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An Overview

Vein treatment for spider and varicose veins is becoming increasingly popular in the field of cosmetic medicine. Sclerotherapy tends to be the most often used treatment, especially for spider veins and smaller varicose veins. Lasers may also be effective in the treatment of these colored, often unsightly veins that appear at the skin’s surface. Surgical options are also available for vein treatment, and usually are reserved for more severe varicose veins.

Vein Treatment Reviews:

Attentive and caring!

Posted by GAILEN K. on .
Always have made sure I was doing ok during my treatments.

I would highly recommend the procedures.

Posted by LESLIE G. on .
I would highly recommend the procedures. I experienced minimal discomfort and the results were immediate!

Some discomfort but it was bearable.

Posted by JANIE T. on .
Some discomfort but it was bearable.

Dr Kirsch is wonderful combination of knowledge, dedication, and easy going personality.

Posted by DENISE K. on .
Dr Kirsch is wonderful combination of knowledge, dedication, and easy going personality. Very attentive to my comfort during procedures. Very good at explaining everything. Helped me get setup with pneumatic pump for my leg and CircAid. I had a skin reaction after one treatment and I called his emergency #, he called right back (from his vacation) and offered to meet me at his office if needed. He also called me the next day to check up. His staff is friendly, efficient, accommodating, attentive, couldn't be better. And they made the insurance/payment process easy.

Saw results and felt better!

Posted by ELAINE H. on .
Saw results and felt better!
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Their treatments are more comfortable!

Posted by JENNIFER R. on .
I've done other procedures before and I did find these procedures to be more comfortable. The recovery time was minimal.

100% satisfied!

Posted by KAREN C. on .
100% satisfied!

Very happy I went there for treatment.

Posted by JOHN A. on .
Very happy I went there for treatment.

I would recommend Dr. Buckner to family and friends!

Posted by ROBIN K. on .
I felt mild discomfort during the procedure. Dr. Buckner put me at ease and made the procedure as painless as possible. I would recommend Dr. Buckner to family and friends. One of my co-workers already made an appointment with Dr. Buckner based on my positive experience.

It was as comfortable as it could be..

Posted by CHERYL E. on .
I guess it was as comfortable as it could be but not a fun procedure.

I am very pleased with the procedure!

Posted by YESHIEMEBET T. on .
I am very pleased with the procedure!

So far, the results are great.

Posted by PAUL S. on .
So far, the results are great. Did it for venous insufficiency caused by DVT. The procedures improved my function.

The procedures had minimal discomfort and the results have been amazing!

Posted by DAWN G. on .
The procedures had minimal discomfort and the results have been amazing. When you have pain and sore legs for years and they do the injections and ablation and everything starts to heal it is wonderful to have that pain taken away! The results in my case were not immediate because of insurance changes where I could not go for a few years but once I was able to get back to the clinic and my insurance allowed it, things went very smoothly and they got me in on a regular basis and we finally got through the treatments. I would highly recommend the Vein Clinic of America and Dr. Gariti to anyone who is seeking to have their varicose veins taken care of.

Nice and made me comfortable!

Posted by CLAUDIA T. on .
Staff was all very nice and made sure I was comfortable during the procedures.

The procedure was easy!

Posted by JERALD G. on .
The procedure was easy!

Minor discomfort

Posted by JEAN W. on .
Minor bruising and pain

Energy in my legs I never felt before!

Posted by DANIELLE W. on .
Well after the laser treatment, I was able to go out dancing, with no pain. I started running after 3 days with energy in my legs I never felt before.

Improving @@ feels better!

Posted by PAMELA D. on .
My legs are improving and feels better every day

Made me comfortable

Posted by MICHELLE P. on .
Painful but tolerable. They made me as comfortable as possible!

The procedure worked!

Posted by LINDA P. on .
The procedure worked!

I am very pleased!

Posted by CAROLYN H. on .
I am very pleased with the treatment!

My legs feel better.

Posted by MICHAEL D. on .
My legs feel better.

I am not finished yet, So far so good...

Posted by THOMAS L. on .
I am not finished yet, So far so good...

I am happy with the outcome of the procedure.

Posted by ADRIENNE A. on .
I am happy with the outcome of the procedure.

I would give the procedure a 9 out of 10!

Posted by CARL M. on .
I would give the procedure a 9 out of 10!

Dr.Salazar and Ann questioned me throughout the procedures to assure I was doing OK as it progressed.

Posted by JULIE S. on .
Dr.Salazar and Ann questioned me throughout the procedures to assure I was doing OK as it progressed. I felt like they really listened to me.

I am almost finished with the procedures and so far am satisfied.

Posted by MELANIE U. on .
I am almost finished with the procedures and so far am satisfied. I have a few spider veins which I am still waiting to have disappear.

Treatments are quick and pretty painless.

Posted by ROBIN F. on .
Treatments are quick and pretty painless.

Leg pain I had before procedure is gone.

Posted by POLLY C. on .
Very easy and minimal discomfort. Dr and staff are great. Leg pain I had before procedure is gone.

I was given step by step instructions from the staff .

Posted by DAWN J. on .
I was given step by step instructions from the staff .

The procedure was quick and through with minimal pain

Posted by VALERIE L. on .
The procedure was quick and through with minimal pain. I experience the most discomfort in the evenings at bedtime.

100% Better

Posted by DAFNEL D. on .
I'm finally at 100% again.

Great Staff

Posted by ANDREA R. on .
The staff was great.

Pleased with Vein Treatment

Posted by JACKIE S. on .
I am very pleased with Vein Clinics of America.

Wonderful Alexandria Staff

Posted by DESRINE B. on .
The staff was wonderful, very nice and friendly.

Vein Surgery Absolved Me of Pain @@ Heaviness

Posted by ANNAMARIA P. on .
My leg was in so much pain and felt very heavy. After my surgery those feelings went away. I would definitely recommend this procedure to everyone. The staff was very helpful and smiled a lot.

Walked Out with Answers

Posted by KAREN M. on .
Answered all my questions

Very friendly @@ minimal discomfort during treatment

Posted by KAREN M. on .
Very friendly staff. Slight discomfort during treatment but it was minimal.

Wish Other Doctors Displayed VCA's Patience

Posted by JOAN N. on .
All I can say is that I wish all my doctors could be as thorough and patient. Each step of the procedure was explained thoroughly, before and during, with great care toward maintaining my comfort and safety throughout.

Great Preparation by MD

Posted by DALMICIA C. on .
The staff and MD prepared me very well and there was no surprise with what I needed done. I was comfortable and was able to go home right away. Yes, I will recommend the procedure to anybody with vein problems. I got immediate results.

Quick to Offer Ice Packs. A Nice Touch.

Posted by SUE R. on .
Staff has been terrific, thorough explanation of procedures, positive, quick to offer ice packs to ease discomfort.

Staff Made for a Great Experience

Posted by HEATHER K. on .
Great experience. Staff is excellent.

Generous with Numbing Medication

Posted by ALYCIA H. on .
Please continue to be generous with the numbing medications. This really makes the experience more comfortable. The staff was professional, helpful and kind from beginning to end.

Will Recommend to Those with Vein Issues

Posted by DARLENE O. on .
Professional, caring & knowledgeable. Will recommend for those suffering from vein issues.

Prompt Team

Posted by PAMELA H. on .
Everyone was nice and prompt.

