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BOTOX® Cosmetic

An Overview

With a reputation that precedes itself, BOTOX® Cosmetic is a proven, internationally recognized, non-surgical treatment that targets unwanted wrinkles and creases between the eyebrows. BOTOX® Cosmetic is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a safe, quick, and affordable means of removing those pesky laugh lines, forehead creases, and other premature facial wrinkles.

No matter your age, gender, or how much effort you put into caring for your skin, the daily contraction of muscle tissue tied to emotional expression (i.e. smiling, frowning, etc) will inevitably start leaving wrinkles in their wake. To prevent this, you can either refrain from expressing emotion (silly not to mention, impossible) or give injectable BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments a try. BOTOX® Cosmetic effectively relaxes the muscle tissue in the face, thereby limiting its pull on the skin's surface and smoothing out any wrinkles around and between your eyes and up into your forehead.

While BOTOX® Cosmetic utilizes minute amounts of the botulinum toxin to help instigate the wrinkle removal process, the treatment is FDA approved and much safer and less invasive than most surgical face-lift procedures.

The typical BOTOX® Cosmetic procedure rarely takes more than 10 minutes, involves several simple injections, and can provide results that last four months or more. The treatment usually shows the best results with patients between the ages of 27-48. Patients with deeper lines and less skin elasticity may want to consider an alternative, non-surgical procedure such as Thermage, Threadlift, and Titan.

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BOTOX® Cosmetic Reviews:

Thank you Dr. Ourian!

Posted by FRANCINE L. on .
Was a around pleasant experience.

Love the Front Desk @@ Staff

Posted by MARITZA C. on .
Love the front desk and the staff that took me to the room.

Best at Botox

Posted by TENILLE M. on .
You guys are the best. I'm so happy. I'll be back in soon.

Perfect Botox Administration

Posted by DENISSE V. on .
Everything was perfect.

Friendly Botox Group

Posted by LISA D. on .
Very friendly group over at Epione.
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Nurse was Good at Applying the Botox

Posted by CAROLE M. on .
The nurse is good. I just need to come back for a touch-up. She puts the Botox in different places than the doctor.

Friendly Epione Staff

Posted by MARYAM D. on .
I found the Epione staff to be friendly and helpful.

Amazing Botox Team

Posted by TARA B. on .
The Botox team was as amazing as ever!

Exceeded Expectations!

Posted by TARA B. on .
The results far exceeded my expectations. Minimal bruising and my face does not look frozen. Extremely pleased!

Excellent Quality Botox

Posted by ELENA M. on .
Very fast and with excellent quality!

More than willing to go the extra mile.

Posted by ERIKA A. on .
I was here for a touch up, I love the fact that Epione stand behind their work and are willing to do whatever it takes to meet expectations

You are the priority. Very pleased with my results.

Posted by ERIKA A. on .
On today's visit the RN was very professional and made and excellent impression on me. She went in detail over my concerns, made me feel a priority and make sure I was pleased with the results

Improved Appointment Times

Posted by DEBORAH D. on .
The appointment times are much better and the staff is always helpful.

Detail-Oriented Botox Team

Posted by LISA V. on .
Fabulous attention to detail with Botox treatment!

Dr. Ourian Is Down to Earth

Posted by ARDEM A. on .
Dr. Ourian is really good and so down to earth!

Botox Results Met Expectations

Posted by ELENA M. on .
The results met my expectations. Very good staff.

Happy After 20 Years

Posted by JESSIE M. on .
I've been coming to Epione Center for almost 20 yrs and am a satisfied customer. Thank you.

Very Satisfied with Dr. Ourian's Service

Posted by SHAHIN A. on .
I am very satisfied with the service. Dr. Ourian is so great. I had to wait a while to be seen by Dr. Ourian.

Didn't Wait Long for Botox

Posted by YEHWA L. on .
I did not wait a very long time to be seen for my Botox touch-up.

Well worth it

Posted by ANTON S. on .
All went well service was good a little waiting time but all was worth it great staff, very friendly

Great Botox Results

Posted by KAREN A. on .
I saw great results from Dr. Ourian's Botox injections.

