Get Clearer Skin by Going Au Naturel a Couple Days a Week

by Angela Santoriello

clean skin

When make-up free celebrities appear on the cover of gossip magazines, they appear less glamorous like the public. While gossip magazines say some can get away without makeup and others should cover up is secondary to how good it is for the skin.

Not wearing makeup everyday can be the one of the most apparent answers to clearer skin. And it makes sense. Not clogging up pores with foundation, blush and eyeshadow at least a couple days of week is well worth it, according to SheKnows UK.

Comparing the no makeup challenge to the 5:2 intermittent fasting diet, author Claire Gillespie reports beauty retailer Escentual stats that “65 percent of women apply a full face of makeup every day, while only 25 percent of them would go completely barefaced for more than one day a week.”

Falling into the 25 percent since she works from home, Gillespie said she ventures out a minimum of two days a week all natural.

“It seems like a pretty quick and easy theory to test out, with experts saying you should notice positive results within a month,” writes Gillespie.

A Refinery29 report features Gabrielle Korn, a brave author and heavy makeup wearer, not covering up for a week. After an initial day of feeling “naked” and attempting to hide behind her glasses, the attractive reporter had a negative experience.

“Over the next few days, my skin worsened,” Korn wrote. “I broke out along my jaw and between my eyes, and a dry patch I’d thought I’d taken care of reappeared angrily. It was as though I’d lost a line of defense against the world. Rather than having a shield of protective products, my face was free to absorb all the grossness happening around me.”

So maybe a week is too long. Though Korn reported no real detox, rather make-up free disturbing her skin, she did not walk away unlearned. She found that since the make-up free week, she was applying less than she had before and “concealing only the areas that were bothering me.”

Challenging herself, The Beauty Bean reporter Jennifer Daly shared how after coming across the “Makeup Free Mondays” campaign, she decided to do a little investigative reporting of her own.

“I thought; just try it for one day. So I got up 15 minutes later one Monday, and only put on moisturizer and lip balm,” Daly wrote. “As I was driving to work I felt sick. I was so worried about what people would think of my skin.”

Backing up Daly’s belief, a 2013 New York Times report cited a make-up free survey saying it “seems to come down on the side of makeup—at least superficially—saying that wearing makeup increases a women’s likability and competence in the workplace.”

However, author of the New York Times report, Natasha Scripture, personally disagrees.

“I have no deep-rooted fear of being ostracized by society, or of Equinox revoking my membership,” writes Scripture of stepping out with no makeup, adding, “It just makes me feel like I am presenting a slightly better version than myself.”

So what do you do when vanity rules and the thought of going bare seems impossible? Take a deep breath and know that you are beautiful with or without cover up. Giving your skin a day or two to breath during the week is common sense and easy to do. But remember going all natural does mean not to safeguard so make sure to moisturize with SPF no matter what time of year.

If you or someone you know would like to learn more about skin care, please feel free to schedule a consultation or contact one of our representatives today!

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