Doctor Calmly Kept Me Updated

Posted by DEMEATRICE L. on .
As to be expected, there is some bruising and soreness. The laser procedures were of no discomfort at all. The injections, were somewhat painful in some areas. It helped that before each injection the doctor calmly explained what was about to happen.

Regularly Calmed Anxiety

Posted by DEMEATRICE L. on .
The provider and staff calmed my anxiety with a friendly greeting on each visit.

Received Step-by-Step Description of Procedure

Posted by CATHERINE S. on .
The entire staff was very pleasant, comforting, and explained everything that was happening in detail. Gave step-by-step description of what was happening, so no surprises. Also made sure I was comfortable the entire time and afterwards.

Very Caring Team

Posted by DIANE K. on .
They were very caring. The staff was very helpful in putting my mind at ease.

No Longer Have Leg Pain

Posted by PATRICIA B. on .
I am pleased with the result. I now have no leg pain.

Thorough Procedure Explanation

Posted by VICKIE W. on .
Everyone was very professional and very nice. More so, the procedures were thoroughly explained.

Great Staff

Posted by JAMES W. on .
The staff at Quantico, Virginia is great.

Great Staff!

Posted by GEORGINE M. on .
The staff is great!

Need Additional Post-Care Info

Posted by URVI D. on .
I needed better information regarding post-case. Thanks!

Accommodating Staff

Posted by NATALIE S. on .
The staff was (is) accommodating. Knowledgeable. Current.

Exceptional Appointment Scheduling

Posted by BEVERLY B. on .
Everyone was truly exceptional in trying to schedule my apps as soon as possible and get me the treatment I needed. The insurance on the other hand made things very difficult at times. We had to reapply and reapply for more procedures, as if this was for cosmetic purposes. I assure you it was not as most of the problem was not at the surface. They were always reassuring we'd get it worked out asap. The nurse and us techs were very understanding, but at the same time very thorough. They made the dr's work as easy as they could. All very qualified people. A definite plus for the whole network.

Encouraging Feedback from Clinic

Posted by DEBRA S. on .
My clinic always provides feedback and encouragement. I am in an age bracket where many of my friends and colleagues are concerned about deterioration of their veins. I am already recommending my clinic as they have been wonderful to work with.

Big Thumbs Up!

Posted by FRANCES B. on .
The doctor and staff are amazing. Big thumbs up. They are the best office personal I have ever felt with.

Treated as Number One Patient

Posted by LUANA D. on .
The entire process I was treated as I was their only patient.

Great Experience w/ Southlake

Posted by CARRIE D. on .
Everything was great.

Extremely Well-Trained by VCA Staff

Posted by ANNE B. on .
I felt that I was in very capable hands. The staff was very professional and I felt extremely well-trained.

Overall Improved Legs

Posted by BETTY S. on .
Very nice staff. Procedure hurts but legs feel better overall

Continue Caring About Patients

Posted by EVA B. on .
Just keep up the good work. Continue caring about your patients.

Friendly @@ Knowledgeable

Posted by ANGIE W. on .
Very friendly and knowledgeable team at the Sterling office.

Staff Offered Anesthesia

Posted by RAYMOND W. on .
The procedure was painful, but I found the staff was very accommodating and gave anesthesia when necessary.

Smooth Procedure Process

Posted by ROBERTO P. on .
The procedure itself was not bad, easy to get through. The chemical plug process is more painful but it's better than the old vein stripping I hear.

Staff Addressed My Concerns

Posted by DONNA T. on .
I was comfortable with talking with the doctor, but I didn't think my case was that severe. The mapping test showed some issues and I had 4 procedures done on my legs. I'm still concern with my left leg after having the injection done about 3 weeks ago. I still have some numbness but, the nurse, tech staff and doctor all assured me that it was a part of healing.

Very Satisfied with Procedure Comfort

Posted by MARC H. on .
Procedures were made comfortable. Had some discomfort as the numbing agent wore off, but all in all, very satisfied.

Enjoyed Procedural Updates from Doctor and Assistant

Posted by SHARON L. G. on .
I liked the idea of the doctor and PA letting me know ahead of time when they were going to do an injection. I'm thinking some of the appointments could have been combined. In other words, as long as I was in the office, I wouldn't have minded a couple of procedures being doubled, i.e., both of my legs getting injections for the surface/spider veins instead of the procedure be done in 2 visits.

Very Professional @@ Pleasant

Posted by VICKI C. on .
Everyone was very professional and pleasant. Procedure was mildly uncomfortable, but not painful.

Felt Right at Home

Posted by TRACY W. on .
I was very comfortable. They explained everything to me while they did the procedure. The whole staff made me feel right at home.

Super Pleasant Environment

Posted by KAREN S. on .
Everyone is super pleasant. The moment I walked into the office I was treated very professionally and every step was explained to me.

Definitely Recommend Vein Clinics of America's Vein Treatment

Posted by CLARENCE D. on .
Legs are feeling better each day! I would most definitely recommend it.

Technicians Eased My Worries

Posted by BETTY R. on .
The technicians are very knowledgeable, comforting and eased my worries.

Excellent Service @@ Staff

Posted by REGINALD B. on .
Service as well as all the staff were excellent.

Wow, Great Doctor @@ Staff!

Posted by JOAN S. on .
WOW!! this was the first time (with any dr.) arriving as a new patient that I was seemed at my appt. time. The staff was very professional and very knowledgeable of explaining what the examination was about and my next step of medical care. I will be telling my family members and friends about this office and staff. Thank you

Very Good Physician

Posted by GEOFFREY S. on .
Dr. Gursky was very good.

Compassionate Vein Team

Posted by LISA P. on .
Very friendly. They explained procedures compassionately.

Very happy. Thanks!

Posted by MEGAN R. on .
I'm very happy with the results of the procedure. The staff were all very nice and professional.

Brand New Legs

Posted by LYUDMYLA K. on .
Great team; all of them were professionals. Very positive environment and really good results! Thank you for the great experience!!!! No pain and minimal discomfort. About an hour after my legs became brand new. I'm very happy!

All around positive. Highly recommended!

Posted by ROBERT R. on .
Every aspect of this experience was for the most part positive! I would recommend Vein Clinics of America without the slightest hesitation.

Great Staff. Wonderful Doctor.

Posted by LINDA P. on .
Everyone there was professional, helpful, caring, and very friendly. Great staff and wonderful doctor.

Fabulous Staff

Posted by MELISSA P. on .
Everyone was extremely professional. Fabulous staff.

Legs Feel So Much Better

Posted by JUDY B. on .
My legs feel so much better. They don't hurt when u mash on the side of legs. Very pleasant staff. They're always so nice and they took time to answer any questions that I had.

Very Pleasant Vein Staff

Posted by JUDY B. on .
Very pleasant staff. Always so nice. They took the time with me and answered any questions that I had.

Always kept me well informed.

Posted by ELLEN T. on .
Dr. Long and her staff always shared detailed recovery details and always answered any questions I had before leaving the office after a procedure.

Huge compliments to VCA in Allen. Changed my life for the better.

Posted by ELLEN T. on .
I visited Vein Clinics of America because of issues with multiple spider veins and some varicose veins. After completing the treatment, my legs look much better. But more importantly, they feel much better. The heavy and tired feeling in my legs is gone. It has helped me to feel more active; exercise is enjoyable again. The entire staff in the Allen office are kind and caring. Your comfort is their number one concern.

