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Laser Vein Removal

An Overview

Laser Vein Treatment is an advanced, non-invasive method for diminishing or eliminating spider veins in the legs or face (a.k.a facial veins). Often, a laser vein removal procedure can be thoroughly effective on its own, but in more severe cases with larger blood vessels, the treatment can also be used in tandem with another spider vein removal technique like Sclerotherapy. Laser treatments are much better suited for facial vein removal rather than larger veins such as eliminating varicose veins on the legs.

How Laser Facial Vein Removal works

A typical Laser Vein Treatment is relatively simple, and thanks to continuing technological advances in the field, it's also safer and faster then ever before. During the procedure, a laser light is directed toward the vein cluster of the patients face or other parts of the body, where it targets blood vessels beneath the skin's surface without affecting any surrounding tissue. When the laser finds its way to the unwanted blood vessels, its heat is quickly absorbed by the red portion of the blood, called the hemoglobin. Because these targeted vessels are not essential to the face or body's normal circulation, no harm is done when the blood starts to clot, deteriorating the vessel lining. From this point, the blood vessel essentially fades away as the body reabsorbs it during the subsequent healing process. The final result is smoother, younger looking skin without those embarrassing spider veins. Facial vein removal with laser technology means that there is no chance or permanent scarring.

ELT: The Biggest Breakthrough in Laser Vein Removal Technology

Some clinics also offer a slight variant of Laser Vein Treatment called Endovenous Laser Treatment, or ELT. Endovenous Laser Treatment functions under the same principles of other Laser Removal techniques, but a tiny laser device is actually entered under the skin's surface, making the procedure internal. Unlike IPL based treatments, this laser procedure can actual treat varicose leg veins. This method can help the laser isolate and eliminate varicose veins that may be difficult to treat externally in some cases.

Like most laser treatments, a successful spider or facial vein removal effort will require multiple follow-up appointments, with each procedure rarely lasting longer than 30 minutes. The laser itself can be slightly painful, equivalent to a small rubber band snap on the skin, but most patients report minimal to no pain within a week after the procedure, and they're able to go about their daily routines with no prolonged recovery time.

If you're interested in varicose vein removal or diminishing unsightly spider veins from your legs or face, we can arrange a consultation with a specialist in Laser Vein Treatment.

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Laser Vein Removal Reviews:


Posted by LISA F. on .
My legs have been painful and inflamed for years. After my first laser procedure, I bought my first pair of shorts in 15 years. I recommend VCA to anyone who has had leg discomfort. Excited to see how great my other leg does; that one starts in a few weeks. Every step was explained and questions were answered...BEST STAFF EVER!

High attention to detail

Posted by THERON C. on .
All staff was helpful, FULLY answered all my questions and took the time to explain everything I wanted to know in detail.

Easy Laser Treatments w/ Minimal Discomfort

Posted by THERON C. on .
The laser treatments initially are very easy with very little discomfort. The doctor's recommendation was to walk immediately - no downtime or recovery needed. The injection treatments tend to burn a bit but not as bad as a tattoo! Again - immediate light exercise recommended which fit my lifestyle perfectly. After five treatments, I am seeing a dramatic difference in comfort, and the burning sensation, aching and swelling from the abnormally developed veins in my left leg are GONE - and I still have several more sessions which should serve to only make things better.

Brentwood Office Displayed Perfect Amount of Humor @@ Professionalism

Posted by MELISSA H. on .
The staff gave me a detailed packet of information on my procedure. Post-procedure information and directions are very helpful. I have misplaced my info on several occasions and have called to verify what I could or could not do after the procedure. The staff has been very nice and gone over all my questions again and never made me feel dumb for losing my information! With other offices, the first thing out of the nurses mouth is that I was given a post-procedure list! This office has seen humor in the situation and made me laugh! I have not experienced this often with other offices!