Dr. Ourian Continued to Care for Me Post-Procedure

Posted by MIA B. on .
Ultimately, I really love the result! However, I am disappointed that I was sent home after the initial treatment with no after-care instructions. I wore sunglasses immediately after my non-surgical nose job and also wore my reading glasses that evening. I had cheek filler that day as well and slept on my side as well. The next day I had significant bruising under my left eye and the bridge of my nose which lasted for well over a week. Also, it seemed my nose had changed shape since the doctor added the filler. I don't know what to attribute that to. I reached out to Dr. Ourian who told me to come in for a touch up at no cost. At my second appt, I asked one of the nurses about wearing glasses after my procedure and she said absolutely not for at least 24 hrs and that I should have been informed of that before I left the office the first time. Well, maybe that is why the bruising was so severe and the filler went away in some places? I don't know. I also decided to have Botox during that second visit in addition to touching up my nose filler. Again, no one gave me after-care instructions for the Botox procedure or nose filler. I had to ask on my way out and was told not to lay down for 4-6 hrs. I did some research online and saw conflicting information: Some say no glasses after nose filler for 48 hrs, some say 2 weeks. I guess I should have asked Dr. Ourian for his opinion while he was in the treatment room with me. I just think it would be nice to be given after-care instructions to take home post-treatment and for the nurse/physician to explain what to expect and how to care for the treated area to get the best result. Maybe I could have avoided coming back a second time for a touch-up and the bruising would have been less. Dr. Ourian is truly an artist and has an incredible bedside manners which immediately puts you at ease. I can say without a doubt, as long as he is performing the procedure, I will love the results! This questionnaire asks to rate the financing options - I'd like to mention I was not offered financing options. In fact, I was told that financing was not available, otherwise I most likely would have decided to do more treatments. Instead, I chose two treatments instead of the 4 treatments that were recommended.

Amazing Results from the Always-Pleasant Dr. Ourian

Posted by NADIA S. on .
Absolute pleasure coming to see Dr. Ourian as always. The staff is very friendly, office is beautiful, and Dr. Ourian himself is very caring and addresses all concerns. The results were amazing and I'm very happy.

Dr. Ourian Stands by His Work

Posted by ROXANNA H. on .
Dr Ourian is always very attentive, as is the lovely staff. I feel comfortable and at ease when I visit. Dr Ourian tends to me right away and if I need a touch-up, he always makes sure to take care of me. I am very happy and respect the fact he stands by his work and is very caring and careful. Excellent!

Great experience. Happy!

Posted by JD W. on .
Again, super happy with the PA, have not had this good of an experience since my favorite nurse left.

Super Pleased with Botox and Coolaser

Posted by TIFFANY B. on .
Dr. Ourian and his staff were amazing! It was so super easy, quick and painless. I also did the coolaser last week and returned for Botox in my forehead this week and I am super pleased with the results already.

Loved the Physician's Assistant

Posted by EVA H. on .
Loved the physician's assistant and the receptionist. They were very nice & professional.

Happy with Ourian's Botox

Posted by SHAHIN A. on .
I was happy with the Botox treatment and Dr. Ourian.

Quality Botox

Posted by SOFIA K. on .
Great quality and skills.

Warm Epione Staff

Posted by TIA M. on .
Very nice! Very warm & friendly staff.

Unrushed Botox

Posted by LETICIA V. on .
I didn't feel rushed with the Botox treatment.

Hardly Noticed the Wait

Posted by GEORGIA B. on .
Really peaceful place to be. Love coming here. Everything was perfect but wait time was a little long. Glad the waiting area is lovely though, so I hardly noticed the hour wait. :)

Need Further Botox

Posted by ELINA V. on .
Probably not enough units. Excellent work provided.

Left for 2 Hours

Posted by SHAHIN A. on .
Dr. Ourian did a great job as expected. I wasn't satisfied with the staff, they left me in the room for 2 hours without explaining about the delay.

Dr. Ourian Is the Best

Posted by ARACELI A. on .
Dr. Ourian is the best. I would highly recommend him.

Long Wait, But Wonderful Staff

Posted by ARACELI A. on .
The waiting takes too long but over all I love the service. The staff is wonderful


Posted by ALLISON W. on .
The staff are amazing and really made my husband and I feel comfortable. It is too early for me to tell what the results of my treatment are but the RN was really nice and gentle. We also had a great consultant and was extremely sweet. Thanks so much!