Already feeling and looking better.

Posted by COLLEEN S. on .
I'm definitely feeling better and seeing some results. However, I'm not done with my treatments.

Awesome vein treatment!

Posted by COLLEEN S. on .
The staff is 100 percent awesome and I love the doctor. He's very gentle and answered all my questions.

Very Helpful Staff Members

Posted by HARRY B. on .
All of the staff members were very helpful.

Very professional

Posted by CONNIE S. on .
Everybody was very nice and professional, and answered any questions I had.

Very Positive Experience w/ Center for Vein Restoration

Posted by LYNDA H. on .
The experience that I had at the Center for Vein Restoration was very positive. I appreciated the care and time that each of the professionals there spent making my experience a very pleasant one. They were extremely helpful in making me feel comfortable before, during, and after the treatments that I received. I had no problem trusting them, which made the experience very pleasant. They were very clear on the explanation they gave about the procedures themselves, and the things that I could expect to happen or possibly not happen as a result. I have been very satisfied with the process of healing and improvement that I have experienced to date. I have and will continue to highly recommend the center to others with problems such as mine. They are very good at working with individual schedules to make it as easy as possible to receive the care that is needed. That was very helpful to me. Thank you for your sincere caring about what you do for others and how you express it so well!

Certainly Recommending Vein Clinics of America

Posted by JOAN S. on .
I would certainly recommend VCA.

Pain-Free Vein Treatment

Posted by JOAN S. on .
The procedure was relatively pain-free

So far, so good!

Posted by MARTHA L. on .
So far it has been very easy with no complications and very little soreness

Felt Comfortable During Vein Procedures

Posted by MARTHA L. on .
Yes; I felt very comfortable during the procedures. The team was willing to answer all of my questions.

Seamless Vein Treatment

Posted by DEBORAH C. on .
Very comfortable, quick, and easy.

Very pleased with my results.

Posted by DEBORAH C. on .
Very friendly, professional service Very pleased with the results

They made me feel confident about my procedures.

Posted by BARBARA A. on .
I was very comfortable and confident in everyone.

Well done!

Posted by JOSEPH O. on .
Job well done. Friendly professional staff

Portage Staff Had Positive Attitude While Answering Questions

Posted by KAREN Z. on .
The staff is very kind & caring. They are always positive in answering any questions. The only problem was with duplicate billings.

Satisfied with Dr. Nguyen's Administration

Posted by NEIL W. on .
Well satisfied with the procedure administered by Dr. Nguyen. The staff and doctor are caring, concerned, and professional.

Easy to Get Along with Fort Wayne Vein Staff

Posted by DAVID Y. on .
The staff was great and I felt that they were very easy to get along with. So far so good.

Clear Understanding After Speaking with Sonographer

Posted by LORRAINE S. on .
I had a leg scan with a sonographer, who was extremely helpful and informative. I felt much better about my understanding of the treatments and what to expect after meeting him.

Love Everything About my Vein Treatment

Posted by RACHELLE M. on .
Enjoyed each & every one of them. Love everything about it, including the way my legs look now.

Amazing Results!

Posted by CHRISTIAN V. on .
Results are amazing. The aids and front desk were amazing. The office was very clean.

An overall positive vein treatment experience!

Posted by CHRISTIAN V. on .
Slightly uncomfortable procedure, but great outcome. Overall it was a good experience.

Highly skilled operation in Suffolk

Posted by THOMAS O. on .
The medical and administrative staff were friendly, professional, knowledgeable, skilled, efficient, proficient and caring.

Very Satisfied with Vein Treatment

Posted by THOMAS O. on .
Very satisfied with treatment at Center for Vein Restoration.

Quick @@ Painless Results

Posted by VICTORIA D. on .
The vein treatment procedure was quick and painless.

Superior Teamwork

Posted by OMAR K. on .
A very professional team with excellent training and superior teamwork.

Excellent Experience with Vienna

Posted by OMAR K. on .
So far, my experience with the Vienna CVR site has been excellent.

Wonderful Experience Learning About Veins

Posted by SARAEDA H. on .
Wonderful. Everyone was pleasant and knowledgeable of vein conditions.

Recommended Dr. Wan to Sister @@ Daughter

Posted by CONNIE P. on .
The staff is very friendly and Dr. Wan has done a great job with my treatment. I have sent my sister there and have recommended it to my daughter. .

Wouldn't Trade Baltimore Vein Physician

Posted by TANYA D. on .
Very friendly and concerned environment. I would not trade my physician for the world.

More Preventive Treatment of Left Leg

Posted by ERIC P. on .
I was prescribed treatment for both legs, but it really only was my right leg that was bothering me. Perhaps the left leg treatment was more preventive. Generally everything was/is fine. Recovery is a bear, and it is compounded by meniscus surgery. So it's going to be some time before I really know the outcome.

Satisfied with Procedures @@ Staff's Attitude

Posted by AARON R. on .
I have been completely satisfied with not only my procedures but also in the manner in which the staff goes out of their way to make me feel comfortable during every procedure.

CVR's Waldorf Staff Treated Me with Respect

Posted by AARON R. on .
The staff at the CVR office in Waldorf are great! Every time I have an appointment, they make me feel welcomed and treat me with respect. I could not see myself going to any place else for my treatment.

Already Recommended CVR and Dr. Nguyen

Posted by IRENE S. on .
The staff is always professional and friendly from everyone at the appointment line to the front desk staff to the nurses/technicians to Dr Nguyen. So far, I'm seeing great results. The few concerns I had are being addressed. I have already recommended CVR and my doctor to friends. Thank you.

Pleasant Vein Treatment

Posted by YVONNE G. on .
Pleasant, professional vein treatment staff.

Great Vein Treatment Results

Posted by MARY J. on .
The staff was very helpful and friendly. The results are great.

Best Experience Ever!!!!!

Posted by NICOLE S. on .
It was the best experience ever!!!!! Everyone from the receptionist to the doctors were great and made me feel good even though I do not like needles.

Detailed and caring service

Posted by LINDA W. on .
The doctor answered all of my questions and explained in detail the procedures that he was going to do. The doctors assistants were nice.

Professional Atmosphere

Posted by DELORES J. on .
Very professional and friendly.

Very helpful, worked with my schedule

Posted by KATHLEEN I. on .
Front office was really helpful scheduling appointments with my long commute in mind.

Virtually Painless Vein Treatment

Posted by EDMUND B. on .
Virtually painless, quick healing, on my feet and out of the office in about an hour each time. Thanks for doing your job so very very well.

Warm, Caring, @@ Welcoming

Posted by LISA H. on .
Staff was very warm, caring, and welcoming.

Overall, Solid Results from Vein Treatment

Posted by LISA H. on .
Still going through some hard times, but overall, the procedure went well.

The Columbia office was superb.

Posted by STACEY S. on .
Dr. Buckner is very laid back and easy to develop a patient/doctor relationship. He seems well versed and make the patient at ease. The office is very helpful and is eager to help with billing. The nurses are fun.

Couldn't Ask for a Better Outcome

Posted by CAROLA A. on .
I am well now. I couldn't ask for more!

Professionally Adjusted Appointments

Posted by SARAH M. on .
The staff is wonderful. I have had to cancel and/or change appointments and it was handled professionally.

Love CVR in Alexandria!

