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An Overview

Developed by French a plastic surgeon, Endermologie is a non-invasive, FDA approved technique for comprehensive cellulite removal. Similar to a deep tissue massage, an Endermologie treatment goes over the skin's problem areas with dual action rollers, while simultaneously using suction to redistribute skin and smooth away dimpling. After repeated sessions, a patient will see cellulite fade away as the skin takes on a smoother, more even appearance.

While Endermologie is focused on cellulite removal above weight loss, many patients do end up losing some weight, as well. There are even theories that Endermologie may create a fibrous layer that promotes firmer skin by better supporting the body's fat cells.

Endermologie is usually most successful with people who are reasonably fit and between the ages of 30-45, but results are dependent mostly on the patient's dedication. Endermologie usually requires at least 15 treatments for sustained results, and monthly maintenance treatments will be required after that. In the end, whether you're considering Endermologie or Mesotherapy for cellulite removal, it's imperative that you're willing to keep up with the repeated sessions the treatments demand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does this Procedure Take?

An Endermologie treatment usually takes 30 minutes to perform, but depending on the size and number of areas being treated, times may vary.

Endermologie Side Effects:

Endermologie is pain-free procedure with no side effects. Since your muscles are worked over like a massage, a slight soreness afterwards is excpected.

Length of Endermologie Results:

You will require continuous Endermologie treatments to maintain your results.

Endermologie Recovery Time:


Typical Minimum Cost:

$50 - $70

Typical Maximum Cost:

$750 - $1750 (treatment packages can range from 15 - 25 treatments)

Can Insurance Cover Endermologie?

Due to the cosmetic nature of Endermologie, insurance does not cover treatments.

Other Names for Endermologie:

Endermology, Cellulite Removal Massage

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