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An Overview

Sclerotherapy is a procedure that uses injections of a sclerosing solution to dissolve and eliminate unsightly spider veins—the discolored clusters of blood vessels that can appear on the legs and face. Not merely a cosmetic treatment, Sclerotherapy is also helpful in relieving some of the medical symptoms that occasionally accompany severe spider veins, including cramping, aching, burning, and swelling.

How Sclerotherapy Works on Spider Veins

The average Sclerotherapy vein removal treatment usually takes between 15-45 minutes. During the procedure, the nurse or vein physician uses a tiny needle to inject the sclerosing agent directly into the targeted spider vein. Once this solution reaches the hemoglobin in the blood, it will turn the vein white, making it practically invisible while the body's natural healing processes gradually absorb the vascular material back into the bloodstream. In short, Sclerotherapy removes spider veins by cutting off its blood supply and reabsorbing the faulty vein. With the introduction of milder sclerosing solutions in recent years, this process can work effectively on even the smallest veins, and is safer than ever before.

How Safe is Spider Vein Removal?

Though spider veins can occur in the legs, hips, and ankles of both men and women, they are often a more noticeable cosmetic issue with women, as the hair on men's legs often covers the signs of spider veins. As common as these blood vessels are, however, it's important to remember that spider veins do not serve a necessary role in the oxygenation of the body's tissues. Thus, spider vein removal with Sclerotherapy poses no considerable health risks to the patient.

Sclerotherapy and Varicose Veins

Aside from spider vein treatment, Sclerotherapy can also be used to treat some mild cases of varicose veins in some patients. Because of the larger, more serious nature of varicose veins, however, surgery will often be required. Varicose vein removal that combines Endovenous Laser Treatment with Sclerotherapy has proven to be extremely successful.

To see if Sclerotherapy could be the answer to your spider vein problems, we can set you up with a consultation with a knowledgeable skin care specialist right away.

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Sclerotherapy Reviews:


Posted by DIANNE W. on .
Great staff, professional and friendly.

Very Personable @@ Skilled Technician

Posted by MARGARET A. on .
I was very relaxed and although there is always some discomfort, it was very minimal. The technician is very personable and skilled. She put me at ease with her manner and her obvious knowledge and expertise. I did not expect immediate results as it takes time for them to manifest I can be patient. No concerns. Looking forward to great results!

Very Satisfied with Charlotte's Sclerotherapy Efforts

Posted by STELLA M. on .
Comfortable during procedure. Very satisfied -- Staff were professional, friendly, and helpful with answering all questions.

Dr. B Improved on Leg Swelling

Posted by JANET S. on .
Dr. B explained thoroughly before, during and after the treatment. The follow-up treatment was well-explained. Staff and Dr. B are very friendly and competent. My legs felt better and the swelling was gone.


Posted by CARRIE M. on .
Dr Hagman and all of staff are great
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Recommended Brookfield Office to Others Afflicted by Varicose Veins

Posted by KATHRYN B. on .
The most painless procedure I've ever had! The doctor and nurses were wonderful!! Since I've started, I've recommended it to numerous different people who complain about their legs hurting from varicose veins. My results have been tremendous! Service has been wonderful.

Immediate Results with Many Veins

Posted by KELLY C. on .
I noticed immediate results with many veins. The procedure was only slightly uncomfortable and they were quick lasting only about 15-20 minutes per session.

Rockville VCA Was Great at Jumping Through United Healthcare Hoops

Posted by KELLY C. on .
So far all the care I've been given from the staff and doctors has been great. No complaints (except my insurance coverage which is none of the office's fault). They were great jumping through all the hoops that United Healthcare put us through. I noticed immediate results with many veins. The procedures were only slightly uncomfortable and they were quick lasting only about 15-20 minutes per session.

Friendly and Professional. Definitely recommended.

Posted by CHRISTINE B. on .
Again... everyone I came in contact with was very friendly and professional. Will definitely recommend Dr. Gariti and his staff to anyone I know.

They handled everything. All I had to do was show up!

Posted by MARSHIA H. on .
I appreciate them handling all of the insurance paperwork. All I had to do was show up for my appt's.

Highly Recommend Sclerotherapy Through Gurnee Location

Posted by MARYANN G. on .
I would highly recommend it! Christine is wonderful!!!!!

Quick and Easy!

Posted by ANDREA L. on .
Minimal discomfort. Instant results. Nice staff.

My comfort was a priority.

Posted by CAROL D. on .
During the laser surgery, the doctor explained everything he was doing and my comfort was a priority.

Compassionate and informative staff

Posted by SUZANNE K. on .
Dr. Gariti was wonderful. He was very compassionate and very professional. I was very comfortable with him during the procedures. The office staff was very professional and very friendly. They all answered all of my questions, and I had many.