Posted by SHAUDY R. on .
The staff is great, they are fun to talk to and very knowledgeable. I've been working with Dr. Nguyen and I really like her bed side manner. The 2 front dest ladies are nice, but always seem to be bored with their jobs and not that happy to be there.

Very Courteous Easton Team

Posted by ELEANOR F. on .
They were very courteous and professional.

Already Noticed Vein Treatment Results

Posted by MICHELLE H. on .
Everyone made me feel comfortable. Have already noticed results.

Happy with Current Progress

Posted by RONALD Z. on .
Happy for the progress, though likely not done.

Happy with Vein Progress

Posted by RONALD Z. on .
Very professional and personable, but there has to be a less messy way to do the ultrasound. Being splattered with gel and not providing moistened and dry cloth towels can certainly be improved. Overall, I'm happy with the progress, though I'm likely not finished.

Content with Vein Procedure

Posted by TIFFANI D. on .
I was pleasantly treated very well. I am very content with the procedure.

Less Noticeable Veins

Posted by YVETTE R. on .
It was a great experience. The staff was very professional and caring. My veins are not as noticeable as they use to be.

Fairfax Site Was Very Collaborative

Posted by PEGGY H. on .
Staff answered my questions and concerns. Worked with me on scheduling to fit into my varied schedule. So glad I did this, but am happy I only have 2 legs.

Charlotte's Physician Clearly Enjoys Her Work

Posted by STEFANIE Y. on .
My initial consult 2 years ago estimated a very high cost, prohibiting me from following through for an extended time. The physician was great. She clearly enjoys her job and made the experience very pleasant.

Completely Thorough Vein Technician

Posted by JESSICA Z. on .
The technician was very thorough and the doctor and assistant physician were excellent and very professional.

Decreased Venous Insufficiency

Posted by NESTOR C. on .
I am pleased to know that the venous insufficiency on my right leg has decreased. Excellent!

Upbeat Dr. Varma

Posted by NICHOLAS I. on .
I love Dr. Varma. She is always upbeat and keeps you informed.

Significantly Improved Condition

Posted by JACK W. on .
The procedures, that I recently had done, have significantly improved the condition that I have been dealing with. Everyone is very friendly, knowledgeable, and caring.

Rewarding Vein Surgery

Posted by GERRYLYNN D. on .
It was a little uncomfortable when she first put the needle in, but the pain did not last long. They gave me a squeeze ball to use when I felt any pain. Dr. Clark is completely professional. Along with her staff, this was a very comfortable and rewarding experience

Vein Clinics of America Always Works with My Schedule

Posted by KENIA S. on .
They always work with my work schedule. They are awesome!! I am very pleased with the results.

Overwhelmingly Positive Vein Treatment Experience

Posted by PATRICIA Y. on .
I have had a positive experience and good results. The entire staff has been very friendly and accommodating.

Positive Results Following Vein Treatment

Posted by MAXINE D. on .
The staff are always courteous, friendly, professional and interested in the well-being of the patient. The procedures were explained in detail, my comfort level was always questioned and the results have been positive.

Wasn't Painful at All

Posted by MARTINA K. on .
I heard how terribly painful the procedure was. It was not terribly painful for me. It may have been that I had my own music playing in one ear. The other ear was open to hear directions from the nurse doing my procedure.

Love Everything About Beachwood Office

Posted by ROSEMARIE I. on .
I love everything about the location. Everyone is very friendly.

Clear Understanding Before and During Procedures

Posted by DANIEL F. on .
Everyone from the Doctor to the techs were all great. The woman at the front desk was the best! Very organized and very pleasant. Overall, very good experience. Very good, everything was explained before and during the procedures.

Felt Secure During Procedures

Posted by SONIA H. on .
The staff was very friendly and made me feel safe and secure during the procedures. As a plus, they were always on time.

Painless Vein Treatment

Posted by KAREN L. on .
Painless experience in Charlotte.

100000% happiness

Posted by ELENA V. on .
First and foremost, huge thank you to absolutely everyone in the Federal Hill location. They are all incredible people! I don't know what I would do without knowledgeable sound techs. They always explain everything they do and calm me down during procedures. Great experience, great staff, great results. 100000% happiness

Excellent Job with the Vein Treatment

Posted by RADU M. on .
The staff at Allen was nice and professional. Procedures were done very well. The doctor was great. Great staff and service.

Dr. Greer Ensured Positive Results

Posted by GLENN L. on .
Very positive results, thus far. Great doctor (Dr. Todd Greer) and staff. Only wish I could have had more combined procedures, but I realize the insurance company will only approve one procedure at a time. Dr. Greer was excellent. Always knew exactly what was being done.

Rarely Waited Long

Posted by JILL F. on .
Everyone is so nice and friendly, and I rarely have to wait too long.

Dr. Harris Gave a Great Explanation

Posted by EILEEN G. on .
Dr. Harris explains everything very clearly. Dr. Harris and the ultrasound tech are professional and friendly. The office staff is great!

Great Patient Skills

Posted by GEORGE S. on .
The doctor has great patient skills.

Loved Concerned Staff

Posted by GEORGE S. on .
The staff is always concerned about comfort levels.

Great Arlington Staff

Posted by STEPHEN H. on .
Great vein treatment staff at the Arlington clinic.

Simplified Procedure Explanations

Posted by PETER J. on .
All procedures explained in layman's terms. All staff members have been friendly and professional.

Highly Recommend Dr. Salazar!!!

Posted by KATHLEEN R. on .
Dr. Salazar and his staff are excellent!!! I highly recommend them.

Comfortable with Vein Treatment

Posted by JESSIE H. on .
Staff excellent. Doctor was excellent. Felt comfortable.

Superb Vein Staff

Posted by WILLIAM S. on .
No discomfort at all. Very timely results. Dr. Savcenko and staff were superb. Highly knowledgeable and utterly competent.

Procedure Temporarily Elevated Swelling

Posted by DONNA M. on .
All of the personnel are extremely personable, knowledgeable and very accommodating. They answered all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable. The results have been great. Before my procedures, I had a lot of swelling in my calves. It was very uncomfortable by the end of the day.

Thrilled About Vein Treatment

Posted by ALICE A. on .
Overall, I am thrilled that I underwent the treatment because my legs look so much better! During one of my spider vein treatments, the solution got on my leg and caused a terrible wound for a long time. I made an appointment for Dr. Sevchenko to look at it. He said it would heal, but it left an ugly dark brown spot on my leg, which I am not happy about.

Trevose Vein Clinics: Nicest Medical Staff

Posted by STEVE N. on .
Painless. Awesome experience. Nicest staff I have ever met in a medical environment.

Recommend VCA Without Hesitation

Posted by CAROL R. on .
From start to finish, over several months, I was treated courteously and with utmost professionalism. The doctor was exceptionally kind and interested in a positive outcome for me. Everyone at the clinic was friendly and responsive to my concerns. I would recommend Vein Clinics without hesitation. At the age of 68, I have had many surgical experiences and this has been the best treatment by far of any that I have had before.

Comfortable with the Vein Team Through @@ Through

Posted by GLORIA S. on .
The procedures were explained before treatment began. During the treatment I was told exactly what was being done. They always asked if I was alright. The comfort level was excellent and the results very good. I have already recommended this clinic to some of my friends. Dr Aleman and staff are excellent. They all made me comfortable before, during, and after the procedure.

