Skin Bleaching Treatments

by Wendy Travis

skin bleaching

Sammy Sosa's new look has garnered plenty of attention in the field of skin whitening recently. Sosa claims that a cream for skin conditioning altered his complexion. Do whitening creams offer such a dramatic result? While no one but Sosa's doctor may know for sure, there are some facts about skin bleaching treatments that can help other patients choose a procedure that will work best for their specific needs.

What Skin Bleaching Treatments Do
In the large majority of the cases, skin lightening is focused on a particular area of hyperpigmentation on the skin. Hyperpigmentation is a condition caused by an increase in melanin, which affects the pigment of the skin. Melanin production may be increased through sun exposure, pregnancy or some medical conditions and medications. It can appear in small areas, such as age or liver spots, or in patches also known as melasma. Most skin bleaching treatment focus on the specific region of hyperpigmentation to remove the additional melanin and bring that area of skin in accordance with the rest of the complexion.

Types of Skin Bleaching Treatments
There are a number of ways to address hyperpigmentation by lightening the skin. These include: