lurking in your home, specifically in your kitchen cabinets. Do-it-yourself skincare options can be made on the cheap right in your own home, and many of them pack the same punch as the mass-produced creams, moisturizers and cleansers.

Best Foods for Healthy Skin

No matter what else you do for your skin, if you don’t eat right, your complexion can’t appear top-notch. The best foods for healthy skin boost overall health – your skin is largest organ in the body. There’s a basic color chart to follow for beneficial skin foods. Think green, orange and red.

Find the Right Products for Great Summer Skin

As the old song goes, “It’s summertime, and the living is easy.” That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy on your skin. It’s the time of year you must take extra care regarding sun exposure, and then there are the effects of heat and humidity. In very humid weather, heavier skin creams won’t absorb into your face, so you could end up looking like you’re covered in cream. If you’re prone to acne, it’s often the worst time of the year. Never fear – the right skin products can make summer easy on your complexion.

Yoga and Skincare – Perfect Together

You might practice yoga for mindfulness, or its health benefits, or both. Because yoga focuses on overall health, it complements skincare. It’s part of a holistic approach, including diet and other forms of exercise. Have you ever encountered a yoga instructor who didn’t have great skin, no matter their age?

7 Tips for Keeping Your Skin Healthy Year-Round

Keeping your skin healthy isn’t a seasonal activity. It’s a 365 day per year pursuit - with an extra day on leap years – for your entire life.

Vitamin E: The Miracle for Your Skin and Hair

Your body needs a steady stream of the appropriate vitamins and nutrients in order to stay healthy.

4 Tips for Eating Your Way to Better Skin

For most of us, eating healthier is all about trying to stay in shape. But the food that you eat has an impact on all aspects of your body's health, not just your waistline. If you don't take in the right types of foods, your skin is bound to suffer, as it needs proper vitamins and nutrients in order to stay looking fresh and radiant. With that in mind, here are four simple ways that you can alter your diet and give your skin a serious boost.

Does Exfoliating with Acids Harm Your Skin?

Odds are that some part of your skin care routine involves acids or retinols. Some estheticians are now on the acid warpath, claiming that using these substances on the skin is ultimately harmful. The jury is still out and will likely deliberate for some time on this one, but the theory alleges that acid increase skin photosensitivity and leads to premature aging.

4 Simple Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy Year-Round

Although you might vary your skincare routine according to the seasons, in both hot and cold weather the basics apply. Follow these basic tips to keep your skin in top condition 365 days of the year.

Eat Your Way to Healthy Skin

The right diet makes a tremendous difference in the quality of your skin. Certain foods contribute to overall skin health, while other foods – or the way they’re prepared – have a deleterious effect. The good news is that some of the best foods for healthy skin are also quite tasty.

Proper Skincare Tips for the Summertime

Keeping your skin looking healthy and radiant can be difficult even under optimal conditions, but summertime presents a number of additional challenges. Between the increased heat, dry air and added sun exposure, there are a lot of threats to your skin. If you're looking for ways to keep your skin looking great even during the harsh summer months, here are some helpful tips.

Keep Your Skin in Top Shape for Summer

Ah, summer. The time for laying out by the pool or on the beach, soaking up rays, and potentially getting skin cancer.

Skin Care Tips for Men

Most skin care advice gears toward women, but it’s as important for men to take care of the largest organ in the body. Male and female skin care differs in various ways, but some tips hold true for both sexes.

Four Tips to Keep Your Skin Properly Hydrated

During the summer months, the increased heat and the dry air can cause your skin to lose more moisture than usual. If you want to avoid rough, itchy, lackluster skin, then you need to keep it properly hydrated.

The Secret to Healthy Skin: Protecting Your Microbiome

You may not be familiar with the term microbiome, but it is incredibly important if you're interested in maintaining healthy, radiant-looking skin. In short, "microbiome" refers to the various microorganisms that inhabit the skin on your body.

Eating and Drinking Your Way to Healthy Skin

It doesn’t matter how much money you spend on skin care products, or how much time you invest in exfoliating, moisturizing and the like if you don’t consume a healthy diet. If you eat and drink a lot of junk, your skin will never looks its best.

Don't Pay for Packaging: Saving Money on Skincare Products

If you think your skin would look so much better if only you could afford those pricey products featured on the top beauty sites, think again. While some expensive skincare products are worth the money, with others you are simply paying for the manufacturer’s packaging and advertising.

Say Hi to the Acai Smoothie for Beautiful Hair and Skin

It’s no secret that summer heat can wreak havoc on your hair and skin.

Summer Skin is Dangerous for Skin: Here's How to Protect Yourself

It’s the season for staying outdoors, but too much exposure to summer sun can severely damage your skin.

Sunscreen is the Secret to Beautiful Skin

Maintaining good skin requires a holistic approach. It involves consuming a good diet, using appropriate cleansers, toners and other skincare products, and possibly taking supplements beneficial to skin.

That's So 2012: Removing Unwanted Tattoos

There’s an almost surefire way to ensure a romantic relationship won’t last. That’s having the name of your beloved tattooed somewhere on your anatomy.

Beauty While You Sleep -- Top Overnight Tips

There’s a reason it’s called beauty sleep. Ideally, you spend at least eight out of your 24 hours slumbering. Your body needs sufficient sleep to rejuvenate, and you can help the process by using the right overnight products.