Wish I Started Vein Treatment Sooner

Posted by BARBARA L. on .
I totally appreciate how Dr. James talked me through every step of procedure (before, during, and after). He is honest about expectations - so the bruising and soreness, although not pleasant, were expected. Nothing is so bad that I could not drive myself or walk around. Legs already feel much better and the swelling I experienced before treatments is almost gone! Very happy - and I wish I had started treatments when symptoms first started! Dr James has been very helpful. He helps me through each procedure, giving me warning when something is going to pinch, sting, etc. He also tells me what to expect and answers all my questions with honest answers so I understand what is happening or what to expect. His staff is fantastic, especially the nurses, and every team member that has done sonogram work. All very professional and yet personable.

Waiting for Superficial Vein Treatment

Posted by CARMEN D. on .
The entire staff was extremely thorough and professional in explaining the treatment, its stages, and the results. I will continue with the treatments until the final results are achieved. I am currently in the middle of the process, so I won't know the final result until all superficial veins are treated.

Thorough Explanation of Vein Treatment

Posted by MELVIN S. on .
Vein Clinics of America's Columbia office team thoroughly explained their treatment approach. I felt at ease during the procedure.

Expecting Great Results Post-Vein Treatment

Posted by JACALYN S. on .
This office's staff are great and I have enjoyed getting to know them. All have been professional, personable and very capable. The treatment pain level varied. I wasn't initially aware of how extensive the treatments needed to be, but all in all, I have no regrets and am looking forward to good results when the healing process is through.

Dr. Greer Is a True Vein Professional

Posted by MARY KATHRYN N. on .
I was a little anxious before the first procedure, but it went very smoothly with minimal discomfort. It is worth the results! I have the highest recommendation for Dr. Greer and his staff. Dr. Greer is very kind and explains everything. He is skilled and the procedures went very smoothly with minimal discomfort. Everyone treats you with respect and are professional.

Eagerly Recommend Dr McChord

Posted by JUDY H. on .
Made sure I understood every step of the procedure. No pain!! Kept me comfortable.. Would recommend Dr McChord for this experience!!

Seeing Positive Vein Results

Posted by DORIS S. on .
Pleasant medical staff. Front desk staff is hit-or-miss. Results are good so far, though my healing isn't complete.

Outstanding Vein Service Providers

Posted by TRUDEE L. on .
The service providers were outstanding. I'm still in the healing phase, so I cannot say everything is taken care of from a visual perspective, but in general, I think everything looks great!

On-Schedule Team at Atlanta Vein Clinics

Posted by DEBORAH N. on .
The procedures were not as uncomfortable as I thought they would be. I liked how Dr. James told me what to expect at each step along the way. I was amazed at how on-schedule the office was run. I rarely had to wait very long in the waiting room. Everyone was friendly and professional.

Dr. Harris @@ Company Are Pros

Posted by KACHIA W. on .
Dr Evan Harris and his team are a great team of people! All of them are extremely friendly professionals that do not mind reviewing the process and/or procedures. They've always made themselves available to answer any questions that I had. At first, I was extremely nervous about having this procedure, but Dr. Evans was able to answer all of my questions. My legs were restless and heavy before and now they feel great after two months of treatment. The procedure was okay - painful and uncomfortable at times, but I guess that was to be expected. Suggestion - It is very hard to see your results, especially when the veins being treated are behind you so it would be nice to take pictures or have a mirror for us to see before-and-after results.

Strongly Recommend Dr. Buckner

Posted by LINDA S. on .
Dr. Buckner & company were very professional, had excellent customer service and made me feel very at ease. Would strongly recommend to others.

Thorough Vein Treatment Explanations

Posted by CYNTHIA R. on .
The doctor was very nice and answered all of my questions.

Definite Recommendation for Dr. Kimmitt and Timonium Vein Clinics of America

Posted by STEPHANIE S. on .
Dr. Kimmitt and the staff are very friendly. Yes; I would definitely recommend the Timonium clinic.

Expert Southlake Vein Technician

Posted by DANA S. on .
The technician answered all of my questions and explained the procedures to me. The procedure was more painful than anticipated, but I suppose it come with the territory.

Air of Professionalism

Posted by EDUARDO O. on .
The procedure was okay. The staff and technician all displayed professionalism.

Ideal Vein Solution

Posted by CHANDRA L. on .
The doctor was great about explaining the procedures and what he was going to do during the procedures. He was great. Saw ideal results.

Expecting Acceptable Vein Results

Posted by KATHRYN G. on .
There was little discomfort, what there was, was minimal. Professional Personnel. Too soon to advise results, but expect them to be acceptable.

Willing to Treat Specific Vein Diseases

Posted by CHRISTINE D. on .
The procedure was fast and efficient. The staff are professional and have great patient care skills. The results were pretty much immediate. Overall, the staff and provider are courteous, professional and aim to help people with vein diseases that some vascular surgeons turn away.

Don't Foresee Issues for Baltimore Vein Clinics of America Site

Posted by CELIA T. on .
Yes; I would recommend Vein Clinics of America's Baltimore clinic to other people! With a staff that efficient, I don't foresee them having any issues. The only problem was that I did not have the chance to have the surface injections for my legs.

Vein Results Have Paid Off

Posted by TONI O. on .
Results have taken time, but the staff and doctor have been fabulous every step of the way. I've had a clear explanation for every step of the process. They're also fortunate to have such a warm front desk team.

Vein Clinics Provided Accurate Explanation

Posted by MARK F. on .
The vein treatment met my expectations. Everything was as it was explained.

Dr Shapiro Was Excellent

Posted by LYNN O. on .
The office staff was great about working with my insurance. Dr Shapiro and his staff were excellent.

Excellent Experience at Naperville Vein Clinics

Posted by MARY L. on .
Everyone was professional. I felt I had an excellent experience. My legs looked great and healed well.

Minimally Uncomfortable Verin Treatment

Posted by JOVAN C. on .
The procedures were minimally uncomfortable. The staff was very professional and comforting.

Comfortable w/ Flower Mound Staff

Posted by LYNN L. on .
I felt comfortable with Flower Mound's friendly staff. Great experience.

Definitely Recommend Newport Beach Vein Clinics

Posted by THOMAS L. on .
Kept me thoroughly informed during every step of the procedures. Competent, knowledgeable, caring and friendly staff. I would definitely recommend them.

Best Legs in Years!

Posted by ANGELA P. on .
My legs feel better than they have felt in years! I can't wait to see and feel the full benefits once the treatment is complete. Thank You!! One of the most helpful and knowledgeable medical offices I've ever had the privilege of visiting! I have struggled with this problem for years and have previously made several attempts at corrective treatment with no real results. I finally have hope for a successful treatment!!

Almost Painless Vein Treatment

Posted by LINDA S. on .
The procedures I had were almost painless. The compression hose I had to wear were moderately uncomfortable, but I understand the necessity. When I started the treatment, I was told my insurance should cover all of my office visits, but I later had to sign a document that my insurance may or may not cover everything 100% and would not pay for any spider vein injections. I was not expecting to be responsible for any of the treatments. I was made very comfortable by all the staff and understood what was being done at all times.

