Body Hair Removal

In today's world, good grooming is truly a head to toe exercise. For women and men alike, projecting a sleek, smooth appearance is an essential aesthetic goal, and one made far easier by advances in laser hair removal. Now, rather than spending countless hours with razors and waxing products, total body hair removal can be achieved for months, or even years, with a few simple visits to your local laser clinic. To get a better idea of what body laser hair removal can do for you, take a look at the many treatment areas available for our male and female sample customers below.

Laser Hair Removal for Women

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Laser Hair Removal for Men

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Permanent Hair Removal


Underarm Hair Removal

Many women are putting an end to the daily grind of shaving their underarms with laser hair removal. Underarm hair removal is a good place to start when it comes to laser body hair removal treatments because it's a relatively small area. While laser hair removal is highly effective for most people, underarm laser hair removal usually costs less and requires fewer treatments than larger areas, making it an ideal body area for first time patients who want to test out the technology before diving in. Laser treatments are also great procedures for ingrown hairs, something particularly common with shaving or waxing armpit hair.

Pubic Hair Removal

Laser pubic hair removal has become increasing popular among females tired of waxing their bikini area. Lasers represent a more permanent option for removing pubic hair, which means fewer trips to the salon. Pubic laser hair removal includes options for everything from minor hair removal around the bikini line to full Brazilian hair removal. Laser treatments allow women to feel confident again in bathing suits, athletic gear, and more intimate attire.

Lip/Chin and Full Face Hair Removal

Chin and lip hair removal has traditionally been treated by tweezing and facial bleaching creams; however, these really only mask the facial hair problem rather than providing a permanent solution. Laser chin or lip hair removal can offer a long lasting solution and ease the burden of plucking to look your best. Besides laser hair removal for lips and chins, clinics offer full face hair removal. Facial laser hair removal can treat necks, cheeks, eyebrows, glabellas ("Uni-brows"), and just about everywhere on the head, except for inside the nostrils and ears. It's also a great body hair removal service for females with hormonal disorders like PCOS/PCOD.

Leg Hair Removal

Women spend more time shaving their legs than anywhere else on their bodies. For a lot of women, body hair removal begins with the legs, and laser hair removal offers a more permanent approach. Shaving, waxing, and depilatories creams offer a few days to a week, at most, of smoothness, whereas laser leg hair removal provides treatments that can last a lifetime. With laser hair technology, women can save so much time and money if they never had to worry about shaving their legs again.

Beard/Face Hair Removal

Think about everything that goes into traditional facial hair removal: purchasing expensive razors and electric shavers, setting aside a lengthy segment of your morning to shave, and dealing with those inevitable nicks and cuts. If you're ready for a change, beard and face laser hair removal could be your answer. Lasers safely and thoroughly eliminate coarse facial hairs, leaving your face touchably smooth. And it won't be growing back any time soon. As another option for face hair removal, consider electrolysis.

Shoulder Hair Removal

Not only can shoulder hair be embarrassing for men, but it's also one of the most difficult areas of body hair removal. With the help of a laser hair removal specialist, however, this problem can be dealt with swiftly and with long lasting results. Go ahead, go sleeveless again! Laser shoulder laser hair removal makes it possible.

Back Hair Removal

There's nothing attractive about back hair, and there's nothing pleasant about having it removed at a waxing salon. Ouch! Meanwhile, shaving back hair is pretty much physically impossible. To escape this bind once and for all, laser back hair removal is your proven choice. Laser treatments can treat large areas like the back much more quickly and effectively than electrolysis, and you'll be amazed at how an hour long procedure can produce results that last for years!

Chest Hair Removal

This is one of the most sought after forms of body hair removal among men. No longer reserved for swimmer and body builders, a smooth, hairless chest is a cultural norm these days, and shaving and waxing are painful, temporary solutions that simply don't get the job done. Laser chest hair removal is offered by medical spas across the country, and it uses state-of-the-art, precision lasers to safely eliminate unwanted chest hair. Still wearing a shirt to the beach? Let your local laser clinic put your chest hair removal worries to rest.

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