Vintage Park Vein Clinics of America Had Great Follow-Up

Posted by NOMA J. on .
Highly recommend. They kept in touch following the sclerotherapy.

Impressed with Alexandria's Professionalism

Posted by JANE C. on .
Very professional office. Could use more magazine choices to read. Took the time to help me feel comfortable.

Very Satisfied with Sclerotherapy Effect on Large Vein Removal

Posted by JANE P. on .
Very satisfied with my large vein removals. Still waiting on the 6-8 weeks after the sclerotherapy, but looking forward to seeing the final results.

Painless Sclerotherapy Experience

Posted by CHERYL K. on .
Very quick and painless. Very friendly.

Painless Sclerotherapy

Posted by NELLIE C. on .
The staff was and is extremely resourceful. They always made sure I was comfortable and explain each stage of the process. Very easy and painless. I am satisfied with the result thus far.

Very Positive Experience at VCA

Posted by NATALIE C. on .
I had a very positive experience at VCA. I couldn't ask for a better staff. They made me comfortable from the onset. Additionally, they were very friendly, professional and competent. Only a couple weeks out, and I am already noticing a difference! Dr. Ravi has great bedside manners and I loved his technicians!

Well-Structured Sclerotherapy

Posted by JACQUELINE B. on .
Everything went as planned with the sclerotherapy procedure.

Helpful Chicago Vein Doctor

Posted by JACQUELINE B. on .
The staff was great and the doctor was very helpful.

Doctor @@ Nurse Perform Sclerotherapy Very Well

Posted by ASHLEE M. on .
Always runs on time!! They are all friendly! The doctor and nurse are both very good when performing the ultrasound and sclerotherapy procedures.

Ensured Consistent Comfort

Posted by RUBY B. on .
Very little discomfort due to expertise of the staff. All the staff made sure I was comfortable during every visit and treatment.

Loved Results from Sclerotherapy

Posted by CHRISTINE T. on .
I had the best experience at Vein Clinics of America's Merrillville office. Loved the staff and the results. Awesome!

Highly Recommend Dr. Kimmell!

Posted by DANA H. on .
Dr. Kimmell is very professional and kind! The technician is very outgoing and made you feel comfortable! Highly recommend them! Comfortable very little discomfort!

Nurse Was Very Professional

Posted by GEORGIA J. on .
The nurse did the procedure and was very knowledgeable and gentle. Everyone I met was nice and professional.

Great Office Support for Sclerotherapy

Posted by ANNE S. on .
I thought everyone at the office I went to was great. Liked the sclerotherapy procedure.

Professional Nurse Conducted Sclerotherapy

Posted by PAM M. on .
The nurse who did the procedure was very professional. Everyone in the office is very friendly and nice.

Smooth Operations in Oak Brook Site

Posted by AMY B. on .
Things are going smoothly. I'm still waiting for some results from some of the procedures as I know it takes time.

Wish I Hadn't Waited So Long for Sclerotherapy Treatment

Posted by SANDRA P. on .
The doctor and his staff are very professional yet friendly. I felt that my comfort was their highest priority. Relatively quick and effective. I would recommend this procedure and wish that I had not waited so long to have this done. I only wish that the insurance hoops were not so difficult.

Professional Sclerotherapy Technician

Posted by DONALD S. on .
The technician and Dr. Green were professional. My only issue was with the wait prior to beginning the sclerotherapy.

Dr. Hagman Provided Thorough Sclerotherapy Explanation

Posted by SHIRLEY N. on .
Dr. Hagman and his nursing assistants were very knowledgeable and thoroughly explained the procedure along with the results of the sclerotherapy.

Looking Forward to Wearing Shorts Again

Posted by ESTHERMAY P. on .
Looking forward to being able to wear short dresses and shorts again. I wish I had done this years ago. They answered my questions fully.

Ultrasound Scanning Done by Different Technician

Posted by ELENA M. on .
They are all nice to me. I found it weird that ultrasound scanning done by different technologist every time. Fortunately, the doctor is always the same. I am still in process. My legs get tired fast and are in pain with a lot of bruises. I hope by summer they will look and feel better.

Very Blessed by Sclerotherapy

Posted by KELLY S. on .
Everyone in the office was AMAZING. I was Very Blessed to meet all of these wonderful people. They work with you to make you feel so comfortable.

Dr. Singh's Unparalleled Bedside Manners

Posted by CHARMAINE K. on .
Dr. Singh and Dr. Kirsch are consummate pros. They could conduct training sessions for others, so they would understand how to really make a patient comfortable and confident. Dr. Kirsch is outstanding in his personalized medicine approach. Dr. Singh has a great bedside manners that is unparalleled.

