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An Overview

Do you want smoother, brighter, clearer skin? A non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure, SilkPeel® Dermalinfusion® fights sun damage, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, acne and dehydration. The clinically proven aesthetic technology delivers pro-infusion solutions like Lumixyl for hyperpigmentation, ClarityMD for acne and Vitamin C for detoxification.

SilkPeel® Dermalinfusion® takes microdermabrasion to the next level. A diamond tip wand exfoliates damaged skin cells to deliver targeted treatments to the dermis. The customizable technology is a great way to treat acne, aging, pigmentation and other skin conditions as well as optimize other treatments like skin tightening. The procedure takes about 30 minutes and requires no recovery time.

SilkPeel Reviews:

Down-to-earth Team

Posted by SHANNON H. on .
The employees were extremely friendly and down-to-earth.

Smoother Skin

Posted by KRYSTAL H. on .
Face feels smoother

SilkPeel = Amazing!

Posted by AMANDA R. on .
I was a little iffy going in as it was my first skin treatment. I got the silk peel and it got rid of all my black heads along with some oily/scale's on the side of my nose. Very impressed and would do again.

Amazing Results!!!

Posted by MELISSA M. on .
The results were so amazing! My skin is so soft and looks so clean. Love it!

SilkPeel Left Our Skin Simply Glowing

Posted by MEGAN T. on .
My daughter and I both had silk peels performed. We felt like our skin was glowing after the procedure and beyond. I was pleased that there was no additional break outs for my daughter who struggles with acne.
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Pleasant Procedure

Posted by SANDY M. on .
Was happy with the treatment

Relaxing @@ Gentle

Posted by ANDREA H. on .
Relaxing, gentle treatment.

Great Job!

Posted by KELLI H. on .
Extremely happy!

Pretty Good Results

Posted by LINDA L. on .
The doctor was very personable and knowledgeable. I came in mainly for the lines around my mouth. Results could have been a little better.

Skin Felt Amazing After The SilkPeel!

Posted by STEPHANIE G. on .
Monica Gates in new city performed my treatment and it was very relaxing and enjoyable and my skin felt amazing after!

Skin Felt Terrific After SilkPeel

Posted by PATRICE R. on .
Length of session was good, not too long. No pain. Felt terrific after, very smooth.

Exceeded My Expectations!

Posted by MELISSA M. on .
Has exceeded my expectations! Aestheticians are great! They are: friendly, knowledgeable, and offer good suggestions for post-procedure care.

SilkPeel Results Are Phenomenal

Posted by RONDA M. on .
Very thorough and refreshing procedure. The equipment was fine and I appreciated that the "tip" or end of the instrument was modified when the more sensitive areas were done. The length of the session was just right for me as it included the prepping, the procedure and the after application of products. I have excellent results so far and everything met and is beyond my expectations with this procedure.

SilkPeel Leaves My Skin Looking @@ Feeling Amazing!

Posted by MAGGIE H. on .
I recently tried the new Silk Peel treatment, which was more like a derma fused hydration cleaning. My face looked clean and refreshed. The equipment does two things - hydrates and revitalized while vacuuming out the pores. It's a great new piece of equipment!!

Good Services

Posted by DENISE H. on .
very happy with services

Saw Immediate Results!

Posted by CHRISTINA S. on .
I thought it was quick and painless- and i saw the immediate results.

Love The SilkPeel

Posted by CINDY P. on .
Silk peel was very nice!

As Expected

Posted by JENNIFER E. on .
Treatments have been as expected

SilkPeel's A Good Treatment

Posted by ANTHONY B. on .
the treatment i received by all members of the staff was excellent the product is very good, but the results were less than i expected.

SilkPeel's Amazing!

Posted by CAROLE P. on .
I love the new silk peels, they're amazing!!

Skin Always Looks Great

Posted by CAMILLE B. on .
Skin always looks good after this treatment. I'm a big fan of the Silk Peel. Technician could have cleaned my face and makeup off more thoroughly, like the other girls do.

The New City Staff Is Professional @@ Thorough

Posted by JENNIFER E. on .
All of the technicians and staff I have met at the New City Office have been professional and thorough. I have enjoyed each session and feel they are all very knowledgeable. There was one "substitute" technician on one occasion who was from the White Plains office and she was not as knowledgeable and/or thorough and I felt my treatment was not what it should have been. I reported this at my next visit and the staff was very understanding and somewhat compensated me for the "lost" visit.

Excellent Results From SilkPeel

Posted by RONDA M. on .
Every aspect of the experience went well: The person performing the procedure was skilled and thorough, the products were agreeable and worked well with my skin and the results were excellent.

SilkPeel Is Pricey But Amazing

Posted by RHONDA R. on .
The Silk peels are wonderful, thorough, but pricey. They are better than the basic microdermabrasion sessions I did prior to trying this.

My Skin Looks Fantastic

Posted by DIANE M. on .
i love the treatment, my skin looks fantastic.

Skin Looks Great After Peel

Posted by SUSAN C. on .
Had a peel at no charge. Was very good. Skin looks great. Will consider purchasing package in future.

Microdermabrasion Technique Has Improved

Posted by STEPHANIE L. on .
The treatment was better because it was less messy than the original microdermabrasions because it used the liquid.


Posted by CAMILLE B. on .
SilkPeel Package Purchase: Did 2 treatments already, and they are fabulous. I would highly recommend this to anyone, regardless of their skin type.

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