My comfort was their priority

Posted by TONYA M. on .
The front office was great at explaining procedures and answering billing and scheduling questions. Dr Fried and assistants were all super during my different procedures. My comfort was always a high priority.
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Appreciated Printed Handouts

Posted by LUANN H. on .
The doctor, nurses, and ultrasound technicians are very nice and easy to be around. They all explained every procedure and made the experience comfortable. The office manager was great at explaining insurance benefits. I loved that all appointments were scheduled at the same time and everything was printed out...appointments, procedure descriptions, etc. Everyone made sure I understood everything that was happening and answered any questions I had.

Great people in Geneva

Posted by MARY SUE B. on .
Wonderful staff from the reception desk to the techs and the doctor himself. Everyone was warm and friendly.

Westlake's Dr. Ravi was Great

Posted by COLLENE K. on .
Things are great!!! Staff is excellent. I am very happy! Dr. Ravi was great. He explained everything as he went along.

Quick and Easy

Posted by VIRGINIA B. on .
I would highly recommend them to my friends. the procedure was quick and easy.

Friendly and effcient

Posted by SUZANNE D. on .
Always make sure with very comfortable throughout the procedure and afterwards. They never rushed me and they're very friendly and efficient.

Knowledgeable and Skilled

Posted by SUZANNE D. on .
Dr. Anderson explains everything and answers every question. The sonographers and the office staff are all wonderful. And the nurses are great also.

Wonderful experience. I would recommend to anyone who needs treatment.

Posted by TRACY O. on .
Dr. Hagman and his staff were wonderful! Everyone has been extremely helpful and courteous. Dr. Hagman is a great asset to this profession! Yes, I would recommend this procedure to anyone I know. The results have not been immediate, but things take time to heal and progress.

Excellent care. Zero complaints.

Posted by TRACY O. on .
Everyone expressed concern for any discomfort and provided excellent patient care. I have no complaints. The only suggestion would for them to continue doing things exactly the way they are.

Better than I expected

Posted by EARSLEY B. on .
The procedure was unique , and somewhat comfortable, more so than I had expected. The follow up is a process of it's own, very well done and timely. I would recommend it.

Some discomfort, but nothing painful. Love staff at Skokie Office!

Posted by SHERYLL N. on .
There is some discomfort, but nothing painful. The procedures are all short and everyone including the doctor explained them. For me, knowing how far along we are (or how many injections, etc.) is very helpful and comforting. Love the staff at the Skokie office. Everyone is very professional and overall cheerful. It is clear that they enjoy what they do, and it is apparent in their patient care. The office is extremely busy, but I never feel rushed. I ask a lot of questions and they always answered clearly and patiently.

Professional and personable. Worked with me and my schedule.

Posted by JOANNE H. on .
The staff were very professional but also personable they talked you through every procedure. The front office staff worked with me and my work schedule to get all the apppointments in and minimize the sick time I had to take.

Immediate Laser Vein Removal Results

Posted by DENISE P. on .
Immediate results after laser vein removal. Staff was nice.

Wonderful staff, eased my nerves!

Posted by MILDRED Z. on .
Dr. Buckner and his staff are wonderful. They make you comfortable in every way.

Would Recommend Laser Vein Removal @@ Columbia VCA

Posted by MILDRED Z. on .
The discomfort level was minimal. I would recommend the procedure and the office in Columbia, MD to anyone interested in that procedure.

Highly Recommend Cincinnati VCA

Posted by STEPHEN T. on .
Everyone was nice. Everything went well. Highly recommend.

Doctor Explained Entire Process to Me

Posted by LOUIS C. on .
Everything so far has been great. I really the doctor and his staff. Everything was explained to me from some discomfort to the healing process.

Highly skilled, caring, and attentive!

Posted by GABRIELLA B. on .
Dr. Savcenko is a highly skilled and caring surgeon and his staff proved to be also. I was made as comfortable as such a procedure allows. I am pleased with the results and would recommend Dr. Savcenko to friends and family.

Amazing Office Staff in Southlake VCA

Posted by WILLIAM V. on .
The office staff is amazing and very professional.

Step-by-Step Procedural Explanation

Posted by JEAN M. on .
Excellent service. Kept me informed as it went along. Step-by-step explanation.