Long-term Vein Treatment Solution

Posted by CYNTHIA F. on .
Everyone in the office is pleasant and friendly and wanted to make sure I was as comfortable as possible. It has been very nice to deal with everyone in this office from the front desk to the technicians to the physician. Although I'm just about finished with all procedures, I haven't seen any results. I understand this may be more of a long-term fix vs short-term visible results, but I was disappointed that nothing was really resolved at all by the medical procedure. Hopefully, the surface injections will help with that and long-term I won't have additional varicose vein issues.

10/10 Vein Treatment Across the Board

Posted by GARY G. on .
I give the doctors a 10. The staff a 10. The Results a 10. What else can I say?

Great Vein Clinics Staff

Posted by LEONA S. on .
In my experience, the staff was great.

Aetna Confusion

Posted by HEATHER M. on .
The office staff were very pleasant. However, my insurance stuff was constantly confused. My first visit they had me under United Insurance and once I had all of my pricing I mentioned the word, Aetna. And they were like, " have Aetna...I thought you had United?" I have no idea why they thought that. This happened three times. I was constantly confused about how much money I owed. I am very happy with the vein treatment. However, my right leg, which had laser and ultrasound injections, bothers me more now than before. In addition, when I went back for my 6 months she told me I needed more ultrasound injections. I just don't know if it's worth it.

Newly Found Vitality in Legs

Posted by PAMELA N. on .
All of the staff were professional and friendly. My legs have more vitality than ever and don't even hurt.

Willing to Undergo Vein Treatment

Posted by SUZANNE W. on .
I was completely comfortable with the procedure. The comfort level was aided by the professionalism of the doctor and technician. I would be willing to undergo the procedure again if necessary.

Would Recommend Pikesville Clinic

Posted by MARY H. on .
Staff always made me comfortable. I was very comfortable during procedures. Everything was explained in detail. I would recommend this clinic to others. The doctor explained each procedure and made sure I was comfortable during all of the procedures. The nurse explained what she was doing. The receptionists were very professional, polite and helpful.

Incredible Experience w/ Merrillville Vein Clinics

Posted by KEVIN J. on .
It was a great experience, offering great results. The staff was incredibly friendly and the doctor and nurses were extremely knowledgeable and professional.

Treated All Leg Symptoms

Posted by DONNA S. on .
The staff were very professional, forthcoming with information and caring. Dr. Bulger called me at home personally when I was released from the hospital due to a blood clot in the lung. I no longer have night leg cramps, itchy legs or lumpy veins.

Dr. Cunningham Was Clearly Experienced

Posted by JENNA R. on .
Dr. Cunningham and his staff were experienced, professional and friendly.

Handled Treatment Process Well

Posted by WILLIAM W. on .
First time with this type of procedure, the staff handled the entire process very well. My consultant was excellent.

Dr. Lutz is World's Better Than the Competition

Posted by JANICE I. on .
Dr. Lutz was great, and made me feel so comfortable. Each and every person on his staff has been awesome and extremely helpful to work with. I went to someone else a few years ago to get this done, and the doctor was very rude to me, and made me feel totally uncomfortable and I never went back to have it done. A bit painful, but well worth it in the end. Would for sure recommend this office and procedure to anyone I know.

Vast Leg Improvement

Posted by DAVID D. on .
Having had the large vein in my left leg stripped several years ago and the results not being good, I was hesitant, but the appearance of my leg now has greatly improved immediately following the procedures. I feel more confident now to know that as the condition continues that I can manage it more fully.

Efficient Vein Treatment

Posted by KATHLEEN N. on .
For the most part the results were good. However, with the last group of shots given by the nurse, there is still bruising after several months. Staff is efficient and friendly.

Wonderful Dr. Anderson

Posted by ANN S. on .
Dr. Anderson is wonderful and so is his staff! Minimal pain and would recommend.

Professional Vein Treatment Organization

Posted by NANCY C. on .
Very professional and efficient organization. Everyone made me feel at ease.

Happy with Vein Procedure

Posted by PAUL M. on .
I thought Vein Clinics' Sterling location did a good job. Have to say I'm happy with the procedure.

Fantastic Results from Vein Treatment

Posted by ALEXANDRA S. on .
Fantastic. I am very pleased. It was worth the time and money. the staff was friendly and welcoming. They made me feel at ease and I had a great experience. I am extremely happy with my results.

Minimal Pain in Vein Treatment Procedure

Posted by RITA B. on .
The Orland Park Vein Clinics of America doctors put me at ease. They were friendly and answered all of my vein treatment questions to the fullest. I was quite pleased with the minimal amount of pain during the procedure.

Always a Warm Greeting at Rockville Site

Posted by APRIL S. on .
The staff is VERY friendly; I have always had a pleasant and warm greeting from them. They are always willing to help you if you don't understand something and work with you in scheduling all of your appointments to fit your needs. The wait time between the numbing injections and actual injections should be a little longer for the numbing medicine to take effect.

Dr. Shapiro @@ His Great Team

Posted by ELISABETH S. on .
My circulation in my legs has greatly improved and they feel a lot better. Staff is always pleasant, friendly and efficient. I always feel welcome and have no hesitation that the service and care I provided will be excellent. I think Dr. Shapiro has a good team.

Allen VCA Cared About My Understanding

Posted by ASHLEE G. on .
All doctors and technicians were careful to make sure I understood what was or would happen and answered my questions well. The procedure was a bit uncomfortable at times, but never painful.

Good Interaction w/ Vein Clinics' Brentwood

Posted by JESSE D. on .
I am encouraged by my results so far. Had a good interaction at Vein Clinics' Brentwood site.

Oak Brook Team Was Professional

Posted by STEPHANIE R. on .
Awesome experience. The team was so nice and professional. I'm very happy with everything.

Felt at Ease w/ Atlanta Vein Clinics of America

Posted by SUSAN M. on .
Very friendly staff. I felt quite at ease during my procedures. I would've liked a clear outline of out-of-pocket costs and follow-up visit scheduling.

Marietta Vein Clinics Doctor Thoroughly Explained Procedures

Posted by DONNA D. on .
Everyone made me feel comfortable. The doctor thoroughly explained the procedures to me in advance.

VIP Treatment at Bosley Naperville

Posted by CLAUDIA C. on .
They explained the whole procedure and made me feel comfortable from the moment I left the office till the second I left. Fast treatment, welcoming and professional staff, made me feel like an important individual.

Fantastic Dr. Anderson

Posted by DEBORAH E. on .
Relatively pain-free. I needed repeat injections, but was told that might happen, Dr. Anderson was fantastic at explaining the procedure. Courteous. Friendly. Professional.

Helpful Oak Brook Vein Clinics

Posted by LINDA M. on .
The Oak Brook office team members were very helpful and friendly to me.

Excellent Hair Restoration Procedure

Posted by LINDA M. on .
The procedure was excellent, though I wish the spider veins would disappear sooner. Very friendly and helpful team.

Happy w/ Vein Clinics of America Results

Posted by WANDA L. on .
I am happy with my results now. It took a while to get to the place where I am now and I had a very difficult time because of the swelling. I am allergic to anti-inflammatories, so my results, unfortunately took longer.

Vein Clinics Above @@ Beyond Teams

Posted by WANDA L. on .
The staff in the Dumfries and Sterling offices went above and beyond to help me during my procedures and to make sure I felt comfortable with getting the best of care. Their compassion and caring nature made my visits easier.

Proficient Exton Vein Clinics of America Staff

Posted by NATALIE S. on .
The staff was proficient, polite and knowledgeable. Some were extraordinary, all were at least proficient.