Nearly Painless Botox

Posted by PATRICIA A. on .
Professional. Clean. Relatively pain free.

Lifetime Epione Customer

Posted by KARA M. on .
Always impressed with my Botox results from here! This time I didn't wait long to see the doctor which is very much appreciated!! Lifetime customer.

Happy with Epione Botox

Posted by KARA M. on .
Everyone is amazing at Epione. So happy with my Botox results!


Posted by ARDEM A. on .
The Dr was wonderful and so was the office staff.

Waiting for Botox Results

Posted by ERIKA C. on .
I have to wait to see the results, but the doctor was great at explaining it.

Like the Happy Staff

Posted by ERIKA C. on .
They are a happy staff. Very nice.

Botox Experience Met Expectations

Posted by LAURA K. on .
Very happy with the way I was treated throughout my interaction with the doctor. My expectations were fully met.

Finally Reviewed Dr. Ourian

Posted by BLANCA P. on .
The first time I went in for Botox, I was scared. I was nervous that the needles would hurt. Dr. Ourian was so nice and made me feel relaxed. Botox injections were done, and I didn't even cry! Dr. Ourian's office is so beautiful and his staff continues to treat me nice and courteous. I love going to Dr. Ourian's office. I feel as if I'm in another world. This is the first time that I've ever written a review, just so you know that it was worth my time.

Perfect Botox. Answered Coolsculpting Questions.

Posted by LEO R. on .
Morning appointment was perfect, front desk was efficient and my nurse was great! She was friendly, professional and informative. I had questions about coolsculpting and she answered them. I will continue to return.

Thought, Precision, Effort

Posted by SHERYL S. on .
There is a slight wait in the waiting room/reception area, but I've actually been getting in and out relatively quickly. Quite an improvement over the past, plus it seems way more busy. Dr. Simon does my one little Botox area with as much thought, precision, and effort as if I were buying many expensive treatments. I feel like a movie star whenever I go there! And of course my forehead looks natural and relaxed. Very happy!

Great for Lip Injections

Posted by JACQUELINE C. on .
Dr. Ourian was great while assisting with my lip injections.

Dr. Ourian Does an Excellent Job

Posted by LORNA C. on .
Dr. Ourian is always so nice. He does an excellent job.

The Best Place

Posted by MARLA M. on .
The Epione Clinic is the best place I have been to. I am greeted with a smile and the service is outstanding.

Long Wait, but Kind Staff

Posted by MARIEIA C. on .
Dr. Ourian is very busy, I know, but the wait after my arrival is getting a lot longer than when I first started going to the Epione. Having said that, everyone is very kind and they apologized for the wait.

I Appreciate Dr. Ourian

Posted by MARIEIA C. on .
Dr. Ourian is very kind and understanding. I appreciate his interest in my challenges.

High Quality Service

Posted by WILLIAM R. on .
Dr Simon Ourian delivers high quality customer service every visit.

Great staff. Great service.

Posted by MICHEAL M. on .
Great staff and service.

Above and Beyond for Service and Results

Posted by NILA L. on .
A great experience as usual ... I have been seeing Dr. Simon for years and he always goes above and beyond to provide the best service and results. Can't wait for my next appointment.

Impeccable Staff

Posted by BRIDGET R. on .
The staff was impeccable, professional, pleasant, warm and skilled.

Best Botox Value

Posted by LAUREN M. on .
Best Botox value with positive results by the hands of a master, Dr. Simon!

Good Vibe from Dr. Ourian

Posted by RUDY T. on .
Dr. Ourian has great maturity about him. Got a really good vibe from him.

Took Care of Me

Posted by RUDY T. on .
Though there was a long wait, the staff and doctor made sure I was taken care of.


Posted by MICHAEL B. on .

I will never go anywhere else!

Posted by MICHAEL B. on .
Beautiful office. Million-dollar location. Excellent staff & service. I will never go anywhere else!

Love Dr. O...he is the best.

Posted by PATRICIA B. on .
Love Dr. O...he is the best. He is such a nice man and that is why I like to come to Epione. The staff is always so nice to me. Just had a bad experience yesterday after 12 years of coming does happen. Hope my feedback was helpful.

Always Love Results

Posted by MARY S. on .
I always love the results from Dr. Simon.

Thank you, Dr. Ourian!

