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Injectable Dermal Fillers

An Overview

Injectable dermal fillers have become the easiest way to smooth away those unwanted wrinkles. New dermal fillers are hitting the market every day and it can be a little confusing to sort through them, or even tell the difference between them. A lot of cosmetic dermal fillers are very similar, but the difference really depends on what you’re using a particular wrinkle injectable for. Some dermal fillers might be better at filling in crow’s feet, laugh lines, or forehead creases, while others are great at enhancing lips, or filling in acne scars or dark circles under the eye.

Botox® Cosmetic – Botox injections are derived from the botulinum toxin. While that may be unsettling to some, the low dosage is perfectly safe when administered by an expert. While not technically a "dermal filler," BOTOX is a similar injectable that works by relaxing your facial muscles, causing the skin to relax and smooth out. BOTOX is great for eliminating fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. Since BOTOX Cosmetic impedes muscle control, you should not use BOTOX for lips or laugh lines.

Dysport(Reloxin) - like Botox, Dysport isn't technically a "dermal filler" thanks to its use of the botulinum toxin type A, but it is still an effective, FDA-approved means of wrinkle removal on facial skin.

Collagen Injection – Collagen is the original cosmetic dermal filler. It’s been around for quite a while and, maybe, and is considered the go-to filler because it produces reliable, effective results. Collagen injections are great for smoothing wrinkles or for lip augmentation. Collagen is not permanent (as no dermal filler is) and generally wears off within 3-6 months. Since regular Collagen is derived from bovine, Collagen injections contain some risk of allergies, so starting with a test area is generally required.

CosmoPlast™ – CosmoPlast and CosmoDerm™ are made from natural collagen as opposed to animal derived Collagen. CosmoPlast injections offer the same results as standard Collagen, but there’s virtually no chance of an allergic reaction, which means that you won’t need to have a test spot done before treatment. CosmoPlast has been proven especially successful at treating very deep wrinkles on the forehead or around the eyes and mouth.

Restylane® – This is a relatively recent dermal filler made from a synthetic Hyaluronic Acid, a natural component of healthy skin. Restylane injections are similar to Collagen, but since it’s a synthetic substance, the allergy risk isn’t there. Restylane generally lasts a little longer than BOTOX or Collagen, and Restylane is great for lip augmentation as well as overall wrinkle removal.

Juvederm™ – Juvederm is another Hyaluronic Acid (HA) gel like Restalyne. Juvederm has been FDA approved and is safe for use on all skin types. Juvederm as a dermal filler has proven effective at filling nasolabial folds (laugh lines) and as a lip enhancer. For longer lasting options, Juvederm offers Juvederm™ Ultra and Juvederm™ Ultra Plus, which can last up to 12 months.

Perlane – Perlane, like Restylane is composed of Hyaluronic Acid, but at a higher concentration. This makes Perlane injections great for smoothing deep lines that Restylane might not be able to fully remove. Perlane can also last a bit longer than Restylane.

Radiesse/Radiesse™ – Radiesse might be the most exciting dermal injectable today. Radiesse contains calcium and phosphate ions, found naturally in our bones and teeth. This makes Radiesse a very strong and versatile dermal filler. It has the same effects as Restylane or Collagen, allowing it to eliminate wrinkles and augment lips. Radiesse, however, can last for up to 3-5 years! Radiesse might be a bit much for your first cosmetic dermal filler, but if you already like Restylane, you’ll probably love Radiesse.

Injectable Dermal Fillers Reviews:

"I am honored to be a patient at Epione."

Posted by SARAH L. on .
Honestly, Dr. Ourian is a genius, a magical worker, and an artist. I cannot say enough wonderful things about him and the staff! I am beyond grateful for the results and so impressed that no matter how famous and well-known Dr. Ourian becomes, he still treats everyone with the same amount of kindness. That's a rare thing in LA and I am honored to be a patient at Epione.

Epione Exceeded Expectations

Posted by DAY N. on .
The dermal fillers were much better than expected.

Happy with Results

Posted by FELICIA M. on .
Dr. Simon is very good at what he does. I am happy with the results.

High Quality Dermal Fillers

Posted by ELENA G. on .
Friendly staff. Beautiful environment and a high quality provider.

Dr. Simon Ourian Is the Best Physician

Posted by PARIS P. on .
Best doctor ever and the staff are lovely as well.
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Dr. Simon's Natural Work

Posted by DEENA I. on .
Dr. Simon's work is natural and he enhances your beauty without exaggeration.

Excellent Results

Posted by BONNIE L. on .
Really enjoyed my experience and the results are excellent.

Appreciated Dr. Ourian's Comforting Nature

Posted by TAYLOR B. on .
Really appreciated the high level of comfort supplied by Dr. Ourian and his assistants.

