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An Overview

ThermaFrax is an anti-aging treatment that combines Thermage and Fraxel, or any of the Fractional Laser Resurfacing treatments available. By combining Thermage with Fraxel, ThermaFrax allows patients to receive some of the best non-surgical skin care results possible. ThermaFrax works to help resurface the outer most layers of skin and provide help to the deepest layers of skin as well. ThermaFrax results mean smoother, younger looking skin with no surgery and virtually no downtime.

Unlike Fraxel, Thermage is not a laser treatment, but uses capacitive radio frequency (CRF) technology to firm and tighten skin. Radio frequencies heat the deepest layers of skin (the epidermis), which stimulates collagen production. A healthy collagen flow is what keeps skin smooth, firm, and elastic. It is poor collagen growth causes wrinkles to form as we age.

Fraxel has become one of the most popular laser skin resurfacing techniques on the market. Fractional laser resurfacing has become the laser of choice in many skin care clinics because it offers fantastic results with little to no downtime. Fraxel heats the skin at selective points, essentially causing a controlled damage, which allows new skin cells to fill in the damaged areas.

ThermaFrax can turn back the clock on tired skin, your skin will look years younger on the outside and feel years younger on the inside as well.

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