Posted by EGLE J. on .
Great overall experience! Thank you, Dr. Ourian!

Excellent End Results

Posted by LISA L. on .
The end results were excellent, however, I was concerned with the initial look and felt that I didn't have a good understanding of the healing process.

Dr. Ourian Is a Great Listener

Posted by LADAN F. on .
Doctor Ourian is a great listener and did exactly what I asked of him.

Dr. Ourian's A Genius With Fillers!

Posted by DEBORAH D. on .
Dr. O is a genius with a needle. He knows the face and the products!! I applaud him!


Posted by SHELLEY W. on .
Painless - The procedure was so fast I didn't know what happened. There were no side effects. To cap it off, it was a perfect experience with terrific results!

Beyond Amazing Doctor

Posted by SHELLEY W. on .
The staff was professional and courteous. The Doctor is beyond amazing.

Hoping for More Promotions

Posted by LAKISHA J. on .
I would definitely like more promotions. From the company. I did receive one, but I didn't need it. I do now, though. Please send when possible. Thanks a bunch!!

Friendly Team

Posted by ELLEN S. on .
Very friendly staff.

Very Impressed with Botox

Posted by SUDAPRON Y. on .
Good job, I'm an impressed .

Professional Dr. Ourian

Posted by IRMA L. on .
Dr. Ourian is truly a professional, as well as his staff. Great Botox.

Quick @@ Quality Service

Posted by MELANIE L. on .
Fast and good quality

Great Epione Staff

Posted by ZULIMA T. on .
Everyone was absolutely great at Epione.

Recommend Arijai Aesthetic and Wellness to Everyone!

Posted by LAURIE V. on .
My experience was fantastic and Dr. B accommodated me by coming in an hour early to see me and fit me into his schedule. I had no idea until that morning that he did that, and I think that goes above and beyond customer service. The whole staff have been absolutely wonderful and inviting. I would recommend this company to everyone! Thank you so much!

Purchased Botox

Posted by SHERYL S. on .
I'm very happy happy with Dr. Ourian and his staff. Enjoyed my consultation and purchased Botox as a result.

Wonderful Epione

Posted by JOANA K. on .
Wonderful place, people, service. Not much else to say.

Super Approachable Technician

Posted by CHRISTINA L. on .
I just love the technician. She has always made each consultation an easy conversation and is super approachable.

Loving the Botox

Posted by SHELLEY W. on .
Nice to meet my technician. Loving the Botox.

Exceptional Botox

Posted by BARBARA T. on .
Everyone, Dr. Simon and staff, exceptional!

Treats Each Client Like a VIP

Posted by DEIDRE M. on .
Love the staff and doctor's compassion and genuine interest in me. They have tons of high profile clients and yet they are equally courteous, caring and compassionate for all their clients. I feel like I'm with a family who truly cares for me and my well-being. These procedures are especially important as they pertain to self-reflection often from past deep emotional situations. It's evident Epione staff and doctor compassionately care deeply for each individual client. Frequency and severity of headaches/migraines greatly diminished. Added bonus - less wrinkles/frown lines between my eyes. :) Grateful to be pain free! Experience better than was expected.

Take Your Appearance to the Next Level

Posted by KELLY S. on .
Love this place! Dr. Balgobin is the whole package! Skilled, trustworthy and genuine...a great person to take your appearance to the next level.

Still Outstanding After Eight Years

Posted by SCOTT O. on .
Dr. Ourian is simply the best. He is knowledgeable, experienced, skilled, professional and very personable. I have been going to Epione for eight years and I've never been dissatisfied with the results. Every detail and aspect of what you would want when going to a doctor's office is consistent. Outstanding would best describe the office, staff and Dr. Ourian.

Amazing Results After 9 Days!

Posted by ASHLEE K. on .
Every staff member was a perfect 10! After 9 days, the results are already amazing!

Dr. Balgobin Is Obviously Passionate

Posted by STEPHANIE W. on .
Results were just as had been described to me by Dr B. prior to the procedure. Happy customer! Every staff member I encountered at the clinic was so friendly and professional. Dr B is an amazing clinician- took his time during my initial consultation as well as during the procedure itself and at my follow-up to make sure all my questions and concerns were addressed. It is obvious that he genuinely cares for his clients and is passionate and skilled at what he does.