Want Healthy Skin? Try These 3 Essential Nutrients

If you stop to think about it, it's amazing how much our skin goes through every single day.

4 Surefire Tips for Getting Rid of Pesky Blackheads

When it comes to taking care of our skin, we spend a lot of time worrying about fighting acne breakouts.

Cantaloupe for Healthy Hair and Skin

Cantaloupe is more than a tasty breakfast fruit. It’s chock full of ingredients to keep your skin and hair healthy – and you can create topical applications so this orange melon works outside as well as inside.

Banishing and Preventing Blackheads

There’s nothing as unsightly on your face as a large blackhead – with the exception of a large whitehead.

Beautify Your Skin with...Bacteria?

Just about everyone wants to have healthier, more beautiful skin.

Keep Your Skin Healthy With These 5 Superfoods

It’s no secret that Americans are on a health craze of late, focusing on organic foods and supplements to lose weight and stay fit. However, even those who shop smart might not be eating the superfoods they need to beautify their skin along with their bodies.

6 Products to Prepare Your Skin for the Fall

With fall on the horizon, the days are going to be getting cooler, and you're likely going to start turning on the heat inside your home.

Your Skin Can Look Terrific -- But Give It Time

If your skin looks less than fantastic, don’t despair. With the right diet and skincare regimen, you can turn your complexion around.

6 Amazing Superfoods to Boost Your Skin

The food you eat doesn't just give you the energy to get through the day. It also has a tremendous impact on the overall health of your body's systems.

4 Ways to Prevent Skin Aging

Older people with young-looking skin seldom appear that way by accident. Yes, some folks have excellent genes and others go in for plastic surgery, but maintaining youthful skin generally requires a plan.

Patches Can Solve Your Skincare Problems

You already have an array of skincare products to choose from, and a new one is now hitting the beauty counters.

5 Essential Habits to Improve the Health of Your Skin

As you've probably noticed, the hustle and bustle of modern life definitely takes a toll on your skin.

The Newest Crazy Skincare Fad? Putting Urine on Your Face

Odd all-natural skincare remedies crop up every once in awhile, but this latest trend has got to be one of the craziest.

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Nighttime Skincare Routine

While you sleep, your body recharges, and the same is true for your skin. During the middle of the night, while you’re fast asleep, the cells in your skin are repairing themselves, rejuvenating your appearance, and helping you to look radiant and youthful.

Onions: A Great Vegetable for Your Skin

They add flavor to food and make you weep, but onions are also great for your skin. Onions are chock full of antioxidants, the compounds fighting skin-damaging free radicals.

Simple Ways to Keep Your Skin Looking Terrific

Some people are blessed with skin that looks great no matter what they do. It’s sort of the “Winston Churchill” factor of skin health – named for the British prime minister who drank too much, smoked excessively, didn’t exercise, devoured unhealthy food and lived to age 90.

The ABCs of Skincare Vitamins

Any doctor will tell you that getting proper nutrition is important if you want to be healthy. Well, by the same token, providing your skin with the proper nutrition is the only way to ensure that it looks healthy and radiant.

Top Korean Celebrities Offer Their Skincare Tips

In recent years, Koreans have become world-renowned for their skincare techniques. At the heart of the recent K-beauty push is a strong focus on cleansing and moisturizing; the underlying theory being that luminous, properly hydrated skin provides the best foundation for any other makeups, creams or treatments that you may want to use.

What Moisturizer is Right for You?

Dry, flaky, itchy skin is the worst. That's why a high-quality moisturizer is a must-have in your skincare arsenal.

Choosing The Best Moisturizer for Your Skin

Your skin needs hydration to flourish, and that’s what moisturizer helps provide. Although all skin types need moisturizer, it’s not a one-size-fits-all proposition. There’s some trial-and-error involved, but you should find the right moisturizer for your complexion.

Four Amazing Skin Benefits of Sesame Seed Oil

Odds are you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about sesame seeds. In fact, the only times you remember that they exist might be when you encounter them on your Big Mac bun or your morning bagel. But these tiny little seeds are actually far more important than you might think, especially when it comes to your skin.

7 Habits of People Who Always Have Amazing Skin

Incredible skin doesn't just happen naturally. Well, okay, maybe there are a few lucky people out there who are preternaturally blessed with flawless skin, but the rest of us have to work for it.

Do You Regularly Travel for Business? Follow These Three Tips to Keep Your Skin Looking Great

Traveling is incredibly stressful. As the body's largest organ, your skin is bound to take the brunt of all that stress, leading to bagginess, dryness and a lackluster skin tone.

Victoria Beckham's Secret Diet for Great Skin: Daily Salmon

Victoria Beckham - the former “Posh” Spice of The Spice Girls and one-half of a major celebrity couple with soccer superstar husband David Beckham– has fantastic skin.

Do Intravenous Vitamin Injections Actually Make You Feel Better?

Over the last few years, intravenous injections of hydration and vitamins have become all the rage.

Natural Products for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, most commercial skin care products are out of bounds. The additives, fragrances, preservatives and other ingredients will cause redness or breakouts.

11 Top Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

Although it’s never too late to start an anti-aging skin care regimen, the earlier you begin, the better.

When It Comes to Skincare, Is Pressing or Rubbing Better?

Most of us probably don't spend a lot of time worrying about how we apply our skincare products.

Fall Skincare Tips

The hottest part of the year is over, and the coldest is yet to come. What effect does fall – that in-between season – have on your skin?