Recommend Dr. Ourian for All Cosmetic Procedures

Posted by DIANA N. on .
This was my follow-up appointment with the doctor where he continued treating the areas of concern by utilizing a different method. My initial understanding or misunderstanding was that the doctor only provides services once whether it works or does not. I was mistaken, and I appreciate the fact that he does care for his patients' satisfaction and continues treating the area if the progress is not very visible. I really hope that today's treatment will improve the area of my concern and I am glad that the doctor tries different methods to achieve progress. At this point in my treatment, regardless of the final results of my procedure, I will highly recommend Dr. Ourian for all kinds of cosmetic procedures. Staff members are awesome.

Most Wonderful Dermal Filler Experience

Posted by DANA C. on .
Most professional and wonderful experience ever. Will be returning for more services.

Dr. Ourian Is an Artist

Posted by REBECCA M. on .
I think Dr. Ourian is an artist with his needles! The staff are all great.

Very Caring When in Pain

Posted by ADIBA K. on .
Dr. Ourian did a great job. He and staff made me feel comfortable and when I was in pain they were very caring. Thank you, Doctor.

Allowed Me to Choose Quantity of Fillers

Posted by ELENA G. on .
Highly skilled provider. Thank you for letting me book the amount of product that I wanted!

Grateful to Dr. Ourian "Beyond Words"

Posted by WENDY M. on .
Dr. Ourian and his staff treat everyone like they are celebrities. With the laser, ultrasound, fillers, and Botox, in a very subtle, natural way, I have become a model in magazines. People think I'm literally 20 years younger! He is always a perfectionist with each patient and takes the time to make you feel happy with results. He never rushes you and anytime you have a question or concern, he sees you immediately! I adore him and his staff and he is worth every penny. He changed my life for the better! I am grateful beyond words to this doctor and his amazing staff!!! Although costly, I can honestly say he is worth every penny. He provides incredible results and is very caring. I adore him.

Dr. Ourian Cares About Results

Posted by TANIA P. on .
Dr Ourian cares his patients and making sure they are happy with their results. Very professional as well as talented. Dr Ourian, thank you for taking the time out to email me after my previous scheduling issue at your office for the touch up. I am pleased with the results and very happy. Thank you.

Treated Like a Dear Friend

Posted by TARA B. on .
Everything was amazing and I am very happy with my results Everyone was wonderful and I appreciated the one-on-one attention I received from Dr. Ourian. This was my second visit and I appreciated that everyone remembered me and treated my like a dear friend instead of a client.

Natural Look

Posted by LINDSAY B. on .
Looks natural. My only complaint was the wait. The service, itself, was great.

Clearly Knowledgeable Dermatology Staff

Posted by LILLIE T. on .
Knowledgeable & friendly staff at Epione.

Amazing Dermal Fillers

Posted by AMY S. on .
Amazing Doctor!

Exactly what I wanted!

Posted by CARMEN L. on .
Dr. Bared listened to all my concerns and addressed possible solutions for each. He was very gentle during the treatment and I had little to no bruising. Results were very natural and exactly what I wanted. I would highly recommend him.

Excellent Dermal Filler Results

Posted by TARA B. on .
The experience was perfection. The Epione staff was both welcoming and professional. The doctor was kind, courteous and took his time. At no point did I feel rushed. Thank you for an enjoyable experience with such excellent results with the dermal fillers.

Beautiful Office

Posted by CHANEL L. on .
I love going to Dr. Ourian's office for dermal fillers. His staff is so friendly and helpful. And the office is beautiful.

Exceptional customer service!

Posted by LESLIE S. on .
Everyone was great. Exceptional customer service!

Excited for Final Results!!!

Posted by LESLIE S. on .
The staff was great and so was the service. It will take a few weeks to see the final results. I'm excited!!!

The Best

Posted by SARAH B. on .
Dr. Simon is the best.

Prices Are a Testament to Amazing Work

Posted by MONA B. on .
Did not know about financing options and learned during my last visit that Epione does not accept Care Credit. That was a bit of a surprise - given most providers accept it. This was the first place I had learned that does not accept it. Also, wish the prices were a bit lower so we can get more things done. Just a testament to the amazing work they do.

Extremely Courteous Group

Posted by DORAY Y. on .
The group is extremely professional and courteous and my appointment this time was on time versus prior appointments where the wait time was very long. Excellent improvement! I am expecting to be very happy with the results.

Savvy Dermatology Consultant

Posted by LISA P. on .
Initial consultant was very savvy. Well done:)

Fillers Were Quick @@ Painless

Posted by LAURA D. on .
Quick and painless.

Epione Is My New Home!

Posted by CHANELLE L. on .
Customer service - AMAZING! :) Ended up waiting an hour to get in - but I get it - you're busy. I loved the outcome of my face - but want my lips bigger - like they said I would. Seriously, I loved this place! I am leaving my old place to come to you guys permanently! :)

Is It Possible To Clone Rana?

Posted by MARCUS L. on .
Rana is your company's secret weapon. You need to clone her. The doctor was friendly and courteous and the procedure was quick and painless. I had filler as well with a fantastic result. The Botox was good but there are still issues to deal with.

Practically Painless

Posted by NANCE M. on .
Almost painless. Melissa did a perfect job.