Orland Park Efficiently Conducted Laser Vein Removal Procedure

Posted by JEAN M. on .
Very efficient with procedure. Friendly atmosphere.

Pretty Easy Laser Vein Removal

Posted by ANNETTE B. on .
The Merrillville team is great. Treatment was pretty easy on me.

Glastonbury Team Answered All My Questions

Posted by TERESA S. on .
All were helpful and professional. Answered the many questions I had as I was a bit nervous.

Team Enjoyed Meeting Clients

Posted by ELIZABETH F. on .
While the treatment is somewhat uncomfortable, the staff was always concerned that I was doing ok. The staff was very friendly and the atmosphere was relaxed and NOT rushed. They are a great team and seem to enjoy each other and getting to know the clients. This was an overall excellent experience and I would recommend them to anyone who needed consultation and treatment. I will definitely visit them again if I need treatment in the future.

Strongly Recommend This Clinic

Posted by MELISSA L. on .
Everyone was very pleasant and answered all my questions. Strongly recommend.

Found My Leg Pain Relief

Posted by MARIELLEN B. on .
The doctor was very patient & took time to explain the procedures, ensuring that all was thorough. I would recommend this office for relieving leg pain.

Please with All Aspect of Treatment at Buffalo Grove Site

Posted by MARY TERRY N. on .
Every person at the Vein Clinics of America, Buffalo Grove, has been professional, kind, and willing to answer all my questions. Scheduling was a breeze and I have been very pleased about how timely my treatments are; never waiting more than five minutes. I have been very pleased with every aspect of my treatments.

Great Feeling Legs After Laser Vein Removal

Posted by ESTHER S. on .
The staff was very warm and friendly and professional. They made sure of comfort and explained all procedures. I will be following up with them. The doctor was professional and kind. Always a smile. I would recommend it to anyone who needed it. My legs are feeling great.

Pleased with Results Before Injection Completion

Posted by SHERRIE C. on .
Some procedures were quite painful, but I expected them to be. I have already recommended Vein Clinics of America to a few friends. I have not yet finished my visually guided injections and am already very pleased with my results. There were some times when I was unsure of how the entire process worked and whether or not some of my reactions (bruising lasting months, tenderness for weeks and 'knots' in my legs where I had treatments) were normal or of concern. I also sometimes felt like I was inconveniencing the staff when I asked questions. Follow up was ok, I had my scans but was never really told everything looks good or that is concerning, just an ok we are done from the sonographer.

Can't Wait for Surface Vein Treatment

Posted by SANDRA B. on .
The office staff and sonographers were so pleasant and helpful that I can't wait to get my surface veins treated.

Consistent Follow Ups and Concern with My Results

Posted by BETH K. on .
All the people at the Beachwood office have been friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to work with the insurance part so that when my deductible was met, I immediately paid my portion at the time of service and didn't have to wait for a refund. Waits have never been long. It's a well run place. The procedure is not comfortable but they understand your discomfort and help to make it easier. Throughout all procedures and follow up they have consistently made sure I was doing ok. My procedure was a big one with several follow ups, so results could be seen fairly quickly after bruising settled down. The worst experience has been with the compression stockings which are important, but can be irritating and painful as well.

Appreciated Oak Brook's Efficiency

Posted by LYNN A. on .
I appreciate the friendliness of everyone. I also am confident that they know what they are doing. They frequently asked if I was comfortable, were efficient with their time, and very professional.

Referred Two People to Dr. Perez

Posted by KIM Z. on .
Wonderful staff. They were all very attentive and I felt very comfortable with them. The laser vein removal went exactly as Dr. Perez described it would. I have already referred two people.

Highly Recommend Trevose Vein Clinics of America Office

Posted by THERESA S. on .
Everyone was spectacular. Dr. Freid and his staff at Trevose, Pa made me feel comfortable. I had the impression that they were willing to answer any question at any time. Highly recommend this office!

Professional Vein Team

Posted by GUADALUPE Z. on .
Very happy with the results. Very professional.

Felt at Ease During Laser Vein Removal

Posted by BRENDA D. on .
The staff is very professional, knowledgeable and very kind. They explained things in detail and helped me to feel at ease.