The Art and Science of Layering Skincare Ingredients

It’s the rare woman who uses just one skincare product on her face, and that’s good. Quality skincare products are not designed for use on all dermal areas, and every individual has unique needs.

What is the Right Order to Apply Your Skincare Products?

If you're serious about taking care of your skin, then you probably have an entire arsenal of products designed to keep your skin looking its best.

5 Tips for Winterizing Your Skin

Winter is coming, which is bad news for your skin. Between the cold weather, dry air and diminished time in the sun, the winter months can wreak havoc on your skin's overall health.

Best Foods for Healthy Winter Skin

Old Man Winter is on his way, and that’s bad news for skin. It’s the season for dryness, chapping and cracking, and you probably have an arsenal of creams ready to do topical battle.

5 Tips for Men to Improve Their Skincare Routines

Traditionally, men haven't taken much of an interest in skincare.

A Few Basics Lead to Great Skin

Consumers are bombarded with ads promising this or that product will make their skin look terrific.

Juice Your Way to Better Skin This Winter

Now that winter is upon us, it's time to step up your skincare game

Men are Becoming More Interested in Skin Care

With the exceptions of acne eradication and shaving, males have always appeared less interested in skin care than females.

Protein Prevents Wrinkles and Other Ways to Combat Aging When Eating

There’s Botox, chemical peels, laser treatments and dozens of other ways to roll back wrinkling. While these and topical anti-aging creams and serums help, a lot of wrinkle prevention works from the inside out.

Skin Bacteria May Have Antioxidant Properties

It's time to face an ugly fact. You have bacteria living all over every single inch of your skin, and you've got a lot of it.

4 Foods to Avoid If You Want Flawless Skin

Maintaining healthy, youthful-looking skin is hard work. It requires an effective skincare regimen, regular sleeping hours and, perhaps most importantly, maintaining a proper diet.

5 Ways Men Can Boost Skin Health

Unless guys suffer from acne or some obvious skin issue, they probably don’t pay much attention to skincare.

The Benefits of Getting Facials Regularly

Most of us think of a nice, relaxing spa day as a rare luxury. Sure, getting pampered and having your skin cared for by professionals certainly has all the hallmarks of a special treat.

Eat Your Way to Fabulous Skin

Topical products enhance your skin, but true beauty comes from within. That’s not just a reference to character, but to the foods you consume.

Start Using Retinol Early to Protect Your Skin from Wrinkles

There are certain things men and women can do to protect themselves from early wrinkling. Stay out of the sun, avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, and eat a healthy diet.

What Does Your Sweat Say About You?

We can all agree that sweat is kind of gross, right? It's either embarrassing, cropping up during inopportune social situations, or it's clogging up your pores and wreaking havoc on your hair.

4 Skin Tips for Winter Brides

Traditionally, wedding season occurs during the spring and the summer, but plenty of brides take their vows well into the fall and winter.

Protect The Collagen in Your Skin

Collagen, the protein that gives your skin elasticity, smoothness and firmness, inevitably breaks down.

How Important Is It to Have a Nighttime Skincare Routine

At the end of a long day, the last thing you want to do is get bogged down in an elaborate skincare regimen.

Six Foods for Great Skin

No matter how high-end the products you use on your skin, you won’t achieve a truly great complexion without the right diet.

Keeping Your Skin in Top Shape in Winter

Every season offers skin struggles, but winter is the worst. Cold outdoor air causes skin dryness and flaking.

Six Fruits That Will Help Your Skin Survive Winter

Regularly eating plenty of fruit is good for your body anytime of year, but it's especially important during the winter.

6 Nighttime Tips to Improve Your Skin

Nighttime is a very important time for your skin. While you sleep, your body is hard at work repairing and rejuvenating your skin cells.

Great Skin at Any Age

What works at 20 doesn’t necessarily work at 40 or 50. Just as most people don’t wear the same hairstyle for their entire adult lives, the skincare regimen is subject to age-appropriate changes.

Want Healthier Skin? Fish Oil Might Be The Secret Ingredient

When you stop to think about it, the amount of time and money that we spend on our skin is ridiculous.

4 Yoga Poses to Improve Your Skin

When it comes to skincare, most of us tend to focus on finding the right creams, moisturizers and serums to help boost our skin from the outside.

Are Essences the Secret to Flawless Skin?

We all buy mountains of skincare products, from moisturizers to toners, spending untold amounts of money in the process.

Best Foods for Great Skin

Avoiding junk food and soda helps protect your skin, but not eating bad food isn’t enough to maintain a great complexion.

Jamaican Blends Help You Make It Through The Winter

Getting your skin through the winter is tough. This season, consider trying some classic Jamaican herbal products to improve your complexion – and attitude – in cold weather.

Skin Care for Your Skin Type

Everybody wants great skin, but there’s no one-size-fits-all skin care regimen for achieving that goal.

Six Tips for Getting Rid of Acne

Acne rears its ugly whiteheads from the teens into the mid-20s – or later.

4 Ways to Improve Your Skincare Routine

Once you find a skincare routine that works for you, it's easy to fall into the cycle of repeating it for weeks and months on end.

Science Improves Understanding of How Skin Products Work

Nobody wants to use unhealthy products on their skin. If you only purchase skincare items labeled organic, natural or the like, does that mean they actually do what they claim for your complexion?