Immediate Vein Disappearance

Posted by BENJAMIN N. on .
The staff has been helpful in helping me to to know and understand what has been done. It is too soon to comment on the follow-up. Although there was some pain, my leg veins have disappeared immediately. I would recommend it.

Dr. Buckner Exceeded My Expectations

Posted by SHAVAUN O. on .
I never had a long wait, and I love all of the Vein Clinics staff, especially Dr. Buckner. The whole experience exceeded my expectations!!!

Quick Results w/ Timonium Vein Clinics

Posted by CHRISTINA M. on .
Great follow-up. The staff was professional, yet made me very comfortable and well-aware of what to expect. The team provided comfort, specific instructions & accurate expectations! Results were quick!

Smooth Vein Healing

Posted by MARGARET W. on .
Very efficient, friendly staff. Scheduled appointments didn't overlap, so I didn't have to worry about waiting a long time. I'm still waiting for everything to heal, but so far everything looks good.

Recommend Vein Procedures

Posted by DONNA K. on .
The procedures weren't without pain, but the staff made the time go by fast, walking me through the whole process. Although I am not fully healed, my nighttime leg cramps have stopped and the bulging veins are starting to disappear. Yes; I would recommend these procedures for anyone experiencing painful veins like myself.

Comfortable w/ Alexandria Vein Clinics

Posted by JUDITH K. on .
Comfort level was excellent; no pain was experienced. I would recommend VCA because the service provider and staff were all well-informed, pleasant, and professional.

Alexandria Hair Specialists Maintained Professionalism

Posted by JUDITH K. on .
Service provider and staff were all well-informed, and were pleasant and professional in manner.

Vein Clinics of America Was Worth the Money

Posted by ANN MARIE B. on .
My legs don't look that much better, but they feel outstanding. Worth the time and money invested. Very friendly and accommodating staff and physician. Excellent service making me feel comfortable with each visit and every service.

Life-changing Experience

Posted by DIANE B. on .
I recommend not waiting to have veins treated. The friendly staff greatly contributed to my life-changing experience.

Excellent Exton Vein Clinics Staff

Posted by ADELINE S. on .
All staff members performed their jobs excellently.

Dr. Sande Is the Best

Posted by WILLIAM P. on .
I had radio frequency with another surgeon and discovered that laser treatment is a better option for me; the procedure is shorter, has a speedy recovery, and I felt more comfortable. Dr. Sande has proven to be a confident, knowledgeable and empathetic physician.

Everything about Dr. Singh is wonderful!!

Posted by JOANNA S. on .
Dr. Singh has eliminated any hesitation or fear I had about going to VCA. My leg no longer hurts and looks 1000 times better!! I am so pleased with my result with my varicose veins on my right leg. I look forward to having him treat my left leg as well. Although not pleasant, the pain-level was very tolerable. There was minimal pain post-treatment and my results were noticeable within days! I had avoided treatment for years thinking I would have to have my veins stripped and heard that was very painful and could cause additional problems. This procedure was simple, offering minor discomfort with major results. Dr. Singh is a very knowledgeable professional with a great bedside manner. He always answered any question I posed thoroughly and in a way that I understood and was comfortable with. My results for my varicose veins are tremendous! I am recommending Dr. Singh for everyone who has varicose veins.

Absolutely Enjoyed the Ride

Posted by HELEN D. on .
The staff at the Canton, CT office was just fantastic! Prompt service- never a wait - friendly and courteous! Absolutely have enjoyed my multi-year experience with Vein Clinics in Canton, CT!

Would Keep Coming Back...if the Price is Right

Posted by JANICE S. on .
I would highly recommend getting a vein treatment done at the Marietta Vein Clinics of America location. If I could afford the spider vein removal procedure, I would go here for that one as well.

Way Better Vein Results than the Competition's

Posted by OKSANA B. on .
Dr. Madan made me feel very comfortable. The staff was very accommodating with my work schedule and often stayed open late for my appointments. The doctor explained it all very well. Prior to this procedure, another physician treated me and the results were terrible.

Certainly Recommend Vein Clinics of America

Posted by GLORIA C. on .
I'm very pleased with the Arlington VCA location. I would certainly recommend this location to my friends.

Trevose Vein Clinics America Ensured Coverage

Posted by KAREN B. on .
The team worked excellently to make sure I was covered for particular procedures within my small time limit. Although things are now under control, I'm now looking into separate issues.

All Positive

Posted by DONALD W. on .
Very nice and professional people. All positive.

Completely at Ease

Posted by CAROLYN E. on .
Everyone on staff is very professional and extremely accommodating. I was nervous and they put me completely at ease.

100% Satisfaction

Posted by VIJAY P. on .
Great Staff!!! 100% satisfaction.

Still a Little Sore

Posted by MAJELLA W. on .
The Merrillville staff was very nice. The procedure went okay, but I'm still a little sore.

Personable Team

Posted by VALERIE P. on .
The entire team was very personable and caring. The procedure went well, but I wish VCA could've convinced my insurance to cover the spider veins treatment.

Midtown Office is AWESOME!!!!!

Posted by MONICA P. on .
The staff at the Midtown Office is AWESOME!!!!! My legs feel so much better.

Impressed with Efficient Operations

Posted by JOANNE D. on .
Very friendly, welcoming staff. Impressed with how efficient the office operated. Great notifications of upcoming appointments and the staff was always pleasant and accommodating if changes in appointments were necessary. The procedure alleviated the most significant problem I initially set out to resolve. I do have recurring pain and tenderness, which I did not expect, but accept this a trade off of comfort for functionality.

Can Sleep without Achy Legs

Posted by PATRICIA A. on .
Dr. Oswalt and his entire staff are wonderful. They made me feel comfortable with all the procedures. I would and have recommended this clinic to several friends. Love it. I feel so much better about my legs and that has surprised me! I can sleep now without being awakened by my legs aching.

Annapolis VCA is Awesome!

Posted by WENDI H. on .
Still waiting for my legs to look better, but the Annapolis VCA is awesome!

Very Courteous

Posted by RONALD N. on .
The staff was very courteous and willing to move things along.

Chevy Chase Staff Made It Worthwhile

Posted by STEPHANIE S. on .
I have a couple of areas where spider veins have persisted that I intend to have done again, but overall, I am very satisfied. The staff at VCA in Chevy Chase were wonderful. They made this experience very worthwhile. I would recommend them highly.

Couldn't Ask for Anything Better

Posted by LARRY M. on .
The doctor, medical support staff, and business office support were all excellent. I could not have asked for a more positive experience. I had very advanced symptoms when I began treatment, and my results are impressive. If I had known that the treatments were so easy, I should have done this a long time ago.

Great Results with Prescribed Procedures

Posted by KAREN S. on .
I have experienced great results with the procedures as prescribed by the doctor. All of the staff are extremely pleasant, professional and helpful.

Absolutely Phenomenal Annapolis Staff!

Posted by RHEA M. on .
The staff at the Annapolis location is absolutely phenomenal! They made the experience very positive. They always greeted me by name and spent time getting to know me. I always felt like I was in good hands. I'm relatively satisfied with the procedure itself. I'm not sure I knew what to expect, though. I'm on my feet all day, so I've always had achy feet and legs. I was hoping the procedure would eliminate the problem, but I don't think the discomfort is all due to my veins. I had concerns about surface veins too, and they are nearly gone. That makes me very happy! I'm also relieved to have had the procedure as a preventative measure. Even though I didn't experience complete relief, I know that it won't get worse!