Better Than Expected

Posted by TERESA J. on .
Nice and helpful. Wonderful! Much better than I expected. Great Job!

Vein Clinics of America Is Like Family

Posted by HENRY N. on .
They took care of everything and were the nicest people to deal with. Before coming here, I was seeing a vascular surgeon. The guy was a jerk and his staff oozed indifference. They cancelled two of my appointments in a row. When I told my primary care doctor, he recommended Vein Clinics of America. The employees here were like family. They took the time to help with insurance and scheduling. My medical assistants were really good at their job, and my doctor was relaxed and did her job with no problems. She was great, too. Not only were they professional, they made me comfortable and explained everything.

Immediate Laser Vein Removal

Posted by JEAN H. on .
The Brookfield team explained the process immediately. I saw immediate results after the laser procedure.

Adequately Understood Laser Vein Removal

Posted by RADONNA R. on .
Provided me with adequate information to understand the procedures. Loved the staff.

Questions Answered Throughout Laser Vein Removal

Posted by REBECCA L. on .
The doctor was great and the staff was super nice. My physician answered all of my questions throughout the laser vein removal procedure.

Great Follow-up After Laser Vein Removal

Posted by ARLIE A. on .
Patients should be aware that it takes a few visits before you get results. Also, it would be nice if there's a Saturday and late evening procedures, so I don't have to miss too much time away from work. Great follow-up from the nurse.

Informative, helpful staff.

Posted by CAROL M. on .
Everyone has been very helpful, informative, friendly and professional. The wait times were usually minimal. The last 2 appts. had very long wait times. More reading material would help to minimize the frustation when occasional delays are unavoidable.

Would Recommend Cooperative Alpharetta Office

Posted by DEANNA J. on .
I was informed if I would feel anything ie. sting,pinch etc. Would recommend to friends. I am moving from GA, office has been very cooperative in fitting me in to the schedule to get as much as possible done before leaving. Also I was given a list of places where I am moving for me to check out. Staff was excellent. Being a RN I appreciated the pre-op teaching etc that I received. A+ in my book.

A+ Office

Posted by GLENDA W. on .
The doctor and his staff was excellent I give that office and A+

Less Painful Than Expected

Posted by MERLINE C. on .
They made me very comfortable all the way. Procedure was not as painful as I thought it would be. Just a little discomfort which was expected. Staff was very gentle and explained every procedures all the step of the way., made me feel comfortable and relaxed!!!

Confident in Dr. Sonde's Work

Posted by LOUISE M. on .
Excellent in communicating all aspects of treatment and follow up. Dr. Sonde and her staff are extremely professional and thorough. I have not yet finished all my treatments but I am confident I will get great results. I have not felt any significant pain or discomfort during any of the procedures.

Consistently Wonderful Team

Posted by MARY C. on .
They knew I would need additional treatments beyond what was covered by insurance so they went back with the paperwork to ask for additional treatments and I was given 3 additional treatments. Staff at Naperville office are always courteous and appointment is always on time - no waiting. Dr. McWilliams is wonderful as well as ultrasound techs and nurses!

Happy with Leg Transformation

Posted by KAREN S. on .
These are not comfortable procedures -- deep needle injections and I do not expect immediate results. All of the medical procedures were made easier because of the very caring and communicative staff. In every way possible, the Las Colinas staff exceeded my expectations. It was explained to me by the doctor that results will be gradual and I am very happy with the transformation that is taking place in my legs. Very good communication by the staff

Treatment with a Smile

Posted by MAGDALENA O. on .
Everybody was very professional and kind. I really feel protected and taking care of. ALWAYS WITH A SMILE. THANK YOU

Love Dr. Sonde

Posted by LISA L. on .
Love Dr. Sonde. Very pleased.

Staff Catered to My Needs

Posted by GINA K. on .
Staff explains procedure and makes sure they do everything they can to ensure comfort of patient.