Which Vitamin Supplements Can Help Your Skin?

Having a superior skincare regimen isn't only about what products you use.

3 Ways to Reduce Discolored Underarms

Are you one of the millions of women who suffer from darkened underarms?

How Do Pro Athletes Keep Their Skin Looking Great?

For a lot of us, exercising regularly often results in a wide array of skin problems.

4 Ways to Make Your Skin Look Terrific

For a blessed few, great-looking skin is effortless. They can eat whatever they want, cleanse haphazardly, drink soda rather than water and still look fine.

5 Worst Foods for Your Skin

You can cleanse, tone, moisturize and apply sunscreen religiously, but if you don’t watch what you eat you can’t achieve a first-rate complexion.

Dry or Dehydrated? Know The Difference and Keep Your Skin Healthy This Winter

Winter is tough on skin. It’s prime season for dryness and dehydration. These are two separate conditions, although people may suffer from both of them at the same time.

How to Develop a Simple Daily Skincare Routine

Taking proper care of your skin is the only way to keep it looking fresh and youthful.

Managing Your Microbiome Can Help Boost Your Skin

When we think of proper skincare, we tend to focus on the products and treatments that improve the health of our skin.

Rare Disease Healed by Laboratory Grown Skin

Patients suffering from epidermolysis bullosa experience constant skin blistering. This rare genetic disease usually appears in infancy or at least by early childhood.

Six Foods to Boost Your Skin

You can use all of the top-shelf moisturizers, serums and peels you want, but if you want stunning skin, you need have to start with the basics.

Changing Your Diet to Better Your Skin

If you're looking for the secret to better skin, then you may not find it at your local spa or cosmetics counter.

Argan Oil for Superb Skin

Your skin requires good moisture to thrive. Although there are zillions of products out there, natural and artificial, promising to deliver exceptional moisture, argan oil is arguably the very best.

Making Your Own Skin-Essential Rosewater at Home

If you want beautiful, healthy skin, then it's important to follow the trends.

New Skincare Line Offers a Powerful Solution for Those with Sensitive Skin

Keeping your skin looking amazing is no easy task no matter who you are, but for people with sensitive skin, it can be especially challenging.

7 Simple Dos and Don'ts to Improve Your Skin

Taking care of your skin is incredibly complicated. It seems like everywhere you look, there are lists of treatments to use and supplements to ingest, all of which can definitely improve your skin in one way or another.

Addressing Your Pre-Wedding Skincare Needs

Pretty soon, wedding season will be in full swing, which means a lot of brides-to-be are anxiously checking off their to-do lists before the big day.

Homemade Recipes for Healthy Hair and Skin

Keeping your hair and skin in top condition doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on expensive products.

4 Amazing Ingredients to Include in DIY Skincare Treatments

Getting regular treatments is the best way to ensure that your skin always looks its best.

Can You Improve Your Skin by Doing Yoga?

For thousands of years, yoga has been an incredibly popular form of exercise and relaxation.

The Benefits of Yogurt for Skin (Internally and Externally)

You already know that yogurt is a healthy food, full of probiotics to aid digestion. What you might not realize is that yogurt is as beneficial when used topically as when consumed.

9 Top Foods for Terrific Skin

No matter what type of cleansers, moisturizers and anti-aging products you use on your skin, your complexion can’t stay top notch without a healthy diet.

The Future of Dermatology Procedures 2017 Scholarship – Healthy Skin Portal

The field of dermatology has come a long way in the past five years, and we are looking forward to the next five. To help facilitate your college path in pre-med, Healthy Skin Portal is pleased to offer one general pre-med undergraduate student a scholarship prize. The winner will receive $1,000 USD to use toward his or her college education journey.

11 Easy Ways to Keep Skin Looking Terrific

For most people, keeping skin looking terrific isn’t really that hard. It’s primarily a question of developing good skincare and health habits and sticking to them.

Tips for Eating Chocolate and Not Harming Your Skin

Easter is on its way, and that means lots of chocolate eggs and bunnies. Of course, for true chocoholics, Easter is just an excuse to indulge in their favorite snacking.

Summer Skincare Essential: Face and Body Scrubs

With summer on the horizon, it's time to start thinking about what the new season means for your skin.

Seven Foods for Terrific Skin

Everyone wants glowing, terrific skin, and achieving that goal means eating the right foods. No matter how much time and money you spend on topical skincare – and that’s important – you won’t possess a truly fantastic complexion without consuming a skin-healthy diet.

6 Amazing Tricks to Improve Your Skin

If you're serious about skincare, then you probably have a set regimen that you know works. But no matter how great your skin looks, it never hurts to learn a new trick or two.

What are the Best Treatments for Your Skin?

Do you have a hard time keeping your skin looking healthy and glowing? If so, you're far from alone.

Are Your Daily Habits Destroying Your Skin?

You probably spend a lot of time and money caring for your skin. Not only do you invest in a wide array of products – cleansers, moisturizers, and exfoliants just to name a few – but you also have to set aside precious time each day to use them.

ASA Offers Up Seven Principles for Healthy Skin

With so many tips, tricks and pieces of advice floating around, it can be challenging to figure out the best way to care for your skin. Fortunately, however, the bedrock principles of skincare aren't that hard to keep track of.

Does the Wrong Mix of Skin Bacteria Cause Acne?

Practically everyone deals with pimples or blackheads at some point in their lives. For some people, acne becomes the bane of their existence, and they spend lots of time and money on treatments to combat it.