Satisfied, Despite Cancellations

Posted by LINDA A. on .
Staff is very friendly and professional. Scheduling of tech support sometimes causes appointment cancellations and makes scheduling difficult. I also suffered from blood clots in both lungs after one of the laser treatments, which I was not warned about and had never experienced before. Overall, I am satisfied. I am hopeful that the blood clot incident will not be a recurring health problem.

Perfectly Met Needs

Posted by DONALD E. on .
Couldn't have asked for better people to work with nor any better results. They met my individual needs perfectly and made the experience as pleasant as possible. Perfect.


Posted by GENE S. on .
The team was very professional and on time with my appointments. VERY HAPPY THAT I HAD THIS PROCEDURE DONE.

Quick and Painless

Posted by LU ANN S. on .
Quick and painless. They were all very friendly, accommodating, professional.

Open to Showing Legs Now

Posted by LYNN F. on .
The staff were nice. Appointment options were convenient and they communicated with me if there were any changes in my scheduled appointment. My legs feel much better and I am more open to wearing clothing to show my legs rather then hide them.

Very Pleasant

Posted by JOANNE V. on .
The Gurnee VCA staff was very pleasant.

Happy with Procedure

Posted by MARIA K. on .
The Gurnee VCA team was friendly and professional. The wait time was pretty short, too. Lastly, I'm happy with the procedure.

Effective Procedure

Posted by THOMAS A. on .
The Plano Vein Clinic team was very helpful and supportive. Also, the procedure was very effective.

Consistently Informed

Posted by ROGER C. on .
I felt welcome and was consistently told what was going on with the program. I'm very happy with the results.

Couldn't Have Been Treated Better

Posted by CATHERINE Z. on .
I couldn't have been treated better than I was at the Glastonbury Vein Clinic.

Just Excellent

Posted by JAMES M. on .
I've very satisfied with the Wayne Vein Clinics of America location. Just excellent.

Never Had a Bad Experience

Posted by LISA L. on .
The staff is excellent! The doctor is extremely professional and I trust his work! I have never had a bad experience and have been going for over a year now. The results are better than expected.

Completely Satisfied

Posted by RUTH F. on .
Everyone in the office is friendly and personable. I have found Dr. Singh to be kind, informative, patient and thorough. The nurses and techs are kind and friendly. The office staff always has a smile and are friendly and helpful. I am completely satisfied with every person I have encountered at the Exton, PA office. I have a fear of the procedures and the injections caused me anxiety. The nurses, techs and Dr. Singh are very kind and have done so much to make sure that I am as comfortable as I can be. They have kept me engaged in conversation throughout the procedure so that I am distracted and more comfortable. Dr. Singh does an excellent job and I know that in the long run I am going to be much better off for having this taken care of.

Excellent Job

Posted by FRANCISCO A. on .
Everything was excellent. I have no complaints at all. Thank you Vein Clinics of America. I feel so much better and my legs look great. Excellent job.

Resolved my Cramps

Posted by MARY R. on .
The staff was professional, friendly, and always eager to answer any questions or concerns. Although I faced initial leg swelling and cramps, my doctor referred me to the Brentwood Clinic, so it's been resolved. Overall, I had a very positive experience.

Never Felt Rushed

Posted by BARBARA H. on .
The staff was friendly and knowledgeable, and I never felt rushed. Just waiting for the bruising to go away.

Saw Improvement

Posted by DENISE D. on .
Everyone was nice and helpful. I saw a lot of improvement.

Happy I Chose This Option

Posted by TAMMY P. on .
This team worked so well together in providing me an exceptional amount of care. I do still have little bruises that I thought would fade and they may still, but the dark throbbing veins are gone and my legs feel SO much better! Relatively painless and I'm happy I chose this option for my vein health.

Better Than the Past 15 Years

Posted by ILENE B. on .
My legs look better than they have in over 15 years. The team was very helpful when making my appointments. They also displayed great knowledge regarding the procedures, their time, and cost.

Dr Zambuto Sets the Tone

Posted by EILEEN F. on .
The procedures changed my overall well-being by allowing me to do my job better as well as other activities. I could walk without pain, travel without swelling, and have improved my sleep. Dr Zambuto sets a tone of caring and competence and the expectation of excellent care that I believe permeates a patient's entire experience at the clinic. His demeanor is professional and caring and the respect he has for his patients and staff is obvious by the way he speaks with everyone.

Everything was successful!

Posted by ELLEN O. on .
Everything was very professional and successful! The entire staff is efficient, welcoming and informative!

Kind and Professional

Posted by ROSE B. on .
The team was kind and professional, though I hope that the dark marks will disappear soon.

Dr. Talked Me Through It

Posted by ADRIENNE S. on .
The staff are so very nice and knowledgeable. I felt comfortable and confident. It didn't hurt and the Dr. talked me through it all. Very quick and painless.

Could Not Be Happier

Posted by ANNE-LAMAR M. on .
I could not have been happier. They were professional, personable, reassuring and informative.

The Procedure Worked

Posted by STEPHANIE D. on .
All the staff was kind and caring. Most importantly, the procedure worked.

Dr. Buckner is Down-to-Earth

Posted by DAWN A. on .
The staff is welcoming and Dr. Buckner explains what he is doing and what to expect. He is a very down-to-earth person and shows great care.

Professional Columbia, Maryland Facility

Posted by MARYLEA M. on .
All of the staff at the Columbia, Maryland facility are very professional and friendly. They go out of their way to make you feel comfortable and are very good at explaining the procedures that you need. I am happy so far, but for me, it will be a long process.

Comfortable Through Every Phase of Treatment

Posted by SARAH O. on .
So far so good, I had a complicated condition and I am still healing, but most of the issues (swelling, heavy legs, burning, etc) have gone away entirely or have been greatly diminished. The front desk staff, technicians, nurses and the doctor were all very professional, while being friendly. They always fully explained what the process was and made every effort to see that I was comfortable with every phase of my treatment.

Good So Far

Posted by BETSY V. on .
Wonderful staff, kind and efficient! Everything is good so far, but I have to go back for more.

Accomplished My Goals

Posted by WILLIAM S. on .
The results were good in the sense that they accomplished what I wanted them to. The team was friendly, helpful, and personable.

Great Success

Posted by RHONDA W. on .
The staff was great, though I wish it was easier to make an appointment. It seemed like I was always dealing with a national representative rather than a local person on staff at the site, where I had my treatment. I think it might've saved a lot of time and effort if I could have called the office directly. In terms of the treatment, I have noticed very few new spider veins and feel that it was a great success. Because of my genetics I will likely need to return for additional treatment, and I expect that it will be just as successful.

Can't Thank Dr. Captain Enough

Posted by SUSAN W. on .
They are very nice and were helpful when I called. Also set up a time for appointment that allows for my travel conditions, over 100 miles. Dr. Captain is so great...can not THANK him enough.

Posted by MARGARET C. on .
A recent change in staff at the Schaumburg office has been very positive. The initial treatments were very painful afterwards, but my legs have improved with time.

Happy with Vein Treatment

Posted by SANDRA A. on .
The people are nice. I'm really happy with my results.

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