Have Already Recommended VCA

Posted by CORLES F. on .
Very comforting, patient and informative. Helped ease my concerns by speaking with me directly whenever I had questions. The professionalism from the staff was very comforting during the procedure. The immediate results was greater than expected. I would and I have already recommended VCA to several of My friends and coworkers.

Part of the Family

Posted by BEVERLY L. on .
They make you feel like part of the family. Love this whole office. Everyone has been the best. They are great always made sure I was okay and took very good care of me.

Inspired Me to Help Other Patients

Posted by VANESSA J. on .
The staff on Southwest Freeway is an excellent staff and I always look forward to going to see them. I have made myself a greeter when I go for my appointments. I talk to the patients about what made me come here and how my legs was feeling and I mention to them that the procedure is awesome and the main thing that I like about it is they do not put you to sleep and they tell everything that they're going to do step by step.

Unexpected Follow-ups for Successful Procedure

Posted by CAROL B. on .
I just learned that 3, 6, and 12 month follow-up appointments are expected. That was not explained before, so I'm concerned about the unexpected cost. The procedure was just finished, so I'm hopeful that it's a success. Dr Singh seemed to be very good and thoughtful when it came to laser vein removal.

Outstanding Dr. Zambuto at Canton Vein Clinics

Posted by JEANNE L. on .
Everyone at the Canton, CT office of VCA were outstanding. Dr. Zambuto and company were very attentive and thorough in their explanations and instructions pre- and post-treatment. The staff and physician very approachable and attentive. I had an unrelated injury to my leg while at home and the staff got me in immediately to rescan my leg to be sure everything was okay with my procedure. I have not had the superficial treatments yet, but I would highly recommend this office!

Comfortable Throughout Laser Vein Removal

Posted by CAROLINE B. on .
Awesome staff made sure I was always well-informed and comfortable during each step of the laser vein removal process. Part of what made them great was that they were easy to speak with. Dr. Gariti personally called me back when I had questions after the procedure, which I absolutely loved.

Knowledgeable Doctor's Assistant

Posted by GWENDOLYN A. on .
The doctor's assistant was very knowledgeable.

Knowledgeable Lawrenceville Team

Posted by GWENDOLYN A. on .
The staff was professional from the front desk to the doctor. The doctor's assistant was very knowledgeable.

Very Detailed Vein Treatment Provider

Posted by KRYSTYNA F. on .
Provider was very detailed and made me feel comfortable. The techs were friendly and knowledgeable. Other staff were very helpful and answered my questions. Comfort during procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does this Procedure Take?

A typical laser vein treatment takes about 30 minutes to perform such as those for facial vein removal; however, the procedure can take longer if you have a large area (such as the legs), or multiple areas to treat.

Laser Vein Removal Side Effects:

Side effects of laser vein removal are generally mild, but you may experience some swelling or redness in the treatment area. If you notice significant burning or blistering of facial skin, make sure you let your provider know as he or she may have the laser at too high of a setting.

Length of Laser Vein Removal Results:

Most people notice results after a few treatments, that's why it makes the most sense to purchase laser vein treatments as a package rather than per treatment. You'll only save money in the long run. Laser vein removal treatments can't prevent new veins from forming, or even old veins from coming back, but it can greatly lessen or eliminate the appearance of spider vein, varicose veins, and broken capillaries.

Laser Vein Removal Recovery Time:

There is no recovery time associated with laser vein treatments.

Typical Minimum Cost:

$350 per treatment

Typical Maximum Cost:

$800 per treatment

Average Cost of Laser Vein Removal:

$402 per treatment

Can Insurance Cover Laser Vein Removal?

Because of the cosmetic natural of laser facial vein removal, it is not covered be insurance.

Will I feel pain or discomfort after treatment?

You may feel sore after a laser vein removal treatment, which is normal and only lasts up to a day or so. Although rare and definitely a worse case scenario, it is possible to be burned by laser vein treatments. Make sure you have confidence in your laser vein removal specialist by consultation with at least two different specialists in your area.

Other Names for Laser Vein Removal:

Laser Vein Therapy, IPL, Laser Facial Vein Removal, Endovenous Laser Treatment, ELT, EVLT

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