Can Probiotics Help Acne?

You’re familiar with probiotics. These “good bacteria” found naturally in yogurt or taken as supplement help keep the gut in good shape. Now it seems the benefits of probiotics extend beyond the digestive system – they can help the body fight acne.

How Do Celebrities Keep Their Skin Looking Great?

Everyone knows that celebrities have incredible skin. After all, they spend all that time in front of the camera, showing off their faces to the world, so they have to, right?

What Should You Be Eating to Help Your Skin?

Proper skincare isn't just about the products that you buy or your nightly treatment regimen. It's also about the food you put into your body that fuels your skin.

7 Korean Beauty Products That You Should Own

In South Korean, beauty is a way of life. The culture is practically obsessed with perfecting skincare, and as a result their beauty brands tend to export truly superior products.

It's Time to Get Ready for Great Looking Summer Hair and Skin

Summer’s nearly here, when you’ll show off more skin than any other time of year.

Six Skincare Tips from Different Cultures

Just as culinary traditions from various cultures make an impact worldwide, so do skincare products and methods.

Top Beauty Tips on a Budget

The skincare product ads online and in magazines promise a gorgeous complexion if you fork over the money for their creams and salves.

Three Simple Mistakes That Could Be Ruining Your Skin

We all want to put our best face forward. A lot of the time, however, that's easier said than done, as daily wear and tear, the seasonal elements and our own biology can take a detrimental toll on the health of our skin.

Essential Ingredients for a Great Complexion

Online and in print, articles aimed at young women are always touting the “must haves” for a great complexion.

Six Foods to Help Hydrate Your Skin

If you're serious about skincare, then you know how important hydration is. Even if you're already moisturizing regularly and using sunblock to avoid the sun's hydration-sapping rays, there is still more you can do to improve the water level in your skin.

New Ideas for Morning Skincare

Maybe you’re the up and at ‘em type, ready to take on the world at the start of each new day. Maybe you can barely function until you’ve had one or two cups of java.

The Surprising New K-Beauty Super Ingredient: Watermelon

On a hot summer day, everyone loves a refreshing, juicy watermelon. As it turns out, your skin is a pretty big fan of watermelon too, which is why this seasonal fruit is now the hot, new ingredient taking the world of Korean Beauty by storm.

Five Simple Foods to Boost Your Skin

You can buy all the expensive skincare products you want to treat your skin from the outside, but unless they're getting help from the inside, your skin still isn't going to look its best.

Keeping Your Skin Healthy in the Summer

We’re on those lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer – when the odds of harming your skin through burns are at their greatest.

Top Skincare Tips for Guys

Men treat skincare products differently from women. They tend to focus more on the scientific results than the advertising geared more toward female customers.

5 Amazing Skincare Products That Are Cruelty-Free

When shopping for skincare products, you want to make sure you get the best options on the market. Unfortunately though, many companies still test their wares on animals, which is a practice you probably don't want to endorse.

The Best Selling Beauty Product on Amazon Will Surprise You

Amazon controls approximately 40 percent of the country’s e-commerce market. Every other online business is part of that remaining 60 percent.

How Does Stress Impact Your Skin?

Let's be honest, life is pretty stressful. Between work, errands, taking care of the house and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life, most of us are constantly running from one thing to the next.

4 Acids That Will Actually Help With Your Skin

When people think about acid, they tend to imagine a dangerously corrosive substance eating away at whatever it touches.

Want Better Skin? Here Are Six Foods to Help You Get It

If you're trying to improve your health, one of the first steps is maintaining a proper diet, right? Well, the same holds true for trying to boost the health of your skin.

What You Need to Do to Keep Great Skin for Life

Older people with great skin didn’t retain their complexions by accident. Although genetics play a part, the difference between those who look good as seniors and those who don’t primarily involves lifestyle.

How Much Skin Should Be Removed With a Mole?

Most of us have an unsightly mole or two, and every once in a while those moles graduate from unsightly to potentially dangerous.

Is Your Pillowcase Destroying Your Skin?

If you're serious about health and beauty, then you know that nighttime is a crucial time for your skin.

Jessica Alba's Skincare Line

Whether you’re battling acne or wrinkles, Jessica Alba’s new skincare line has products for you. Her target customer, however, is someone much like Alba herself – a working woman with children.

Fall and Winter Skincare for Men

When cold weather arrives, it means more than wardrobe changes. It’s time to transition your skincare routine to address the issues fall and winter temperatures bring.

How to Create An Effective Daily Skincare Routine

For most of us, beautiful skin doesn't come naturally. We have to work at it. A lot. But if you've only recently taken an interest in skincare, it can be a little overwhelming trying to create a daily beauty regimen that works for you.

4 Supplements You Should Be Using for Your Skin

In theory, keeping your skin looking great should be easy. If you maintain a diet that gives your skin the nutrients it needs and use the proper selection of high-quality products, then your skin should look healthy and flawless.

Collagen Powder: The Next Skincare Secret or Another Passing Fad?

If you're serious about skincare, then you already understand the importance of collagen.

How Do You Pick The Right Moisturizer?

With fall coming to a close, winter is almost upon us. That means cold, harsh air is on the horizon, just waiting to dry out your skin, leaving it looking dull and lackluster.

