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An Overview

Facial lipoatrophy is an unfortunate, but inevitable, condition that typically develops in older patients, and those with immunoficiency diseases. Lipoatrophy is the loss of facial fat tissue, which is a key component for an overall youthful facial appearance.

As we age, our natural collagen and connective skin tissues start to break down and degrade, causing a natural "thinning" of the face.

Fortunately, many of today's dermal or facial filler injections can temporarily restore some of the facial fat tissue that was lost during the aging process. Lipoatrophy can be especially apparent around the temples, eyes, cheeks and jaw, where thinning and hollow areas most often present themselves.

Popular lipoatrophy treatments include injectables that use collagen, hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, or poly-L-lactic acid to treat facial thinning and fat loss.

The following is a list of today's top facial lipoatrophy injections, which can be used to correct facial fat loss, as well as fill in nasolabial folds, marionette lines, deep wrinkles, and hollows around the cheeks and forehead:

For patients who are simply trying to eliminate stubborn wrinkles on the forehead and around the mouth, botulinum toxin injectables like *Botox and *Dysport present other treatment possibilities.

To learn more about facial lipoatrophy, including treatments, causes etc., it's best to meet with a professional cosmetic provider for a personal consultation.

*These injections will not treat lipoatrophy

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