Great Chase Health Financing

Posted by ED H. on .
Too early to evaluate results. Epione is professional. The Chase Health financing option they once offered was excellent. It would be nice if Epione could find another like that to offer clients.

Skin Feels Great

Posted by CRYSTAL A. on .
My skin feels wonderful. Carly did an amazing job

Complete confidence in Dr. Chris

Posted by JULIA N. on .
Scheduling was a breeze! Chris is careful, kind, and knowledgeable also very informative with his procedures. Helps that he doesn't over-sell his services so trust can be established. His recommendations on products and services are very helpful. He's a class A+ doctor! Will never go anywhere else! Complete confidence in Chris and trust his knowledge and experience

Team Always Smiles

Posted by CHERYL F. on .
Everyone is always friendly and smiling! Great staff and very knowledgeable.

Just Waiting For The Bruising To Fade

Posted by JANET D. on .
I waited two hours to see the doctor, because he was really busy on this day, but all of the staff was left eye that had the drag line looks nice and filled out, but is still black and blue [bruised from the injection site] so I have been using Arnica and make up to cover up..The right eye with the cool laser treatment looks a lot better now, swelling has gone down considerably since last month- just waiting for bruise to go away on left eye.. Doctor Simon is always very nice ..

Thumbs Up For Botox

Posted by HAZEL K. on .
I would recommend Botox to others.

Costly, But Great Results

Posted by DANA M. on .
Great results. Need more but too costly for me.

Dr. Ourian's A Botox Master

Posted by MONA L. on .
Dr Ourian is the MASTER of botox and fillers. Over the years I have had this done at different places, and there is no doubt Dr Ourian is by far the best. And he keeps at it until the results are what is expected. And the results always look natural.

Tremendous Botox Results!

Posted by LETICIA P. on .
My botox service exceeded my expectations! Results are perfect! Staff and doctor are so helpful and welcoming!

Look Fab After Botox Treatments

Posted by JO ANNA D. on .
I always look great after Botox treatment

Dr. B's A Whiz With Injectables!

Posted by SANDRA P. on .
Loved the complimentary Silk Peel. I can't wait to have one done again! Dr. B does such a great job with the injections!

Pleased With Injections

Posted by KIM K. on .
Very happy with the results of my Botox injections.

Like How I Look, Even If The Results Took A Little Time

Posted by SHELLEY T. on .
I like how I look now but it took more than 4 days. I was hoping that I would not have any lines after the number of units I was told I would be getting.

Laser Away Truly Cares About Their Patients

Posted by PATTY M. on .
I had my procedures done at Marina del Rey. My technician was Cheri. She is very knowledgeable and generally concerned about my wishes. I have been to several Doctors for several procedures but no one seemed as concerned about the final results as Cheri. She is very caring.

LOVED My Botox Results

Posted by CRYSTAL K. on .
Absolutely loved my results.

Livin' Proof

Posted by CHRISTINA C. on .
Words can't explain! Just living proof. Looking great.


Posted by SANDY F. on .
I am about 80% happy.

Great Job, Dr. B!

Posted by SHARI S. on .
Dr. B did a great job. The results are fantastic.

Botox A Success

Posted by LISA K. on .
First time getting Botox and I believe it worked!

Good Results

Posted by GAILEY S. on .
My experience was good. It was professional and I felt comfortable. She answered all my questions before and after the procedure, and the results were very good.

I Look Decades Younger Than My Age!

Posted by SHANNON S. on .
I think when my kids say I look like I'm 26 that speaks volumes. I'm 44.

I Look Years Younger!

Posted by TAMMY O. on .
I feel like I have taken 5 years off my face!

Happy With Outcome

Posted by JULIE C. on .
I have been happy with the results

Dr. Balgobin Is An Honest Man With A Warm Staff

Posted by MONICA U. on .
Warm reception from staff when I entered and Dr B is very down to earth. he didn't try to sell me more Botox of injections than what was needed like other places. He's honest.

Friendly, Fun, @@ Skillful Staff

Posted by KIM K. on .
Very friendly staff, and fun to be around. They also do a great job and are very skilled.

Pleased With Botox @@ Restylane Treatments

Posted by VERONICA W. on .
the botox around my eyes and forehead are pleasing. the botox and restylanefor my frown lines seems to be more complex. my frown lines have diminished, but not completely gone. but it has only been 5 days so far.