7 Ways to Protect Your Skin This Winter

As cold weather comes your way, it’s time to ease into your winter skincare routine. Cold weather brings its own challenges to your complexion, especially dryness, chapping and sensitivity.

8 Top Smoothie Ingredients for a Radiant Complexion

You likely put lots of fresh veggies or fruits in the blender when creating a smoothie, and that’s great for your overall health and complexion.

Five Water-Rich Foods Your Skin Needs

If you want amazing-looking skin, then hydration is the key. Unfortunately, since your skin is constantly exposed to the elements, it's prone to dryness and damage.

Uncovering the Secret of the Japanese 4-2-4 Cleansing Technique

Skincare is serious business. All you have to do is take a stroll through your local beauty supply shop or drug store to see the dozens upon dozens of skincare products that are on the market.

Avocados: A Very Healthy Fruit

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but a daily nosh of avocado toast or another form of the green fruit is just as good for you.

Using Superfood-Enhanced Beauty Products

For years now, health and beauty experts have been pushing superfoods as a way to improve your skincare regimen.

Six Tips to Avoid Bad Skin Days

We all know about bad hair days, but what about bad skin days? Recently, a study out of the UK asked 2,000 women how often they felt that their skin looked dry, discolored, oily or in any way unattractive.

New Technology Allows Restoring of Your Own Collagen and Elastin

What if there were a technology that allowed you to boost your own collage and elastin, allowing you to appear more youthful simply by applying a topical cream?

How to Slow the Skin's Aging Process

We all get older every day. It's a fact of life. Sadly, while time can make us wiser, it can also take a toll on our skin. Fortunately though, there are ways that you can minimize the natural aging that occurs in your skin.

Important Supplements for Aging Skin

When you're young, your skin is bright, springy and full of life. Unfortunately, as we age, our skin starts to lose some of its pep, and it's requires more vitamins and nutrients to stay looking great.

How Dermatologists Take Care of Their Skin

It’s a safe bet your dermatologist has great-looking skin. Probably everyone working in their office does, too.

How Traditional Thanksgiving Foods Affects Your Skin

With Thanksgiving upon us and other holidays coming soon, you may wonder how these traditional foods affect your skin.

How to Use Chocolate to Get Better Skin

Growing up, most of us are told that snack foods, such as chocolate, are bad for our skin.

Simple Life Hacks for Your Skin

Taking care of your skin requires a lot of time and effort. Between the daily exposure to the sun and the buildup of dirt and oils, it's easy for the quality of your skin to go downhill fast.

Natural Remedies to Keep Your Skin Looking Great This Winter

The cold weather means you must protect your skin against excessive dryness and chapping.

Organic Skin Care on the Rise

Nowadays people are starting to notice what is actually in the skincare products that they use. As awareness about the dangers of synthetics and chemicals has spread, skincare enthusiasts are increasingly on the search for organic, healthier alternatives.

Little-Known Skincare Rules That Everyone Should Follow

Great skin takes work. That's why most of us shell out hundreds of dollars a year and spend untold amounts of time giving our skin the care and attention that it needs.

Probiotics for Great Skin

If you’re prone to acne, eczema or other skin conditions, you know the importance of getting rid of bad bacteria by using appropriate antibacterial cleansers.

A Supermodel's Skincare Secrets

Russian-born supermodel Natasha Poly, 32, has appeared on the cover of Vogue 55 times. As befitting a model of her status, her skin and makeup always appear flawless.

Your Skin-Friendly Grocery List

A lot of us try everything we can to get better skin. But sometimes it seems no matter which cleanser, cream or mask you use, your skin just doesn't show any sign of improvement.

Could Oil Cleansing Save Your Skin?

For many people, the idea of using oil to clean their skin is counterintuitive. Aren’t oils the basis of many skin problems?

Beauty Device Market Set to Rise in Coming Years

According to experts, the global beauty market is valued at more than $400 billion dollars. In the coming years, that number is expected to grow thanks in no small part to the increasing popularity of beauty devices.

How to Keep Your Skin Radiant Even in Winter

It's that time of year again. Winter is upon us, and that means that your skin is in for a harsh few months.

Night Cream: The Key to Healthy Winter Skin

Your skin requires hydration all year round, but winter cold and indoor heat really dry your complexion.

Beauty Brands Harnessing the Power of Superfoods

Over the last few years, superfoods have become the name of the game when it comes to skincare.

4 Ways Alcohol Damages Your Skin

Who among us doesn't enjoy the occasional drink with dinner or going to a bar with friends to help unwind?

How Probiotics Help Skin

You may take a daily probiotic supplement, or make sure you consume a cup of yogurt every day to puts it probiotic effects to work.

4 Ways to Maintain Flawless Skin in the Dead of Winter

Winter is here once again, which means your skin is in for a rough few months. Since cold air has a nasty habit of pulling moisture out of your body, wintertime means you're at a higher risk for dryness, cracking, and dullness.

Microbiome Imbalance in Gut May Lead to Acne

Without a doubt, acne is one of the more annoying skincare concerns. It's unsightly, it's painful, and it's embarrassing, particularly for older sufferers.

The Best Diet for Terrific Hair and Skin in Winter

Let’s face it. Winter is tough on skin, and it isn’t much easier on hair. Most people don’t think of this season as the time of year they look their best.

Is Coconut The Key to Healthier Skin?

Nowadays, organic skincare is the name of the game. Beauty brands all over the world are using fruit and vegetable superfoods to infuse their products with the nutrition that your skin needs to look amazing.

