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An Overview

There are several treatments for removing freckles including:

IPL Photofacial – Laser freckle removal is the most effective solution to deal with your freckles. With many skincare technicians, Photofacial is the preferred light-based treatment to use on freckles. This is because of its lack of side effects and downtime. The IPL wavelength is absorbed by the unwanted spot and actually breaks apart the pigment. These fragmented pigments are absorbed back into the body, leaving little to no trace of the original freckle.

Laser Skin Resurfacing can also be used to burn off freckles, but since it’s a more intensive procedure, it’s usually reserved for deep wrinkles and scarring.

Chemical Peels – For freckle elimination either a superficial or deep chemical peel can achieve removal or significant lightening of your unwanted spots. A more superficial chemical peel like a glycolic peel can remove freckles, but it may take many repeated treatments to see results. A deeper, highly concentrated peel can get rid of all of your freckles at once, but the recovery process is much longer and more painful.

Microdermabrasion – This gentle skin exfoliator is the safest, easiest solution to lightening your freckles. A deep exfoliation can remove your deadened surface skin and make your freckles slowly fade away. You should keep in mind that a long series of microdermabrasion treatments are necessary to see visible lightening of your freckles.

Bleaching – There are several over-the-counter and prescription skin bleaching agents available today. FYI, topical creams don’t work for everyone. They can definitely lighten freckles, but they will also lighten all the skin around the freckles. Bleaching can also cause redness, drying, and peeling. An inexpensive and safer alternative to store bought bleach is lemon juice. The old wives’ tale is true, a dab of lemon juice can lessen a freckle’s appearance. While not as powerful or effective as bleach, lemon juice on freckles is 100% safe and easy remedy to try.

Facts about Freckles

Ephelides, otherswise known as freckles, are harmless tan spots of melanin common in people of fair complexion. Freckles are genetic in nature and can be triggered by exposure to sunlight. That’s why your freckles usually appear in the summertime and fade in the winter. Extremely pale or fair skinned people do not produce enough melanin to protect themselves from the sun, and therefore produce these dark pigmented spots as a result. Freckles are not completely unrelated to age spots, as it is the sun damage that is creating spotting.

Some people learn to live with or even love their freckles. However, if you’ve ever been taunted with names like “Freckle Face," you might find it hard to find your freckles cute or sexy. Maybe, you’re just tired of being known as the “freckly one," and would like people to remember you for you, rather than those little brown spots. While, freckles for many people eventually fade with age, it is possible to get rid of freckles today. For a long time, freckles were thought of as being too small to treat, but aesthetic lasers are changing that. Your freckles can be removed or significantly reduced with treatments like IPL Photofacial, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, and skin bleaching.

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