Will Return @@ Refer!

Posted by EMMA G. on .
This visit was for a touch-up on Botox. Again, the staff was professional and welcoming. The doctor is so kind and very skilled. I will return and I will refer!!

Dr. Ourian Is An Artist

Posted by ANA MARIA C. on .
Working with botox is not so easy, not everybody should do it, the face expression has to be natural. This Doctor is just amazing, he is an artist.

Have Been Quite Happy With Results At Epione

Posted by SHANNON R. on .
I have been going to Epione for about 9 months and have been happy with the results. However this time I bruised quite a bit in the area of injection. Next time I will mention it to Dr. Ourian.

Dr. Simone Is A Genius @@ A True Artist

Posted by GISELLE P. on .
Excellent service from staff, Dr. Simone is a genius and a true artist, Rhea is amazing! I plan to use Epione for future procedures and recommend it to others. Thank you so much. My results far exceeded expectations.

Great Results!

Posted by EMMA S. on .
Great results, amazing doctor!

Dr. Simon Ourian Is A True Professional

Posted by MICHELLE R. on .
Dr. Simon Ourian is a true professional... totally painless. Currently I have two small lumps above each eyebrow, and hoping this will dissipate soon. When I called the office they were very helpful, and told me to use warm compresses, and massage area to see if this resolves the issue.

Love The Results

Posted by JULIE J. on .
Love the results, although I had severe bruising and swelling.

Dr. Ourian Is Simply The Best

Posted by ELAINE P. on .
Dr Ourian is very good with dermal fillers and the laser. The most amazing thing he's done for me was to use ultrasound to get rid of fat under my eyes, which were puffy and made shadows appearing like circles.

You Can't Go Wrong With Epione!

Posted by ELAINE P. on .
You can't go wrong. For $180-200 (depending on the plan you're on) you can get rid of the frown line between the eyebrows. Dr. Ourian gives you what you need for that price instead of selling Botox by the unit. I generally need about 30 units. For me that comes to about $6/unit. All by a REAL doctor with an artistic eye, in a beautiful office with nice assistants, apples, biscotti, cookies,truffles, infused water, coffee, and tea! Next door the first hour of parking in a safe structure is free. Generally I'm in and out of there within an hour when all I'm getting is Botox. Though I have never needed it, I'm assured of effectiveness because I can go back for a "touch up" within two weeks.

Relaxing, Pleasant Atmosphere @@ Fantastic Results!

Posted by KAREN H. on .
The results were fantastic but I more appreciated Roxana and Dr. Ourian. They were so nice and the atmosphere was very relaxing and pleasant. That for me made everything worthwhile but the results too were fantastic which was the icing on the cake! Epione is the best! Thank you so much.

Love Ourian's Work

Posted by TONY C. on .
I love Dr. Ourian's work

Very Happy With Botox Results

Posted by TONY C. on .
I needed a touch up and Dr Ourian gave me one - I'm very happy with the final results

Felt At Ease At American Laser's Southcenter Facility

Posted by JULIE F. on .
i had 1 treatment yesterday next is on march 15th. it went as i thought it would and as they told me it would be. i was very at ease through the whole treatment. she was nice.

Friendly @@ Professional

Posted by JORGE A. on .
Happy with the result the staff was is very friendly and professional.

Very Happy With Botox

Posted by MARGARITA P. on .
Had Botox done and I am very happy about it. I am thinking about a procedure the doctor talked to me about, a filler, maybe will have it done in 6 months to a year. Thank you very much to the Lady that made the appt. for me.

Didn't Get Overall Results I Was Looking (@@ Paid) For

Posted by REBECCA J. on .
I had the chem peel with poor results. I ended up experiencing scabbing and no have a subtle scar on one side of my face. The peel was too strong i suppose. Not sure it was my first. I liked the Radiesse but feel it filled one side of my face more than the other and I can notice it. I spent a lot on this service and feel I didn't get the overall filling result that I was hoping for. The botox worked great and am pleased with that. I will have that service again. If I can find these services for less and same quality I'll be looking elsewhere. the staff was great, however the price point I'm sure I can get lesser.