Celebrities Struggle with Acne Too

Everyone has to deal with zits every now and again, but the less fortunate among us have to contend with acne on a regular basis.

Six Ways to Improve Your Skin

A new year is here, which means it's the perfect time to try new things. Even if you're reluctant to make big changes, you can still start small, and one of the best things you can do for your self-esteem and overall health is to improve your skincare routine.

What You Need for a Skin-Friendly Diet

Buying products to help your skin is all well and good, but any aesthetician will tell you that truly flawless skin starts from the inside out. That's why it's crucial to keep a well-stocked supply of skin friendly foods around your home.

Five Simple Steps to Healthier Skin

Now that we're in the heart of winter, you might have noticed that your skin is having a hard time keeping up.

Why Vaseline is Still An Excellent Choice for Skincare

Your grandmother probably relied on it for maintain soft, smooth skin, but the truth is Vaseline has never really gone out of style.

Dermaplaning Myths Debunked

Dermaplaning – the art of exfoliating with a razor – has a long history in Asia, but it’s relatively new to the United States.

What Are The Best Ways to Deal with Blackheads?

In the pantheon of skin troubles, blackheads are hardly the most embarrassing of blemishes.

Say Goodbye to Dry Skin

It seems like this winter has been going on forever, and it's probably starting to take a toll on your skin.

Yoga Can Help Your Skin

You may practice yoga to soothe your mind and supple your body, but you’re also benefiting your complexion during your time on the mat. This ancient, completely natural process helps every aspect of human physiology and psyche.

Using a K-Beauty Routine to Tackle Eczema

If you're serious about skincare, then you know how revolutionary the multi-step Korean beauty routine has become.

What is Your Skin Barrier and How Can You Protect It?

If you've never heard of the skin barrier, then get ready to learn about one of the best tools you have to keep your skin looking amazing.

Five Top Foods for Maintaining Healthy Skin

Your skin reflects the state of your diet. Even if your complexion doesn’t look too bad, changing your eating habits by eliminating sugary and highly processed foods and consuming a skin-healthy diet should cause a noticeable improvement.

Little-Known Tricks to Give You Better Skin

For those of us who are serious about skincare, we've more or less got the basics down. Find an effective skincare routine and stick to it, make sure to maintain a skin-friendly diet, and keep your skin properly hydrated and protected from the sun.

How Can Ayurveda Principles Help Your Skin?

For those of us who are serious about skincare, we've more or less got the basics down. Find an effective skincare routine and stick to it, make sure to maintain a skin-friendly diet, and keep your skin properly hydrated and protected from the sun.

Five Foods with Top Beauty Benefits

If you’re looking for natural beauty products, you can’t get more “natural” than vitamin and nutrient-packed foods.

Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

Spring is almost here, and that means summer is not far behind. It also means it’s time to start preparing the transition from cold to hot weather skincare.

3D Printing Could Replace Skin Grafts

Our bodies can take a long time to heal. When you have a surface wound, like a burn, infection or a severe scrape, the healing process can take days or even weeks.

Adjusting Your Vitamin D Levels During The Summer

If you want incredible skin, then you should consider vitamin D to be essential. Not only does it fight off free radicals and reduce signs of premature aging, but its immune-boosting properties will help to flush skin-damaging toxins out of your system.

Using Orange Peels to Improve Your Skin

For those of us who are serious about skincare, we know that certain foods can help take your skin to the next level. While there are a number of fruits and vegetables that are vying for the title of Best Skincare Superfood, there is no doubt that oranges are near the top of the list.

Carotenoids: The Secret to Healthy Skin

As the largest organ in your body, your skin requires a lot of nutrients to stay looking fresh and radiant, and most of us spend a lot of time and energy making sure our skin gets what it needs. From moisturizers and serums to creams and masks, we pamper our skin, infusing it with vitamins and minerals in the never-ending war against the signs of aging.

Your Greatest Ally in the Quest for Flawless Skin: Vitamin C

When it comes to skincare, certain vitamins and minerals are more helpful than others. Perhaps the most important among them is vitamin C.

Japanese Skincare Routine May Outshine Popular Korean Routine

We've all known for a while that the Koreans are fanatical about their skincare, and because of that they created a phenomenal regimen.

Six Ways to Help Your Skin Beat The Summer Heat

Sometimes it seems impossible to keep your skin looking great in the summertime. Not only do you have the heat and the sun sapping moisture from your body, but you also have to contend with the irritation and redness from spending more time outdoors.

Consume Fruit for Radiant Skin

Summertime is peak season for luscious, local fruits, but we’re lucky enough to have even the most exotic fruits available every week of the year.

New Study Shows Importance of Key Enzyme in Skin Diseases

Keeping your skin healthy is difficult under the best of circumstances, and if you have an autoimmune disease that impacts the skin, it can be nearly impossible.

Bad Habits to Break for Great-Looking Skin

Everyone wants clear, attractive skin, but some people with less than ideal complexions are their own worst enemies when it comes to achieving the healthy skin goal.

Papaya for Skin Care

Since time immemorial, fruits have been an intrinsic ingredient in skincare products.

Five Fun Ways to Get More Watermelon in Your Diet

Hydration is the key to healthy skin. While moisturizers and creams help to lock in moisture, getting water through your diet is the best way to make sure your body gets the hydration that it needs.

