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Age Spots

An Overview

Age spots and sun spots can be treated with non-surgical skin care.

IPL Photofacial – One of the newest age spot removal treatments is Photofacial. It uses a special florescent pulsed light that penetrates deep into the skin. New collagen and tissue connections are created naturally. It’s as if your skin is returned to its younger healing levels; so, you can deal with sun damage as if you were in your 20’s.

Microdermabrasion – The outer most layer of dead skin is gently removed during a Microdermabrasion treatment. Usually, 4-6 sessions can give significant improvement to your age spots. Microdermabrasion is also great to have before a light based treatment like Photofacial, as it can improve the penetration of light through your skin, which will further aid in removing your age spots.

Chemical Peels – Some age spotting might be more serious than others and require a treatment like a chemical peel. Chemical peels are safe and effective treatments for age spots and other pigmentation problems. Chemical peels remove the layer of skin with the pigmented sun damage. The dead skin simply peels away and healthier spot-free skin is then able to emerge.

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Age spots or liver spots are brown blemishes usually associated with the aging process and extreme exposure to sunlight. Age spots are sometimes referred to as brown spots, stains, or sun spots, and despite the liver spot nickname, have no association with the liver. Age spots are flat, unlike moles, and range in color from light brown to black. You can generally find these spots on the areas of your skin most exposed to the sun, such as on your arms, face, shoulders, and forehead. Age spots on the hands are extremely common.

Age spots are caused by a lifetime of sun damage. Pass the age of 40, your skin simply becomes less able to cope with and regenerate from sun damage. Some correlation between stress levels has also been found. Instead of healing naturally, age spots develop excessive pigmentation in the skin. Age spots are not cancerous and there’s no health risk connected to them, but they can be embarrassing and unsightly. Fortunately, there are a number of treatments for age spot removal.

Why should you have to pay for a lifetime of sunny skies? Don’t think this is an issue just for the elderly either. Unless you’ve been living under a rock your entire life, you’re eventually going to have to deal with age spots, and knowing about their removal now can save you a lot hassles later on.

There are some nutritionists who believe that sun spots are signs of a selenium deficiency and suggest taking supplements to remove age spots. Other more severe methods associated with age spot removal are freezing, skin sanding, and electrical needles. However, none of these treatments are advised as they tend to leave white spots and scarring. Most experts agree that the best and safest way to treat age spots are non-surgical aesthetic procedures like IPL Photofacial, Microdermabrasion, and Chemical Peels.

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