Hopefully The Botox Will Work

Posted by MICHELLE L. on .
Although the price for the procedure is a little higher than I anticipated, I am going forward with the procedure (Botox). And then based on the results that are achieved, I will make a decision as to whether I would continue this regimen of treatment with my current finances.

Botox Done Right

Posted by RUTZU L. on .

Afraid Of Needles Yet The Procedure Was Painless

Posted by PATTI P. on .
My appointment was with Paula. I am completely at ease with any procedure she will give me. I already had one appointment with her. She not only was thorough, she had a great bed-side manner and was really friendly, and MOST importantly, I felt no pain from my procedure. That in itself, is the main reason I will continue to receive procedures from Paula. I'm a baby with needles, and it was completely painless.

Waiting For Results

Posted by AZUCENA (SUZIE) U. on .
I had the procedure done and I was told to wait 7 days for the best results.

Ended Up Being OVER Treated!

Posted by BRENDA D. on .
I had my botox injections done in the facility immediately following "consult"--which wasn't a consult really--I've had the treatment done many times. They were behind schedule to begin with, so I waited for an hour and 15 min. to even get in the chair. I was encouraged to do 40 units of botox to get full affect of what was needed--which is more than I ever have used but I agreed b/c I had never had my crows feet treated. I have used botox for almost 10 years and am now age 32 for esp. my strong horizontal, expressive forehead lines. I've had it once before that my one side "paralyzes" really well, and the other side is still a bit expressive, creating a looks to be "twitch." This was immediately fixed with 2 units by that specific PA with 2 units. This time,again, it did happen, but on the other side of my face/eye which she agreed to try to fix and inject. So at this second visit, she injected an additional 9 units at only 3 injections. I did not know she was putting that many units in AGAIN! I'm 5 days out, and my forehead at those points of injection has almost bulges. Yeah, it certainly solved a problem there, but TOO much. And now, where she thought I could get a little bit of crows feet help, one side is fixed, while the that OTHER side she attempted to fix! still isn't working at all despite a injection bulge in my check! She tried to fix that with another 2 units, but instead I have a bulge at the injection point. I am not satisfied AT ALL--with a $440 expenditure. I don't know if the injector is unqualified or hadn't been to recent seminars/training? I've been doing botox injections for 10 years and because of moving out of state, tried this facility. She seemed apologetic and added those 9 botox units "free of charge"--well, it BETTER be, for that high amount of money paid for a frozen forehead that has bulges and my eye that may have had a initial miniscule natural droop is now quite droopy. I would NOT refer a friend. I should have checked the credentials and gone to a licensed doctor who has very recent credentials and training with botox injections. And I'm not looking forward to the next week and a half as I understand that botox continues to take full affect in 14 days, and now I'm only 5 days out!! I usually am easily satisfied overall. This is my face/eye... frozen. I was so initially PLEASED with my forehead response b/c it was IMMEDIATE--literally, but my eyes and the rest have to compensate for almost-over-treating, and that isn't satisfactory.

Microdermabrasion @@ Botox Treatments Are Wonderful

Posted by TANYA A. on .
The Microdermabrasion was wonderful. I am very pleased with the Botox service, however, I wish the provider was able to treat the neck cord area with Botox too but she was not able.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does this Procedure Take?

BOTOX®, injections are super quick, requiring only about 15 minutes to perform.

BOTOX® Cosmetic Side Effects:

The most common side effects of BOTOX®, include soreness at the injection site and a slight headache after treatment.

Length of BOTOX® Cosmetic Results:

While BOTOX® results are fantastic, the treatment's results are temporary. You can anticipate follow up treatments every 3-6 months, or up to 8 months if you're lucky.

BOTOX® Cosmetic Recovery Time:

There is no recovery time associated with BOTOX® for wrinkle removal.

Typical Minimum Cost:

$300 (per BOTOX treatment area)

Typical Maximum Cost:

$500 (per BOTOX treatment area)

Average Cost of BOTOX® Cosmetic:

$397 per treatment area

Can Insurance Cover BOTOX® Cosmetic?

Due to the cosmetic nature of BOTOX Cosmetic, insurance does not apply.

BOTOX® Cosmetic can be Combined with:

Other Names for BOTOX® Cosmetic:

BOTOX® Cosmetic is the brand name botulinum toxin type A marketed by Allergan, Inc. Similar botulinum injections to BOTOX include Myobloc and Dysport.

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