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2301 N. Clark Street
Suite 107
Chicago, IL 60614

In Chicago's Lincoln Park, Dermalight Laser Clinic is a qualified, professional skin care treatment facility. Specializing in facial skin rejuvenation, laser skin treatments, laser hair removal and facial vein removal in Lincoln Park, Dermalight utilizes state-of-the-art Cynosure technology and strives to offer competitive pricing for its patients.

In addition to a highly trained aesthetic staff, Dermalight's own board-certified medical director, Dr. Amish Patel, oversees all laser treatments performed in Lincoln Park. Spider veins, age spots, sun damage, minor wrinkles, and unwanted hair can be treated safely and effectively in Lincoln Park of North Chicago, at Dermalight Laser Clinic!

Even better, first-time Lincoln Park, Lakeview and Chicago skin rejuvenation patients will all receive free consultations at Dermalight! During a consultation for laser hair removal, spider vein removal or laser facials in Lincoln Park, Dermalight patients will meet with a medical aesthetician to examine their skin condition and to discuss laser treatment pricing options.

To learn more about laser skin rejuvenation in Lincoln Park, or to schedule a complimentary vein removal consultation with Dermalight Laser Clinic, contact us today!

Patient Reviews:

Great Impression of Dermalight - Lincoln Park, IL

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I am in the process of deciding if I would like to schedule treatment, but likely will with this specialist if I decide to due to lower price, impression of the specialist, and the specialist allowing for a shorter time period of initial treatment in which I can judge the results afterward if I decide I need to continue with more treatment.

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I will make my decision on Saturday. Currently researching about the company and the equipment used. I will be calling Michelle to get the doctor's name so I can look up his credentials.

Satisfied with Dermalight - Chicago, IL

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Overall I am satisfied with my consultation and and planning on scheduling the treatment.

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