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Affirm Laser Treatment

An Overview

Another advanced variety of fractional laser resurfacing is the Affirm Laser, a treatment designed to treat aging facial skin with minimized discomfort and quicker recovery times. Designed similarly to Fraxel, Affirm separates itself by using two distinct laser wavelengths to treat skin imperfections in an orderly fashion. Affirm distributes varied levels of heat energy into the targeted skin, helping to manage collagen production in a more effective manner. As a result, Affirm can help reduce the appearance of large pores, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and age spots, while reducing a patient's downtime following the treatment.

Affirm Laser Treatment Reviews:

Should've Seen This Coming...

Posted by KIMBERLY R. on .
The service I have received has been such a disappointment. I've experienced five scheduling mix ups and after only one Affirm treatment the nurse left. I found this out when I showed up for my second treatment (that was the fifth scheduling mix up). Instead of receiving the Affirm, I did receive a complimentary microderm, so that was nice. It was still unfortunate that I didn't receive a call notifying me of this in advance. I've stayed out of the sun all summer so I could get these treatments and I have nothing to show for it, except the same old sun damage. I paid $2,000 in June and it's now September and I've only had one treatment! And, as I understand it, more than eight weeks should not pass between treatments and it's now been more than eight weeks. This is really disappointing, I had such high hopes. The service has been so poor that I can't help but feel like they were just trying to make a sales quota. Customer service and word of mouth goes a long way -- give great service and people are going to hear about it, give poor service and even more people are going to hear about it. I left another message today to see if I could make an appointment for the Affirm treatment, but received voicemail. We'll see when I get a call back. Prior to today's call, I called two weeks ago and was told 'we have you on our list to call, once the nurse starts.' I have no idea what the nurse's status is, but I'm very close to asking for my money back. Should have seen this coming ... two of the three times I've been in the facility, I've seen extremely angry people waiting to speak with the manager. I'm going to give it another chance in the hopes that it will get better -- it has to! Would like to mention that the two techs who have provided microdermabrasion service are great!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does this Procedure Take?

One session takes about 20-40 minutes. Best results are achieved with 3-6 total treatments, spread out over 2-3 week intervals.

Affirm Laser Treatment Side Effects:

Redness, swelling

Affirm Laser Treatment Recovery Time:


Average Cost of Affirm Laser Treatment:

$400-$700 per treatment

Will I feel pain or discomfort after treatment?

Pain is mild, thanks to topical anesthetics and SmartCool skin cooling.

Other Names for Affirm Laser Treatment:

Fractional Laser Resurfacing, Affirm Anti Aging Laser

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