Very Pleased With Epione Experience

Posted by ANTHONY T. on .
I was pleased with the experience with Dr. Simon. It is a week after the filler treatment was done and the under eye blood vessel that was also burned off with laser so I am still healing and the filler is still settling. I do expect to be pleased with the outcome!

I'll Be A Lifelong Customer!

Posted by GEORGE H. on .
I really appreciated the touch-up offering 10 days after the initial injection. I will be a lifelong customer! It's a beautiful office. Dr. Ourian is very kind and the office staff is great!

Pleased With Painless Procedure

Posted by KIMBERLY V. on .
I was very pleased with the results and the injections were painless.

Injections Are Always Done With Care @@ Have Outstanding Results

Posted by SCOTT O. on .
The injections are always done with great care, concern and thoroughness. The locations of the injections are precise and the results are always outstanding, exceeding any and all expectations with outstanding results.

Amazing Dermal Filler Results @@ Amazing Staff

Posted by HOLLY D. on .
My results are amazing but the staff is beyond amazing. Every staff member from the front desk to the doctors honest, friendly and so amazing. They are very knowledgeable and helpful. I am so glad I was introduced to American Laser Skincare! Thank You!!!

Good Job

Posted by SUSAN K. on .
procedure thoughtfully implemented and explained

Happy With Dermal Fillers

Posted by TERRI M. on .
I am happy with the botox treatment I had and radiesse injection along with the belotero. I am going for the ematrix next week.

American Laser Deserves Praise For Outstanding Service

Posted by SONIYA C. on .
Overall I was quite nervous about this procedure as I've had two bad experiences in the past. I couldn't praise the injector enough for her complete thoroughness and putting me at ease.

Fantastic, Natural-Looking Results

Posted by SONIYA C. on .
The outcome was brilliant, I couldn't have had a better, natural looking result. The length of time spent on me was just right, care and attention to detail is what I value and I certainly got both and more!

Prompt, Informative Service @@ Effective Results

Posted by RUONA B. on .
prompt service, good explanations of what to expect and suggestions for additional injection locations, results appear effective thus far.

Always Get Results At American Laser

Posted by MICHAEL M. on .
I've always had very good results with the treatments I receive. The scheduling is always done with respect for the patient's time, as I never have to wait long for my scheduled appointment.

Great Results

Posted by CAMEO D. on .
Great results!

Quick @@ Painless

Posted by TONI C. on .

Dermal Fillers Look Great!

Posted by LINDA W. on .
Everything came out really great. I am very happy with my results.

Nancy Is Absolutely Amazing

Posted by LUCILLE D. on .
I think Nancy is amazing. She does anything she can for customer. She works out prices. The girls are amazing as well.

Treatment Went Well

Posted by LISA B. on .
All phases of treatment were good

Courteous Staff @@ Great Botox Results

Posted by LISA B. on .
This is my third time here for Botox. Place is clean, staff is courteous and friendly. Wait time is short and result area good. I have a tough forehead crease and muscle so my"11" softens a lot but doesn't completely go away. I like the results!!

Knowledgeable @@ Comforting

Posted by SHAWN V. on .
Very knowledgeable staff and extremely comforting. They explained everything to me before and during my procedures and I was comfortable and love the results.

Clean Facility, Friendly Staff

Posted by DIANA G. on .
I think the results may be too early to see? The price is higher than my last place. The place is very clean and all workers are friendly and professional.

Professional and knowledgeable in Huntington, NY

Posted by KIM W. on .
Joanne is professional, knowlegable and very good at what she does.

ALSC Treats You Like Family

Posted by CYNTHIA W. on .
I was extremely pleased with the doctor doing my lip injection. She made sure I was comfortable and thoroughly explained everything all of the way through the procedure. I am looking forward to my next visit. The staff are all very friendly and outgoing. You never feel like a number, rather part of an extended family. I highly recommend American Laser Skincare for anyone looking to have Juvederm injections.

Very Happy

Posted by MICHELE M. on .
I was very happy with the results and will be coming back for my second "buy one get one" filler treatment. The only thing I think should have been done differently was that I should have been offered anesthetic if it was available as having the filler done is a pretty painful process!!!

Pretty Good

Posted by JESSICA L. on .
Everything was pretty good. The botox was good.

Happy Customer

Posted by COURTNEY M. on .
Good care and happy with results.

I Look Good!

Posted by SHELLI F. on .
Everyone is nice. Recovery time is a bit longer because I bruise easily. I get Juvederm. I was pleased with the way I look. I look good for 66.


Posted by CATHERINE H. on .
It was good. I recovered in a week. I was very satisfied.

Need More People Administering Botox - New York City, NY

Posted by ORLY A. on .
It's hard to say... I get a lot of treatments there. The VelaShape I see a difference. The laser hair removal didn't work that well, but it's much better now with the new machine. The injectables are something they lack in. There are restrictions where there can be only one person doing the treatments. I feel limited. Maybe some better training is needed?


Posted by NATO S. on .
Results are perfect. I look wonderful.

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