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An Overview

Once upon a time, the only viable options in injectable collagen treatments were derived from either synthetic hormones or bovine sources. Thus, if you wanted a quality dermal filler for wrinkle removal or lip augmentation, you'd have to rely on a test tube or a cow. Fortunately, this has all changed with CosmoPlast™ and CosmoDerm™, the first available injectables made from natural human collagen.

The body's natural creation of collagen is essential to maintaining the tightness and smoothness of the skin. However, as you age, your daily muscle activities, combined with exposure to the sun and weather conditions, begin to wear away at the collagen levels in your body. This collagen reduction subsequently plays a key role in the onset of facial lines and wrinkles.

CosmoPlast™ and CosmoDerm™ allow you to rejuvenate your face by returning natural, human collagen into your skin. In this way, CosmoPlast™ and CosmoDerm™ prove extremely successful both as wrinkle removal products and as lip fillers, giving your face a contoured, youthful look.

Like other collagen treatments, CosmoPlast™ and CosmoDerm™ procedures rarely take more than 30 minutes, and can last for up to 6 months. However, because they contain real human collagen, patients don't face the potential allergy risks associated with synthetic and bovine injections. Similarly, there is no need to waste time testing areas of the skin before a treatment session begins.

Among the dermal fillers that use human collagen, CosmoPlast™ and CosmoDerm™ remain the only brands that are available commercially and FDA approved, making them increasingly popular choices with people pursuing collagen based lip liners and wrinkle removers. Consult with your physician, dermatologist, or a knowledgeable skin specialist to see if either of these injectables could be right for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does this Procedure Take?

A CosmoPlast treatment can take as little as 15 minutes.

CosmoPlast™ Side Effects:

Most patients experience no side effects with CosmoPlast or CosmoDerm; some swelling or sensitivity is possible but rare.

Length of CosmoPlast™ Results:

3-6 months

CosmoPlast™ Recovery Time:

None. Patients can resume normal activities immediately following their CosmoPlast or CosmoDerm treatment.

Typical Minimum Cost:


Typical Maximum Cost:


Average Cost of CosmoPlast™:

$508 per treatment

Can Insurance Cover CosmoPlast™?

Because of the cosmetic nature of CosmoPlast and CosmoDerm, they are not covered by insurance.

Will I feel pain or discomfort after treatment?

Most patients agree that CosmoPlast and CosmoDerm are on par with other injectable treatments.

Other Names for CosmoPlast™:

Human Collagen, Natural Collagen, Injectables, Fillers, Lip Fillers, Lip Liners, Wrinkle Removal

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