Face Wash or Motor Oil? Harmful Chemicals in Skin Care Products Protested on World Environment Day

by Wendy Travis

renu derma motor oil

Renu Derma Natural Cosmetics celebrated World Environment Day on June 5 by staging a protest to call attention to some of the harmful ingredients used in skin care products today. According to a company press release, Renu Derma models walked through the center of downtown Salisbury, North Carolina- home to the company’s headquarters- dressed in green and carrying large flowers. Each of the models sported what looked like motor oil on one side of her face.

The unattractive face paint was used to depict the potentially harmful ingredients found in some skin care formulas today. Renu Derma wanted to point out that when chemicals are mixed into skin care, it is like putting motor oil on the face every time they are used. The company wants consumers to be aware of the fact that not all ingredients used in modern skin care products are considered safe – for the skin or for the body.

The company press release also states that because many skin care products used by U.S. consumers are manufactured in China, the quality and amount of specific ingredients may not always be known. The release cites an EU report, which explains that if a consumer purchases a product containing petrolatum- such as what is found in petroleum jelly- there is no way of knowing exactly how many carcinogens are lurking inside. These products are not only unhealthy for the skin, they can be detrimental to the environment as well.

Benefits of Natural Skin Care

Renu Derma urges consumers to consider the advantages of all-natural skin care and cosmetic products when shopping for supplies. These benefits include: