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Vein Removal

An Overview

Vein removal can be accomplished through surgical or non-surgical means, and usually addresses unwanted spider veins and varicose veins. In some instances, varicose vein removal treatment is necessary for medical reasons, as severe cases can become quite painful and cause considerable daily discomfort. However, the predominant number of vein removal procedures are done for cosmetic reasons, with patients wishing to erase unsightly spider veins and varicose veins from their legs and face. Fortunately, because these veins do not serve a critical purpose to the body's circulatory functions, removing them poses little to no health risk.

Discover your Vein Removal Options

Whether you're interested in spider vein removal, varicose vein removal, or both, there are a number of available vein treatment techniques and procedures. The right choice depends on many factors, including your age, medical history, the extent of your vein condition, and, of course, personal preferences. For vein removal, do you prefer an injectable treatment or laser procedure.

Sclerotherapy & Laser Vein Removal

The most common non-surgical method of vein removal is sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy vein removal involves inserting a tiny needle directly into the vein with a solution that will break apart and collapse the vein. It’s most often used on spider veins and smaller varicose veins.

In recent years, technological advances have also made laser vein treatment and intense pulsed light therapy (IPL) increasingly popular alternatives for vein removal. There are a variety of lasers on the market that are designed for vein treatment, each utilizing a high intensity light to target pigmentation within the vein, thus collapsing it and removing it from visibility. Endovenous Laser Treatment is a different, more powerful kind of laser vein removal designed to eliminate varicose leg veins. ELT is the only light-based treatment powerful enough to handle varicose veins.

To determine which type of vein removal treatment is right for you, we can help arrange a consultation with a knowledgeable vein specialist.

Vein Removal Reviews:

Clear Explanation of Venous Disease

Posted by LISA M. on .
Explained vein disease very clearly.

Professional Staff

Posted by LISA M. on .
The staff was friendly and professional.

Will Be Recommending Arlington Vein Clinics of America

Posted by MARIA D. on .
Yes, I will recommend to a friend. So far everything I have done was internal. I have a few more appointments. They are very helpful and nice.

I would recommend Geneva VCA.

Posted by VICKI C. on .
I would recommend. Great staff.

Especially Helpful Ultrasound Tech

Posted by PETE K. on .
The staff was very helpful, especially the ultrasound tech.
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Staff Dedicated to Comfort @@ Results

Posted by ERNIE J. on .
Dr. Cunningham and staff are very professional. The entire treatment (about 2 months) was very coordinated. Staff was dedicated to my comfort and results.

Utmost Professional Care

Posted by ROSE O. on .
I have always had the utmost in professional care.....from the staff's explanations and the procedures, too.

Able to Sit Up for Comfort

Posted by OLIVIA F. on .
Satisfactory appointment. I was allowed to sit up which is much more comfortable with my back.

Happy with Results @@ Follow-up

Posted by JANET H. on .
Very happy with my results. I did not experience any major pain. If you experience pain easily, it would be easy to tolerate because it does not last long. Very helpful with the questions I asked. Even did a follow-up the day after.

Ecstatic with Vein Removal Procedure

Posted by ANDRE F. on .
The staff was very professional. I received expert advice. The team was friendly and helpful. I'm ecstatic with the procedure and very, very happy.

Pleased with Surgery Outcome

Posted by MELISSA S. on .
I was pleased with the outcome of my surgery and the honesty of the diagnosis.

Staff Ensured I Understood Vein Removal

Posted by CHRISTINE F. on .
Staff helped me to understand this procedure.

Received Helpful Printout

Posted by MARTI E. on .
Gave me a printout of all appointments and procedures.

Vein Removal Met Expectations

Posted by ELISE H. on .
Everything went as expected three days after the treatment.

Looking Forward to Full VeiN Removal Results

Posted by ELISE H. on .
The technician was very helpful and explained everything fully. I am looking forward to seeing the results after the bruising has gone.

Instant Vein Removal

Posted by LINDA H. on .
I will definitely recommend it because there is an instant result and the procedure is great!

Friend Vein Removal Professionals

Posted by VICKY M. on .
They were friendly and concerned about my comfort at every visit.

Extended Visits to Address My Needs

Posted by CONNIE B. on .
Staff are personable and professional. Really seem to care. Extended visits to ensure that my needs were met. I am happy with the results and look forward to appreciating the finished product.

Howell Team Prepared Well for Vein Procedures

Posted by FRANTZ T. on .
Great staff. Step-to-step explanations before-and-after procedures. Cleanliness was great. The team was well-prepared before procedures.


Posted by FRANTZ T. on .
Great, well prepared before procedures.

Well-Rounded Staff at Glen Burnie

Posted by LAURIE B. on .
Staff members seem to be trained in all aspects of the facility's operation. It's probably best for the staff, but it makes the whole operation seem a bit crazy. The procedure is uncomfortable, but appears necessary.

I feel better!

Posted by ANNIE H. on .
My legs feel better than they have in years.

Great service, even better results

Posted by ANNIE H. on .
My legs feel better than they have in years. Always courteous. Appointments are generally on time. Staff know you by name.

Happy with Arlington's Professionalism

Posted by DENISE L. on .
Very happy with the professional vein treatment service.

Excellent Vein Removal Treatment

Posted by LISA B. on .
All of the nurses were nice and sensitive to my needs, the care was excellent quality, and the results of my treatments are very satisfying.

Excellent Staff in Scarsdale

Posted by PETER F. on .
Excellent Staff... XO

Pleased with Procedure's Outcome

Posted by BOBBI B. on .
I am pleased with the outcome of my actual procedure. Client education could be more in depth, but I am a scientist, so perhaps I just want more details.

Very Pleased with Vein Removal

Posted by RUTH M. on .
I completed this survey in the office on Tuesday, June 7. Very pleased.

Towson Staff Was Great

Posted by NICHOLAS S. on .
The staff was great. It was all good, overall.

Possessing Highest Professionalism

Posted by JOHNATHAN L. on .
The staff is absolutely wonderful, possessing the highest professionalism and concern for the patient.

Happy with Vein Removal

Posted by JOHNATHAN L. on .
Very happy with Alexandria vein removal.

Patient-Oriented Physician

Posted by RICHARD K. on .
I am pleased with the office staff's expertise in handling my particular case. The staff is very knowledgeable. The physician is very patient-oriented. The made me comfortable with the understanding that I will receive the best care.

Regained Full Leg Articulation

Posted by MARYANN A. on .
I was very impressed with the professionalism of the staff, as well as their kindness and courtesy. I was well taken care of at each of my treatments. I'm thrilled with the end result of the overall procedure - I have no pain in my leg. I can bend it the way I used to, and my leg looks great.

Warm hearted and Professional

Posted by MELANIE K. on .
Very professional but still very warm hearted To your needs. Thank you

Excellent Hackensack Team

Posted by FIDENCIA C. on .
The people working in the Hackensack office were excellent.

Extremely Happy with Alexandria Office

Posted by MANSUR A. on .
Very courteous, professional, helpful, and friendly. Extremely happy.

Seamless Appointment Scheduling

Posted by DENISE W. on .
I was nervous going in because I didn't know what to expect. The doctors and staff relaxed me by telling me what they were going to do and the pain I might feel which was little to none. The doctors and staff were always nice and professional. The scheduler was great, letting me know when there were cancellations in case I wanted to change my appointments to earlier times, and financing.

Treated Well by Dr. Nichols

Posted by JOHN J. on .
From the minute I walked in, I was made welcome. Dr. Nichols and his team treated me so well.They were personable, professional & informative about the procedures, my post-op & expectations between appointments.

Extremely Satisfied with Results

Posted by PATRICIA B. on .
I'm still healing, but extremely happy with the results.

Felt Relaxed with Bristol Staff

Posted by DONALD G. on .
Entire staff is professional while keeping you relaxed at the same time.

Extremely Pleased with Removed Pressure

Posted by ELLEN P. on .
I am extremely pleased that my leg pain and pressure is now gone.

Staff Instilled Confidence in Their Surgical Prowess

Posted by ELLEN P. on .
The staff conducts themselves in a very friendly, professional manner that instills confidence in their ability to perform quality surgical care.

The Team Made the Visit

Posted by LOUISE R. on .
I face constant swelling unless I wear the compression stockings everyday. That said, the team was very friendly and professional.

Very Professional Silver Spring Vein Team

Posted by LOUISE R. on .
Very friendly & professional team in the Silver Spring clinic.

Improvement Over Original Leg Tiredness

Posted by DIANA M. on .
So far, I am very pleased with my procedure. Leg heaviness and tiredness has definitely improved.

Appreciated the Cleanliness of the Rockville Office

Posted by KATHERYN M. on .
Staff are very friendly. Office is very clean. Staff are very knowledgeable.

Great to See Concern from Glen Burnie CVR Staff

Posted by CHERYL K. on .
Everyone was great and made me feel very comfortable during my visits. Everyone was concerned for my health and feelings during the process. Would recommend to anyone needing vein work!

Consistently Available Information from Center for Vein Restoration

Posted by PAMELA V. on .
All of the staff were very friendly & knowledgeable. I always felt comfortable & well-informed. My treatment is still in progress.

Achiness @@ Swelling Will Improve Over Months

Posted by PAMELA V. on .
The achiness in my legs has improved as well as the appearance and it will continue to improve over time. I continue to have swelling which has improved and will continue to do so over the next several months.

Arlington Staff Gladly Accommodated My Lifestyle

Posted by JUDITH D. on .
All of the staff are very professional and were willing to accommodate my busy, out-of-state lifestyle. All of my questions were answered and follow up was done when needed.

Excellent Service

Posted by IVETTE A. on .
I'm feeling happy. Excellent service.

Noticeable Vein Removal Results

Posted by MICHELLE D. on .
The procedure itself was not painful, but the following days were a little tough. I am so happy with the results, thus far. I had veins in both legs cauterized and then a solution put in the branching veins. Since the procedures, I have seen noticeable results. It makes me so very happy and I am so grateful that I reached out to make the appointments. I didn't realize how the lack of good blood flow was affecting my mobility. I am back to my energized self. What a blessing!!! I would recommend Vein Clinics of America to anyone with similar symptoms as I had. I am also very impressed with the staff. They are all very personable and helpful. I was given all the information needed. Dr. Olen was very personable and the sonographer was exceptionally kind.

Couldn't Ask for Better Vein Doctor

Posted by KENNETH A. on .
The work the doctor and staff did has changed the way my legs look but, more importantly, the way they feel. I did a workout this morning like I used to do 15 yrs ago. Great work!!!! Best doctor and staff a person could want. The Doctor always explained everything he was going to do. The staff was also the best.

Trevose Vein Clinics of America Did a Really Great Job!

Posted by DARLENE E. on .
I am so happy that you sent this survey to me because everyone at this office was wonderful. They are all friendly, nice and very qualified at their jobs. Even though some of my procedures were a bit painful, them being so nice and walking me through all of the procedure steps really helped. I would recommend this office to anyone. They really do a great job!

Truly Remarkable Vein Team

Posted by SUSAN R. on .
I feel that the staff went way beyond my expectations! I had to cancel an appointment at the last minute due a family emergency and they reacted in a positive manner! Also, every procedure was explained so completely that I never had to ask any additional questions! On every visit, I experienced a truly remarkable staff that was concerned on my progress and reactions to the treatment. Very pleased! My legs haven't felt this good in a very long time! Ant look so good too!

Great Technicians, but iPad Sign-in Could Be More Efficient

Posted by WILLIAM B. on .
The doctors and technicians are great. Front office is slightly disorganized, but tries hard to help. iPad sign-in gets cumbersome.

Prefer Vein Clinics of America's Comprehensive Approach

Posted by MARYANN W. on .
I had surgery on my legs 2 years ago and had to be under anesthesia and they only did the initial laser treatment. I prefer the comprehensive approach that Vein Clinics does and love that there is no anesthesia! It is important to me that Vein clinics does it in a step by step process starting with the bigger veins down to the small surface veins. Everyone has been wonderful! Dr. Buckwalter is very knowledgable and the girl that does the sonograms is great too.

Clear Expectations for Vein Removal

Posted by LINDA F. on .
Greenwich team did a good job of explaining the vein removal procedure beforehand. I would recommend them.

Thrilled with Vein Clinics of America Results

Posted by DIANE C. on .
I had a wonderful experience Dr. Humphrey is fantastic. The staff is wonderful. My legs were in constant pain with bulging veins that itched and burned. My legs were very unattractive. Now my legs are beautiful and pain free!!! Thank you VCA. I am thrilled with the results, so glad I went to VCA

Young Legs Again!

Posted by LISA K. on .
Very happy! My legs feel young again!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does this Procedure Take?

Depends on which type of method and which type of veins are being removed, but a vein removal session usually lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.

Vein Removal Side Effects:

Skin discoloration, pain, swelling, and anesthesia reactions can occur, depending on the vein treatment type, but are usually mild and temporary.

Length of Vein Removal Results:

Vein removal permanently eliminates the targeted vein. New veins can appear later, however, as vein removal may not treat the root cause of varicose veins.

Vein Removal Recovery Time:

Recovery times vary depending on the type of vein removal. Non-surgical treatments require no real downtime, while surgical methods may require the patient to stay home for a week or two. In any case, the patient will be advised to avoid direct sun, heat, and extreme aerobic activity for at least a week afterwards.

Average Cost of Vein Removal:

The average cost of non-surgical vein removal is $300 per session, depending on the type of treatment and size of the treated area.

Can Insurance Cover Vein Removal?

Unless you are suffering from a vein related medical condition, vein removal is a cosmetic treatment, and thus not covered by insurance.

Will I feel pain or discomfort after treatment?

Patients experience minor degrees of pain with most vein treatments, but the pain is temporary.

Vein Removal can be Combined with:

Spider vein removal or varicose vein removal treatments like Laser Vein Removal and Sclerotherapy often go well with other skin rejuvenation treatments like Microdermabrasion and IPL Photofacial. Sclerotherapy can even be combined with Endovenous Laser Treatment for increased vein removal effectiveness.

Other Names for Vein Removal:

Vein therapy, Sclerotherapy, vein treatment, spider vein removal, varicose vein removal, laser vein removal, Endovenous Vein Treatment.

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