Busting Skincare Myths

If your skincare routine includes some of these skincare myths, it’s time to change it now.

Tips for Achieving Glowing Skin

Everyone wants clear, glowing skin, but achieving it is another story. There are the rare individuals who don’t have to consider what they eat or do and their skin still looks terrific, but for most of us some discipline is required.

Giving Your Skin That Alkaline Glow

Amazing skin doesn't just happen all on its own. That's why most of us stock up on assortment of products, from cleansers and moisturizers to toners and serums, to help keep our skin looking its best.

Vitamin C for Healthy Skin

Consuming lots of vitamin C, whether from citrus fruits or other sources, is essential for overall health.

Using Collagen to Improve Your Skin

Collagen is one of the foundational building blocks of your skin. This essential protein allows your skin to feel firm yet supple, and it helps to keep you looking young.

What Can Mushrooms Do For Your Skin?

Beauty experts and skincare enthusiasts are constantly on the search for the next miracle ingredient that will take their skincare game to the next level.

Vitamin E: The Secret to Beautiful Skin

There’s always a current, hot new ingredient added to skincare products that’s supposed to make your skin radiant, clear, glowing … add your own superlatives.

Regular Facials Keep Skin in Top Condition

What should you look for in a facial to achieve optimal skin results? Here are some of the do’s and don’ts of facials.

Top Foods for Glowing Skin

If you’re seeking glowing, healthy, radiant skin, aim your eating habits toward the fresh and natural. Here are some of the best foods to keep your skin healthy – and they are also delicious.

The Power of Magnetic Masks

Skincare trends definitely come and go, and some of them are more wild than others.

Five Top Vitamins for Great Hair, Skin and Nails

Some people have fabulous hair, radiant complexions and strong nails. Then there are those whose hair, skin and nails could definitely use some help.

When to Ditch Old Makeup

If you’re like many women, you’ve probably invested quite a bit of money in your makeup.

What Do Experts Recommend for Your Skin?

There are literally thousands of skincare products on the market, so walking into your favorite beauty supply store can be overwhelming, to say the least.

Maple Leaf Extract May Prove The Next Anti-Wrinkle Miracle Ingredient

Natural, botanical ingredients have long been used in skincare products, and it may seem as if some new plant is touted every season as the next big thing in complexion improvement.

Essential Winter Skin Care

Winter weather is tough on skin – but you knew that. What you may not know are the best ways to combat winter skin blues and keep your complexion as healthy as possible.

Does Your Skincare Routine Need a Cat-Face Towel? Absolutely!

Taking care of your skin is serious business, and it's not always easy. Finding the right products and nailing down the proper routine can be challenging, to say nothing of all the money that we all spend on products and treatments.

Six Overnight Skincare Products for Daytime Beauty

Sleep is nature’s great beauty resource – that’s why it’s referred to as beauty sleep. Without sufficient shuteye, skin can’t repair itself properly.

How a 22-Year-Old Created an Empire of Vegan Skincare Products

At 22 years old, Releford has successfully transitioned her popular social media following into a skincare startup, which in just two years' time has grown into a burgeoning empire called Mary Louise Cosmetics.

Revolutionary New Process Could Help Regrow Damaged Skin

When you get a small cut, your body naturally closes up the wound and replaces the damaged skin.

Cinnamon for Skin Health

What tastes great and may help get rid of zits? The answer is cinnamon, but that’s far from this spice’s only skin benefit. Taken internally or used topically, cinnamon is a strong addition to your skin health arsenal.

Does The Key to Beautiful Skin Lie in Your Gut?

Don't be alarmed, but your body is teeming with bacteria. In fact, there are more microorganisms in your body than there are actual human cells, which is a little strange when you think about it.

How to Have Truly Healthy Skin

If you don’t have active blemishes, that means your skin is healthy, right? If you do have a few pimples, your skin isn’t healthy, correct?

Five Tricks Everyone Should Know to Keep Their Skin Looking Great

We all want incredible skin. Unfortunately, advancing age, constantly changing weather and daily wear and tear can lead to a number of challenges, including hyperpigmentation, sagginess, wrinkles, blemishes and unsightly under-eye puffiness.

The New Three-Minute Skincare Routine

Sadly, too often the items we don't have time for have to do with our personal health, specifically with the health of our skin. Sure, the ten-step Korean beauty routine sounds amazing, but who has time for that?

Nine Foods That Improve Skin

No matter how many skincare products you use, even the very finest can only improve your complexion so much. Such topical concoctions work from the outside in, whereas true skin health comes from the inside in.

Cold Weather Skin Tips

Cold weather is back, and unless you live in a southern climate, that means it is time to change your skin care regimen.

Do You Want Amazing Skin? Here's Your Beverage Guide

Anyone who is serious about skincare knows that hydration is one of the keys to success. So it stands to reason that any kind of beverage should be beneficial to the overall health of your skin, right?

Drinking Coffee Can Actually Help With Rosacea

When you grab your first cup of coffee in the morning, your first thought probably isn't about how it's going to impact your skin.

How Hypertension Can Destroy Your Skin

If you're living with hypertension, then you already know the damage it can do to your heart and circulatory system.

PDO Thread Lifting

Rejuvenate Your Look with PDO Thread Lifting: The Non-surgical Facelift

PDO thread lifting is a relatively new technique that is gaining popularity among those seeking to improve their appearance without undergoing invasive surgery.