Vast Improvement After Sclerotherapy

Posted by GILDA J. on .
Vast improvement after the treatments. The physician and staff were so friendly. I always had time for my questions.

Staff Members Remained Compassionate Throughout Procedures

Posted by ROBIN M. on .
The procedures have been painful, but productive. The staff members and surgeon have been very personable and compassionate.

Recommend Plano for All Vein Treatments

Posted by DIANA B. on .
I've had my veins injected in the past. It's been several years and it needed to be done again. The doctor was informative and took the time to explain everything. Didn't feel like I was being rushed through an appointment. I would definitely recommend this office to anyone looking to have vein treatments. The entire staff is friendly and knowledgeable!

Wonderful Experience Other Than Phone System

Posted by CAROLE W. on .
Only negative is with appointment scheduling calling in. Getting person in another state. Have to click around and then get someone who has to send an email and have real office call you back. Very frustrating. Doctor and his staff are wonderful, attentive, clean, just a great experience. Phone system is not. Wonderful doctor and staff

Recommending Sclerotherapy

Posted by RONALD D. on .
I would recommend my procedure. Pain was considerable for about 2-3 days, but after that it was much better. Everyone was very nice and extremely professional.

Credit Excellence to Dr. Harden

Posted by JHONNA S. on .
I'm still undergoing treatment and expect to pay a little more money. That said, I've been very satisfied with the payment process in that I pay incrementally as each appointment occurs. Further, I am extremely impressed with how little discomfort I've felt this far. I credit this to the wonderful skill and experience of Dr. Harden and his team. They are confident, precise, informative and gentle, which has kept me at ease and confident in the procedures, results, and my decision to follow through with this treatment.

Comfortable with Vein Clinics' Sclerotherapy

Posted by FRANCIS R. on .
Very comfortable. Less pain.

Staff Made My Day

Posted by FRANCIS R. on .
Very friendly staff. Very comfortable. Less pain.

No Question Went Unanswered

Posted by DIANE M. on .
Minimal discomfort during procedures, a whole lot of tenderness afterwards. Dr. K answered all questions, no matter how trivial.

Wasn't Expecting Lengthy Process

Posted by ERIN M. on .
It could be a little clearer to patients that it will be painful and that there are a lot of steps involved. I was not expecting there to be so many steps in the process. I love Dr. Kirsch and Lisa! The entire staff is wonderful!

Glad They Offer Reminders

Posted by RAQUEL P. on .
Dr. Schruefer is great as well as the staff from the front office and the sonographer. Great service, I would highly recommend this to my friends and family. Yes, everything was explained to me from the beginning up to the end of the procedure, and reminder on what to do after each procedure which I believe is very important as a patient.

Solid Sclerotherapy Work

Posted by CONNIE H. on .
The Brentwood physician did a very nice job with my sclerotherapy. Glad I went.

Dr. Wan and his staff are excellent!

Posted by PAIGE S. on .
Dr. Wan and his staff are excellent! They always ensure my comfort, especially before they begin a procedure. The front office staff is always welcoming with smiles. I would recommend the Lawrenceville office to all my friends and family!! All of the staff at the Lawrenceville location and Dr. Wan are fabulous!!!

Sclerotherapy May Have Permanently Damaged My Skin

Posted by NICOLE G. on .
The results of the Sclerotherapy was horrible. I now have all these dark spots and many skin indentations where skin sloughed off. I did not see any improvement of my veins. I am completely dissatisfied. I read on the internet that the "staining" from the injections may be permanent. I wish I would have known this, for I would have never got it done here. I have had this same procedure many times and have never experience anything like this! I wish that your office would have taken before and after pictures. This would make everyone scared to get this procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does this Procedure Take?

Sclerotherapy injections last about 30 minutes. The best Sclerotherapy results are seen with at least 3-4 injections performed about 2 weeks apart, but sometimes as many as 6 treatments may be necessary.

Sclerotherapy Side Effects:

Sclerotherapy side effects include itching, hyperpigmentation, allergic reactions, and minor pain at the injection site.

Length of Sclerotherapy Results:

Most veins will fade within 2-8 weeks of the final session of Sclerotherapy. Results should be permanent. Of course, it's still possible for new veins to emerge over time.

Sclerotherapy Recovery Time:

There is no downtime with Sclerotherapy vein removal treatments. Patients do, however, have to wear a compression stocking for a period of time.

Typical Minimum Cost:

$300 per treatment area

Typical Maximum Cost:

$400 per treatment area

Average Cost of Sclerotherapy:

$332 per treatment area

Will I feel pain or discomfort after treatment?

Injections are performed with an ultra-fine needle and are relatively painless.

Sclerotherapy can be Combined with:

Other Names for Sclerotherapy:

Spider vein treatment, spider vein removal, varicose vein removal, vein removal injections, injectable vein treatment

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